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Horoscope for January 1

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be less sociable and romantic than usual but you’ll be pushing ahead ambitiously at work so won’t really notice. You’ll have a strong sense of vision about what you want to achieve and will be keen to find more adventure and excitement. There will be changes and a few disruptions at home or within the family but you’ll know this is a phase of transition and will be keen to get more freedom to suit yourself in the long run.

ARIES: You will want to know the common sense reasons for doing everything and will get irritated by companions who rattle on about grand ideas and are prone to flights of fancy. Just try to let a little of your own creative imagination get to work. If your feet are too firmly on the ground, you won’t get very far. If you are thinking of inviting friends round for supper you’ll want it to be flamboyant, maybe even rather grand, or with a foreign theme.
TAURUS:  You see no reason to pull your verbal punches now, so mates may need a thick skin because you treasure the truth. You will have strong hunches which will probably turn out to be accurate. Your social charms are undeniable now and you can be seductively persuasive when you turn your mind to it. Never obvious but subtly magnetic, you will end up getting your own way without anyone else even noticing. You do want to dig deeper for better long term answers.
GEMINI: Fairly intense at the moment, and maybe more stubborn than usual in discussions, you may not find it easy to cooperate. You will have to confront those who share joint responsibilities with you, to sort out better agreements. But Venus will do wonders for your closest relationships. You are in love with love and putting out highly attractive vibes. Not only is that special person being more romantic, you’ll also be much in demand out on the wider social scene for a few weeks.

CANCER: Your harmonious way of expressing yourself and desire to keep the peace is doing wonders for your popularity. Though you may lose the opportunity to act or make a decision by the time you have made up your mind about one situation. Considering carefully is a good idea, but do not stretch it out too far. You could find romances spring up around your everyday chores. Even if that doesn’t happen you will still find you gain great comfort from doing your job.

LEO: You fully intend to enjoy yourself for a few weeks. You will be a real lover of parties, and fairly dramatic in the way you are presenting yourself. No one will miss your exuberant personality. Rather straightforward in your affections now, you are coming across as courageous and demonstrative, which is just what one situations requires. Generous to a fault, you want to be liked and adored. Though you might be indignant if others do not share your sense of integrity.

VIRGO:  Maybe you could be ignoring certain details in your determination to see the broad sweep at the moment. But because of your carefulness and long term vision, you should be able to plan well. Just keep your feet on the ground. More than usual, you are expressing affection for your family and want to be entertaining relatives and close friends at home. It’s a great time to plan get togethers and to sort out your domestic arrangements so that everything flows smoothly.

LIBRA:  Watch you are not getting too close to subjects to be able to see them clearly. You may be taking too narrow a view of one situation, selecting some facts and ignoring others for no good reason. Luckily you are putting on the charm in conversations, phone calls or when you write letters. Your harmonious way of expressing yourself and wonderful way with words guarantees that you will be highly persuasive. Ignore those who say you sound too cool and detached.
SCORPIO:  At the moment, you are making it your business to know everything about everybody, since you want to have all the necessary facts at your disposal. Watch you are not spreading yourself too thin, as you may be scattering your attention over such a wide area. You do need to pause for thought once in a while, and see the broad picture. You will be irresistibly attracted to the beautiful, luxurious and expensive things of life. Nothing cheap, cheerful or practical will really appeal.

SAGITTARIUS:  You are looking great, attracting favourable comments and compliments for the care you take over your appearance, and generally putting your best foot forward in social company. Your thinking and speaking is all directed at the moment to whatever has a practical or financial purpose, which is making you thoughtful. Others may carp about your slowness but you know it is vital to get everything right. You are uneasy about lofty discussions about vague notions, which never seem to lead anywhere.

CAPRICORN:  Your boredom threshold is low, and you may jump into action, just to avoid the tedious process of making considered decisions which take account of all the facts. You will not be as socially outgoing as usual just for a few weeks. But don’t get gloomy. The upside is that it puts you in touch with creative or spiritual matters, so you will emerge softer, wiser and maybe revitalised because of the deeper connections you have made with those you share your deeper interests.

AQUARIUS: You may be feeling too sensitive on one score and interpret as criticisms things that others say which were never meant to hurt. Don’t over react until you have checked out what was intended. Though for all that you are at your best now in large social groups and team relationships at work looking optimistically ahead. Your friendship circle is welcoming, and you will have no shortage of invitations or ports of call when you feel inclined to be out and about.
PISCES:  You have a sharp, fast moving mind with Mercury in the inventive area of your chart at the moment. Remember to write things down since you can be absent-minded, forgetting your brilliant inspirations as soon as you have them. You will be using your charms to impress all the influential people around at work or out in the community. Flattery will get you most places, so keep handing out the compliments. They may not always be sincere but they will work. “>