Horoscope for December 25


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be charming, friendly, a time when your popularity will soar at work and in your leisure activities. You’ll be spreading your wings and broadening your horizons, keen to find more adventure and stimulation. At home there will be some sudden changes which may initially be unsettling but in the longer term will give you more freedom. Success will come your way after mid next year when certain projects bear fruit.

ARIES: he Full Moon falling at the lowest point of your chart isn’t gloomy, but it is a warning you need to draw back from too much work and ambition to consider your feelings more. You cannot allow your head to over-rule everything and forget your heart. Slow down and enjoy being instead of constant doing. Luckily you will be optimistic in terms of communication, talking, writing and listening to people. You are whizzing around a little bit; you want to settle down and look at boring details.
TAURUS:  You may get bogged down in trivia, and sound slightly emotional or even biased. If you can stand further back to see the full picture without losing sight of the details, then you will reach better judgements. If you can, watch that you’re not careless with detail, which can sometimes be a little bit of a problem. Jupiter is very expansive, so it expands confidence, but it sometimes can expand it right over the top, but that isn’t a huge problem.
GEMINI:  You’re not going to be happy or emotionally secure until you get your finances in ship shape order. Yet you’re also are aware that close partners have a slightly different agenda to you. Your priority is to protect your own back as much as possible, then you can fit in with whatever joint schemes are important. If you’re normally under-confident and a little bit hesitant, this boosts you up in a very nice kind of way. There are some silver linings around.
CANCER: You want more support than you’re getting and the freedom to please yourself. It may be unreasonable, but that’s how you feel. Maybe it would be best to back off until you have a clearer idea of what you can sensibly expect. The Full Moon is good for helping you to understand yourself a little bit better than perhaps you’ve managed before. And it’s very good for intellectual curiosity. If you want to talk, write letters or make phone calls, you’ll get better responses than you imagined.
LEO: When the Moon falls in the sign before yours, you really want to retreat into a protected space and shut out the world a little. But since this is the Full Moon today, you are pulled between the conflicting wants and oughts. Your sense of duty says work and service to others come first. But you also have your own needs to consider. You’re trying to pick up ideas from them and to hand them back, and there’s a great deal of good conversation going on.
VIRGO:  Although you really want the chance to flirt, have fun and enjoy yourself, you may have a niggling thought about sorting out a few longer term schemes. If you play away the day, tomorrow may not look after itself. So try to find time for a little planning wholehearted entertainment. Mercury is in aspect to Jupiter, so today, tomorrow, and maybe even the next day, you’ll feel brighter, breezier, better. You want to look at your overall plans for life.
LIBRA:  Maybe you have been keeping out of sight at home in recent days, but you have a yen for more attention and prominence at work or in your community activities, so see where you can give your ambitions a nudge. This should be good time for money, work and good for connections. The only thing is that you can sometimes get sloppy with details. Don’t get carried away by your enthusiasm. Try and just be as plain, straightforward, sensible and down-to-earth as you can.
SCORPIO:  All you want to do is get out of a rut, broaden your horizons and fill your life with more stimulating activities and friends, but the mundane details of everyday life need to be attended to. Try to see the big picture without losing sight of vital details. You’ll see that where you’ve been confused before, now you can see things in a more sensible way. Whether you’re talking about work or about social activities, you’ll find that everything really goes tremendously well with these influences.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your mood will be more intense than usual, so it’s important not to over react to what may just be a passing cloud. You know you have to be more self-sufficient at the moment, but frankly you could do with leaning all over someone close either for support or advice. Try not to get too distracted. Though you’ll still want to pick up new information, you’re going to be much more tolerant even than usual, wanting to hear what other people have to say.
CAPRICORN:  This is a highly significant Full Moon today since it falls in your opposite sign, so you are reviewing one close partnership. You do want more support, but you also want your independence. It’s a question of finding how to fulfil your needs without sounding too contradictory or making partners feel their needs aren’t being met. You won’t be in a mood to put up with any limitations. Being practical, sensible and double-checking will not be high on your list of priorities.

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be betwixt and between as you’ll be pulled between your head and your heart and finding coming to commitments or decisions tricky. Don’t leap to conclusions or make instant judgements about one close relationship. You will want more elbow room at home to suit yourself but demanding too much at once could cause problems. You’ll be aiming to travel more or find some way of bringing adventure into your life.

AQUARIUS:  Although you’d like to disappear into a quiet space to put your feet up, your conscience is prodding you into being more helpful. Make sure you are looking after your health and energy, since you need to boost your stamina if you are pushing against the grain. Take a few shortcuts, since the faster you can relax again the better. There is a slight danger that you might be sloppy or overlook details, getting so carried away that you don’t look at the bottom line.
PISCES:  Although you know you should be sorting out long term plans, what you really want is to play away the day and enjoy yourself. Balancing the needs of the future with your instant desire for fun is part of the message of today’s Full Moon, so you will need to find a way that allows you to have your cake and eat it at the same time. Mercury is now in aspect to Jupiter, giving the way you talk, think, speak and move extra confidence and enthusiasm.


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