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Horoscope for Ist Feb, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: You have a very clear mind which is capable of grasping ideas and putting them to work at once at the moment. You should be organising well but do need to develop more of a sense of humour. Just watch that you’re not getting a bit ahead of yourself. Thoughts flash through your head at such speed, you can’t keep track of things. It’s not a time to try and settle down to routine chores, because your boredom threshold will be low.
TAURUS: Maybe you do want to be absolutely truthful about certain matters now. If you are too direct you’ll ruffle feathers around you. You may well be right but sounding self-righteous can be a danger. If you sermonize at mates and assume you are the only one with the authority to speak, you will not go down too well. There are very stimulating, if not slightly over stimulating influences around. It will affect communication and short-distance journeys. Things can be a bit disruptive, over-speeded-up.
GEMINI: Superficial answers will not do for you at the moment. You want to get right down to the roots of things, and will keep digging and investigating until you find out the answers and solutions which make you feel secure. Your comments will be pretty perceptive though not always charitable since you are rather intense now. You are standing up for yourself well in discussions but you may be inclined to speak sharply when provoked. Maybe you’re seeing things in too direct a way.
CANCER:Your social party chit-chat is even more sparkling than usual, so you’ll be the general favourite not just with close partners but out amongst your wider circle of friends as well. Your comments and opinions are sensible, so try to rely on your own judgement. You have a tendency at the moment to take other people’s views too much into account. There will be new people, lots of excitement and interest around. You’re very much in a mood to explore, experiment and be inventive.
LEO: More practical than usual, with an appetite for detail and oodles of common sense, you’ll be keen to get chores done well. Mates may find you a stickler for everything being just so. Maybe you will feel slightly like an over strung harp at one point. You’re thinking about a huge number of things. But take it one at a time. If you let your thoughts get too scattered, they will chase each other around your head. Then you end up going in circles.
VIRGO:  You’ll be coming across as strong minded but always entertaining in your way of expressing yourself. You have a fiery, positive approach to tackling problems and will sweep companions up in your enthusiasms. And you will tend to race around so fast that you don’t step back to sort out your thinking. There may be a slight muddle if you go cutting corners and not allowing yourself to think through things in a peaceable way. You will get a little too busy, busy, busy.
LIBRA:You will have a more imaginative way of thinking and speaking than usual. This can be useful, since you are absorbing a good deal of information from your surroundings, almost without noticing. Though you will need to put a brake on your plans since you’ll be too impatient about certain things. With a little bit more discipline, more care you will achieve so much more. Companions for one thing, won’t catch up with you or understand you clearly because you’re going so fast.
SCORPIO: You can be quite sharp in your comments, if you speak before you think. But you can also be tolerant and flexible in your views, when you have time to consider. It’s a time when you’re likely to be a little bit highly strung, so try and focus on things that require a focussed kind of mental energy, as for doing mathematical puzzles. But out in the ordinary world you will tend to jump to conclusions, and your judgement may not be that great.
SAGITTARIUS: You are in a common sense mood at the moment, showing practical flair and determination. You may be slow to make up your mind, but you will be absolutely unshakeable when your decisions are made. It’s important not to sound too uncooperative or intolerant now. You have an edge about you that may come across as criticism though you may not mean it that way. You just want to give everything a great shake up, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Your agile, restless mind is coming up with original inspirations at the moment, but you will not always be good at following your ideas through. Maybe you are trying to juggle too many balls in the air at once. You need to write down all the brilliant inspirations and bolts from the blue you have, because you will promptly forget them. They tend to fly in one ear and out the other. It’s all very fast-moving, but also very switch on-switch off.

AQUARIUS: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be fast moving, outspoken, scattered, a time when you’ll need to get better organised and your priorities straight. Generous support and money will come your way more easily than you expect and give you the security you’ve been lacking. Your ambitions will keep you working hard, at times sounding bossy but you’ll be keen everyone around puts in as much effort as you. Loyal, trusted friends will be there when you need them.
PISCES: It’s time to get your original, experimental ideas out into the world now. You can make a difference by what you say, and perhaps motivate companions out of their ruts. Saying things that startle other people can sometimes shock them into awareness. But it can also have the opposite effect. It maybe the truth, but it is just important that you don’t ruffle their feathers so much that they stop listening. Informing and educating needs to be done with an entertaining smile. “>