Horoscope for December 9


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be lively, changeable, with new opportunities turning up out of the blue and plenty of social fun. You won’t be standing still for an instant. Loved ones will be rather muddled at times, erratic at others and really need a helping hand along the way. Energetic friends will give you support and keep you looking ahead. Your personal finances will improve if you adopt sensible strategies and keep control of spending.

ARIES: The main thing to remember now is you need to be yourself. There’s no point in compromising to fit in with other people. You just want to nudge your life a little more into making it good fun and a bit challenging. You’ll be moving away from the past. Or to be more precise changing from the person you once used to be. Companions are noticing a new spirit of defiance, as you insist on going your own highly individualistic and rather rebellious way.
TAURUS:  Don’t rock the boat too much even though you want to follow your own original path, to find new things, to talk to new people. You may be experiencing this as a time of tension as you explore the past and bring to light what you have kept out of sight for so long. Be reassured that you’ll feel a bigger, more solid personality by the end of this phase with more energy. You’ve been sweeping many things under the carpet for too long.
GEMINI:  Try not to go leaping into situations without stopping to think about it and burning your boats behind you. You may just feel a little bit jittery or uptight, but it’s a sense of good restlessness, that everything is beginning to shift for you. You will also be seeking out new friends since the old ones will seem stale, dull and rather boring. Don’t expect total reliability from new teammates, however. They are ruggedly individualistic people who will walk their own road in life.
CANCER:  Sometimes you can be far too honest. You leap out into saying one or two things rather forcefully and other people don’t always take it very kindly. Expect sudden changes in your career or direction of life now. You must be free to do what expresses your individuality. This is not a time to be following orders and instructions or fitting in with other people’s plans. This is a challenging, exciting and slightly insecure time when events will keep you constantly on your toes.
LEO: You just want to be away from restrictions, away from restraints, away from things which are maybe pulling you back or pushing you into a corner. Now your ideas on life are changing dramatically. You’ll find yourself open to amazingly unconventional, radical opinions and friends will be amazed at the change in your outlook. You may be taken aback by certain events which blow up suddenly but you thrive on excitement at the moment. Just keep your rather highly strung nervous system in hand.
VIRGO:  If life has got somewhat dreary or stale, the present influences wakes things up a bit. Everything gets a bit more exciting. You will find that joint finances either in business or at home are in an unpredictable phase. Larger lump sumps than usual will flow in and out of the household accounts or at work. Partner’s finances will be erratic and unpredictable. This is no time to owe money since you won’t feel responsible about paying back your obligations in a steady manner.
LIBRA:  You are ready for any of the kind of things that really open new doors in your life. Investigate, explore, experiment – don’t go cranky, but test new paths and see whether they’ll bring benefits. In emotional partnerships you need to give each other more space. Possessiveness on one side will result in the other flying for freedom. There may be disruptions as one side or the other will rebel against commitments. But some relationships will strengthen through this time of change and upheaval.
SCORPIO:  At some underlying level, you want more control in your life. Maybe you want to do things you haven’t been able to do before, and it is important to see this restlessness as a very positive force for you. It opens your eyes to new vistas, allows you to see the variety and excitement life has to offer. Now you must find a way of working which suits your real individuality. You will not want to fit in with other’s orders or instructions.
SAGITTARIUS:   Don’t stick your feet in a rut or be wary. The changes coming are not awkward or gritty. This is change that’s happening with excitement. There are all sorts of opportunities to do new things. You want to let your hair down and live life to its fullest extent. You couldn’t care less about other people’s reaction and whether they are shocked or startled. Your love life will be unpredictable and highly changeable. New romantic affairs will be very switch-on, switch-off though very exciting.
CAPRICORN:  Don’t think life wants to stay the way it always was. You’ve got to be open to expressing yourself as an individual. Find your truth, then don’t just speak it, walk it. You know you need to shift certain elements of your emotional life to make way for what will bring you more fulfilment in future. If some long running relationships seem to be separating temporarily, they’ll not disappear for ever. In time you can re establish them on a more mature footing.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:  You need out of your cage, you need away from things which are dull and boring. And although you may not be very self-disciplined, you can probably get a great deal done, because you can just be experimental and take the odd tiny little risk. Try and make some changes in your immediate surroundings, then everything is going to go a great deal better. Your thinking will tend to go off in ten different directions at once. Don’t over pack your schedule.
PISCES:  You will find that you’ve got much more sparkling relationships with friends, neighbours and others. You want to be one of a gang, one of a crowd, but not crowded – you can’t bear people being possessive or pushing you into a corner, telling you what to do. You’re lively, you’re curious, very imaginative, very quick-witted, on the edge of your seat dashing around a very great deal. Try to discover what other things hold value for you in life apart from money.


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