Horoscope for Jan 22, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: The main thing to remember is that Pluto around now changes life a little bit. It tries to get rid of things that are no longer any use to you, so it may be that old and outworn beliefs are being shifted out of your life. You could also be pushing like mad pointing out to others where they are going wrong. There may be tensions in the air occur as influential people try to call the shots or push you into doing what does not suit you.
TAURUS: Maybe you’ll be looking too much on the dark side seeing only problems and losing your normal optimism. It may just be you find that travel plans get blocked or other situations irritate and frustrate you and you get wound up. Try to ease up a little and laugh more. You may find yourself trying to bring everyone around to your way of thinking. First you need to reach the right standpoint yourself. If you try to control other people’s thinking, they may not respond positively.
GEMINI: You may get so wrapped up in one tiny obsessive detail that you won’t see the wood for the trees. No one will want to compromise, partly because they feel they might be humiliated if they give way. You are grappling with fundamental questions about life, and confidential matters both financial and emotional. You will not find it easy to compromise or co-operate. But you cannot find all the answers yourself or go your own independent way. You do need to open up and ask for advice.
CANCER: You’ll be utterly determined to get to the bottom of one emotional problem which has been niggling at you. You’ll be pushing hard to persuade others round to whatever it is that you want them to think. Try not to get so fixed and so rigid about seeing things the way they are, that you can’t see any alternative. Your feelings are more deeply involved now, your reactions more profound. It can be rather disconcerting as you discover emotions which you normally avoid.
LEO: You may get a little too pushy or forceful about trying to bring everyone round to your viewpoint. Or someone may be doing the same. If you can step back and be a little more detached, then it will work better. Pluto is passing for some time through in your house of work and health. During this time you have strong ideas about change and renewal. Workmates may want to stick to the status quo. so a fair amount of pushing and pulling will be inevitable.
VIRGO:  You’ll have a great love of mystery, wanting to find out what’s going on in the deep, dark and secret corners, so you’ll be drawn to the hidden places in life. But it’s important that you sort out your own secrets before probing into anyone else’s.rnYour feelings will run hot and deep, bringing stronger passions, occasionally jealousy, or even power struggles with loved ones as your need for security demands that they stick close. Lighten up.
LIBRA: Sometimes you can get a little bit frustrated when Pluto is around as it is now, because you’ll feel you’re not getting your own way. You’ll then tend to get a little manipulative which can backfire. Watch that you’re not trying to twist loved ones or mates around too much. There may be some confrontations or even minor power struggles within the family. You are trying to change but someone close may not want to let go of the way things were. Be firm but gentle.
SCORPIO: What you are learning today you are learning at a much deeper level than usual. You’ll not be superficial, or interested in anything that is too frivolous. Just what that you’re not forcing your viewpoint on others or becoming too compulsive.rnYou have a real passion for inquiry, questioning, and searching but you do have to watch a slight tendency to come across as self-righteous even dogmatic in discussions. It’s not so much what you say sometimes as the way you are saying it. Lighten up.
SAGITTARIUS: You’ll be able to solve difficult puzzles in your emotional life and elsewhere now. Try to stay with one foot on the surface, and one foot deep down. That way you’ll be able to ask the searching questions you want and you’ll get answers. You are at a point of wanting to build your financial situation into something more solid. Nothing will happen quickly but you can slowly put new systems into place. There may be pressures but with ingenuity you can come out ahead.
CAPRICORN:  Stay witty, flexible and tolerant and you’ll be highly persuasive. If you become too obsessed with what’s going on, you won’t see the wood for the trees and will get everything out of proportion. Stand back and remember there’s an upside as well as a downside. You feel quite determined to get to the bottom of one situation now. At times you will sound upfront and candid, not diplomatic or cooperative. Your intensity and passionate approach to life will be obvious and appealing to those of a similar persuasion. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be secretive at times and deep thinking but you’ll be enchanted at the generosity coming your way from others in cash or in kind. You’ll sense that your life is changing for the better, subtly and slowly, with the great benefit that you’ll open up to more intimacy. A busy everyday schedule will keep you running and make you outspoken when you hit delays or mistakes. More adventure will come into your life after mid year.
PISCES: It’ll be a deep-thinking kind of day where you’ll be talking about everything intensely. You’ll be digging below the surface into the depths so you’ll have a penetrating quality about you. Others may be rather unsettled because of the direct and searching way in which you ask questions. You are in the midst of a long process of changing your long term plans, finding that what once held your enthusiasm now no longer does so. You really will want to be around movements or groups which hold influence. “>

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