Horoscope for January 4

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Your birth stone is diamond, sometimes ruby or red jasper. Diamonds are the stone of purity, but are supposed to be of most benefit when worn with other stones, since it enhances their properties. Ruby increases energy levels, aids intuitive thinking and like red Jaspar helps with blood disorders. Your metal is iron.
TAURUS:  Your birth stone is emerald, brilliant green of nature. Sometimes, because of Venus, your ruler, also the blue sapphire or lapis lazuli. Emerald improves memory and the intellect, helps overcome depression and insomnia. Lapis lazuli helps eyesight. Sapphire has great healing properties, physical and emotional. Your metal is copper.
GEMINI: Your birth stone is citrine, sometimes yellow agate. Citrine helps you find a direction in life, benefits circulation and helps control emotions. Agate improves natural vitality, energy and confidence. Your metal is mercury.

CANCER: Your birth stone is pearl or moonstone, lustrous white like the Moon which is your ruler. Pearl is helpful with all bronchial conditions, and protects from the dangers of the sea. Moonstone promotes long life and happiness, attracts friendship and loyalty. It can also help reduce excess fluid in the body. Your metal is silver.

LEO: Your birth stone is ruby or tiger’s eye, the colours of fire and passion. Ruby aids intuitive thinking, increases energy levels, and helps with disorders of the blood or circulation. Tiger’s Eye increases self-confidence, and combats psychosomatic ailments and hypochondria. Your metal is gold.
VIRGO:  Your birth stone is peridot, sometimes green jasper. Peridot helps insomnia, and the digestion. Green jasper improves the sense of smell, brings stillness to the troubled mind. Your metal is mercury, sometimes nickel.
LIBRA:  Your birth stone is sapphire, brilliant blue – the colour of Venus, your ruler. Sometimes aquamarine or jade. Sapphire is a great healer of both physical and emotional problems, bringing harmony and peace of mind. Aquamarine helps with eye problems, the liver, throat and stomach – a good luck charm if you are facing a test. Jade is especially recommended for kidney complaints, and as a good luck talisman. Your metal is copper.
SCORPIO:  Your birth stone is opal, the stone of hidden depths. Sometimes ruby or red jasper. Opal is a creative energy, helping you formulate plans and ideas. Ruby increases energy levels, helps your intuition, and with blood disorders. Red jasper likewise. Your metal is iron or steel.
SAGITTARIUS:  Your birth stone is topaz, a fiery yellow. Topaz is supposed to help relieve high blood pressure, reduce varicose veins and prevent insomnia. Your metal is tin.
CAPRICORN:  Your birth stone is garnet, or amethyst, sometimes smokey quartz. Garnet can be a general tonic, but essentially improves self respect and self confidence. Amethyst is a spiritual stone, aids inspired thought and intuition, helps insomnia. Quartz attracts the powers of light and energy, relieves your mind from petty worries. Your metal is silver.

AQUARIUS: Your birth stone is amethyst. Sometimes aquamarine. Amethyst is a spiritual gem, helping those who wish to develop inner connections. It can be protective, aids intuitive dreams, and brings serenity. Aquamarine is helpful with problems around the eyes, liver, throat and stomach – and can be a good luck charm. Your metal is aluminium.
PISCES:  Your birth stone is aquamarine, blue-green like the sea. Sometimes moonstone or rose quartz. Aquamarine is useful in helping with problems around the eyes, liver, throat and stomach and can be a good luck charm. Moonstone is said to promote long life and happiness, to attract friendship and loyalty. It can also help reduce water retention. Rose quartz stimulates the imagination and the intellect, and helps with headaches. “>

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