Horoscope for Jan 18, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: The only thing that could cause a bit of a problem is if you get too unrealistic because you won’t be good at details or being practical, but if you can keep your feet on the floor, you’ll find that what comes out of this is very much to your benefit. This is a great day to pamper your body. You will not want to be leaping into activity, so use the time wisely for a little tender loving care, and you will bounce back revitalised.
TAURUS: Try to be as straightforward, firm and tactful as you possibly can. This is not the day to take the long way round. Maybe you have been deceiving yourself or letting other people pull the wool over your eyes. Often it’s easier not to say when you discover you have been let down. But don’t tell little white lies just to keep the peace. It always comes out into the open at the wrong moment in the wrong way.
GEMINI: You’ll be charming and cheerful, rather superficial and rather extravagant. Do watch if you go shopping: you’re likely to be buying treats and indulgences and little extravagances and nothing very practical, and you may well be spending to impress as well. You may not be as active as you normally would be today. Certainly you won’t want to confront other people or to be assertive or indeed to face up to the nastier sides of life. You’ll go out of your way to soothe other people.
CANCER: There may not be much common sense, but there will be a very nice, outgoing kind of feeling; everything is going to be feeling a lot better as you move towards the end of it. It is important to watch the lack of discipline, because you basically can’t be bothered doing anything too awkward or too hard-working. If you are interested in rather mystical, or psychic kind of things, this is a good day to listen to your intuition and explore below the surface.
LEO: It’s very good time for your love life, at a superficial level, because you can soothe and smooth and build bridges and make other people feel more contented. It’s one of those sort of being-at-peace-with-the-world feelings and wanting everyone else to be at peace with you as well, so there’s a lot of generosity around. You certainly want a bit more glamour or fun. There may even be a hint of publicity around. You want to bring more spice into life without too much extra effort.
VIRGO:  Today could be useful for financial things, except you’re going to be overspending and you’re not very good with details. If you leave other people to do the more practical things, you will fare better. Maybe you want to just retreat into peace and quiet, retire, meditate, wind yourself down a little bit. You don’t really feel any huge need to leap out into getting too many things done. Your physical energy may be lower than usual, so take the hint.
LIBRA: You’re chirping your way through a bit like a canary, so you’ll be having fun anyway, no matter what anyone else is like. So you want to be contented, you want to be amused and entertained, and if you can grab a couple of hours off during the day, then you’ll find that everything does work well. Just try to be subtle, sensitive to what is unspoken, and you will be in the right place at the right time with a helping hand. Then your popularity will soar.
SCORPIO: Your good feelings rub off on to almost everyone round about you, so you’re morale-boosting and you’re feeling popular and much appreciated. The only people who are not going to be happy around you are the old Scrooges and the rather sour people who are feeling a bit down with life. Watch you’re not pulling the wool over your eyes or letting anyone else do that. There are deceptive influences around which can cause muddles or situations not turning out to be quite what was expected.
SAGITTARIUS: You know you need a little bit more discipline, you know you need to do one or two things in a more sensible way, but maybe you needed someone rather more harder-headed around than you are. There are very good influences around prompting you to be charitable, selfless, and give of yourself to others. When the mood is there, why not? Your energy will not be limitless so work out a way of being helpful without doing anything too physically strenuous.
CAPRICORN:  IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be quieter emotionally and romantically than for a while and muddled where everyday communications are concerned. But your enthusiasm will remain high and your determination to forge ahead with long term plans. You’ll have a good support network around keeping more morale high and offering sensible advice. There will be some distractions at home or within the family so you’ll need to stay calm and stand back. Praise will come your way after mid year. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Not very self-disciplined, you can’t be bothered to save money or work too hard or be practical, and you’re probably eating far too much. It’s certainly not good for the diet, but never mind, it’s only around for a couple of days. It depends how you handle the influences around now, which way they work out. If you can turn your determination into making your creative ideas take root then it will work well, but don’t let yourself get side tracked.
PISCES: Venus is now in a slightly awkward aspect to Jupiter, but there shouldn’t be any problems here at all because both Venus and Jupiter soothe and smooth things down, so things are generally agreeable. However, you may be feeling sort of betwixt and between, rather day dreamy, or a bit irritable and itchy without really knowing why. Don’t be discouraged, just take everything more easily. There are some days you can’t get practical matters together no matter how hard you try. “>

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