Horoscope for January 7

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: There may be fireworks in the air at the moment, in terms of everyone’s mood. It can be sparkling, bright, rather entertaining or it can be noisy, disruptive and slightly risky. Don’t try to suppress what you want to say or do, but don’t let it all out in too dramatic a way either. You will not put up with hypocrisy at the moment or insincerity. If you find anyone telling little white lies even for the best of motives, you will be critical.
TAURUS:  You may find you just are too restless, too highly strung or just plain can’t be bothered settling down to do what other people want. Suddenly you don’t want to put up with other people telling you to do this or do that. They may call you unco-operative, but you see it as standing up for your rights. Once in a while you really have to let yourself be spontaneous, go crazy for a morning, and see how much better you feel.
GEMINI: You don’t want to put up with compromises anymore. All the things you’ve been gritting your teeth about and secretly resenting. Now you stamp your feet on the floor and decide you are not going to do that anymore. Now your aims for the future are changing suddenly and unpredictably. You want more adventure, stimulation and excitement. Initially you may feel slightly insecure if you let go old ambitions, but this is a time to test out the unknown. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
CANCER: There’s a slightly unsettled feeling around. But it can bring some very positive aspects as well. You just have to be willing to open up to some risk, and grasp new opportunities. Your reputation at work or in the community is definitely of someone who wants to be a mover and shaker. If companions see you as slightly whacky and regard your ideas as off-the-wall, you really don’t care. You know change comes by having the courage to experiment and try out new concepts.
LEO: Now fuses fly and tempers get frayed. Just take everything more cautiously. Clearly there is not much you can do to prevent it, but just take it in your stride if difficulties come. You may be regarded as a rebel but really you don’t care. You know if you are too arrive at your own philosophy of living that you must try out and test new ideas, challenge those who are trying to tell you what’s best, before settling to what suits you.
VIRGO:  You may be rushing in where angels fear to tread and then later wish you hadn’t been quite so hasty about things. Try to watch how you go. Don’t go flying into action in too impulsive a way. Pause for thought, count up to 25 and then proceed steadily. New friends in your life may be fun but they may not be steady. Take them as they come, and be prepared to let them go when they want. They won’t appreciate being tied down.
LIBRA:  Give yourself a little bit more elbow room over the next couple of days. If you are around other people too much you could get edgy, or feel too crowded. With Uranus around you can suddenly leap to conclusions, go off and do something too fiery, too wild, as it were, too rebellious, and that of course gets you into trouble. Companions may be finding your behaviour contradictory and slightly exasperating. Highly tolerant at times, you may also be erratically stubborn as well.
SCORPIO:  At the moment you want to throw everything up in the air, to create a stir. But you may later on wish you hadn’t been so impulsive. You will want life to settle down to its normal pace again. So make sure that you don’t ruffle too many feathers. Allow your inventive ideas to take you down new paths now. Find out about the latest advances and techniques so that you can bring more speed, efficiency and interest into your working life.
SAGITTARIUS:  There may be conflicts and disagreements and arguments around now and if there are then you need to regard them as useful. They will bring hidden tensions out into the open. That way you can clear them out of the way. You want friends and lovers around who do not cling, and are happy to pursue their own course of action without involving you at times. Even though you may test each other’s patience, you’ll always come back together again revitalised after times apart.
CAPRICORN:  IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be lively, exciting and excitable. Just try not to get too distracted by emotional upheavals or changes within the family and at home. You need to be persistent and persevering, looking ahead not backwards. It won’t be as sociable or romantic for a while but you’ll be well supported by enthusiastic friends and team mates. Stay open to feedback and don’t be too controlling.

AQUARIUS: There will be surprises around particularly in relationships, which you’ll cope with better if you expect the unexpected. Treat whatever happens as a challenge and an adventure and not a threat. If you cling on, or partners cling on too firmly, then there’s a restless kind of energy in there that’s going to break free one way or another. Compromise is not easy for you at the moment, since you hold strong opinions, and dislike having to fit in just to keep the peace.
PISCES:  Don’t feel obliged to sit yourself in a corner or be stuck with anyone else’s agenda. Frankly you are not in a mood for it. Stand up for what you want as an individual. Popularity is not everything. Your budget seems to be unsettled at the moment. Larger lump sums are coming in and going out rather than a constant cash flow. What you need to do is use your inventive mind to dream up ways of earning more money in unusual ways. “>

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