Horoscope for Jan 21, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: You will be spreading your favours around generously and enthusiastically. You want a social life that is challenging, not dull, and will be doing all you can to breathe a little adventure into your off duty activities. You’ll find at points today the words spill out all over the place and other people may get a bit avalanched, flooded by all your words and miss out on the sense. Once in a while you have to stand back and try to come to a few conclusions.
TAURUS: Jealousy could be a problem since any hint of you not being in control of the situation will make you feel insecure. Be aware of your needs but do not over react. You may be magnifying a tiny matter out of all proportion. Sort out your priorities and decide what really is of value to you. You might be tempted to think that money is the only thing that matters, but there are other things which hold every bit as much interest for you.
GEMINI: You’re determined to keep relationships smooth and harmonious, but turning somersaults to keep the peace may not always be wise. Be firm but tactful if the need arises. In a restless mood, you’ll be ebbing and flowing like the tide, which is why you need really solid, motherly mates around to be protective, nurturing and a little bit more practical perhaps than you feel. You will be unduly sensitive to undercurrents in the emotional atmosphere which makes you more sympathetic but also confused at times.
CANCER: You are being critical rather than forgiving at the moment with loved ones. Try to say what you want without sounding too sharp. Your detachment can have its useful side since you can pick out what is worth saving, but push it too far and you will only cause problems. You may feel a little bit discouraged or low in self-esteem, but there’s really no need. Don’t assume that being left to your own devices is a bad thing, or a sign that you are unlovable.
LEO: Children are bringing out the best in you now and if happen not to have any then you will be positively child-like yourself in your open hearted determination to play as much as possible. You will be putting your feelings on the line, saying what you mean, and hinting loudly in the direction of loved ones. It’s important to get the right kind of emotional contact with friends and other people, partly for affectionate support, partly because you want to bounce ideas off them for the future.
VIRGO:  You are looking around at home seeing how you can make your immediate environment feel more comfortable, relaxing and stylish. But it does seem difficult for you to throw away outworn possessions or furniture. Clutter clearing will not only make your rooms look better, you’ll feel easier within yourself. If you want more prominence, you’re going to have to do things that draw other people’s attention to you. So do what suits the influential people at work or out in your community.
LIBRA: You will go out of your way to smooth ruffled feathers or avoid confrontation. A calm atmosphere makes you feel settled, where angry words get your more on edge than usual. Just remember to stand up for yourself at times, since you can give in too much just to keep the peace. In a restless mood, you want to be anywhere other than where you are. But if you are stuck in the one place, go talk to more adventurous people, even find some stretching book to read.
SCORPIO: You want tangible gestures of affection to make you feel appreciated and wanted now, either in cuddles or in presents. Try to be flexible. Just briefly you suddenly lose all thought of being superficial or frivolous. There will be certain points in the day when you want to get down into the depths to investigate, to stand steady until you find the long-term kind of answers. It may be to do with financial or emotional matters, or just more fundamental questions you are asking yourself.
SAGITTARIUS: You may just try too hard to gloss over imperfections in life, and always come across sounding sugary sweet. You will avoid confrontation, but if you compromise too much just for the sake of calm, it may make you sound superficial or insincere. In your closest relationships, both at work and at home, you may be clutching a little more than usual, hanging on to partners. Don’t get jealous and possessive if they aren’t exactly fitting in with what you want. Just get in step with them.
CAPRICORN:  You may sometimes feel lonely and under loved at the moment. Time spent on your own need not necessarily be lonely, since you will have a chance to connect to your own deeper feelings or indeed creative talents. Remember also that this is only a temporary phase and will soon be over. This is a day when other people demand a lot of you. You’re having to go out of your way to make sure that everyone is being well looked after. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time to expect money to come your way either through partner’s success or others’ generosity. You’ll be changing emotionally in subtle ways that brings new warmth and intimacy into your life. Hard work and exceptionally busy schedule will keep you running. Try not to be too directly outspoken or order others around. You’ll rely on tried and trusted friends for advice and support. After mid year you’ll broaden your horizons.
PISCES: If you are on the lookout for a new romance, you could find it at work or perhaps with someone slightly older. It may not be grand passion, but it could raise your social status, and get your invited out to all the best places. Even if you are on your own for a little while, it won’t actually bother you very much because the Moon’s position today is a hint to cool down, calm down and get away from hassle, hustle and aggravation. “>

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