Horoscope for july 1, 2015



ariesARIES: Glowing with warm feelings you’ll be at peace with the world, wanting to share your happiness with everyone you meet. Friends will be particularly happy to be around you because you’re just oozing lovely energy and making them feel just as wonderful as you. So you’ll be popular. It can be a very kind, very creative, very spiritual time. It’s just not very down-to-earth. Everyone around will tend to be head-in-the-clouds including you. But maybe it is a good time to dream a little.
TAURUS: You’ll be lucky where cash is concerned, although you are likely to let it go as soon as you get it. You will be spending on the beautiful things of life, the luxuries, the treats, the indulgences, and on buying presents. You’ll want to spread your good fortune around a little. There are very sensitive influences around which will make you aware of the subtle undercurrents around. But it may also be that you are too self-sacrificing. Don’t turn yourself into a doormat.taurus
geminiGEMINI:  It’s certainly not a time for self-discipline. So forget about getting important chores done. You will much prefer to put your feet up or go off shopping perhaps. Maybe you are not standing up for yourself strenuously enough. It’s not a very self-assertive kind of energy right now. So if you’re normally a bit timid, this will tend to push you into a corner. You just disappear off into daydreams, which can be great in itself but staying in touch with reality will help.
CANCER: This is a time to really enjoy life. You’ll feel very optimistic. Whether it’s personal or social, or even intimate relationships, you’ll soothe and smooth over any ruffled feathers, wanting to keep things calmer and more harmonious. Whoever you come into contact with is going to find that they feel better by the end of it. Maybe you think you are just being very sweet and very kind. But you have a real healing quality about you. Soothing can be curing as well.

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be extravagant, indulgent and spendthrift. Money will come in but will slide through your fingers. You’ll be working hard and finding loved ones land responsibilities on your shoulders. Looking after health and staying fit will be vital. One close partner will be intense, rather stubborn at times so you’ll need to avoid confrontations and be strategic. There’ll be changes in your career or life’s direction so stay flexible.

leoLEO: You will have a real twinkle in your eye as you aim to get the goodies of life. But you’ll be expecting fate or others to do all the hard work. Indeed, you can’t be really bothered to do anything much that takes effort. But you will be putting out such charming vibes you might well find it’s your lucky time. Keep smiling. But if you can exert yourself to be slightly more realistic, everything just slots into place very nicely indeed.
VIRGO: Everything will be pleasant, frivolous, rather sugary sweet. You’ll yearn for affection and indulgence though won’t be inclined to do much to make it happen. You’ll expect it all delivered on a plate. And you could be lucky. Enjoy. Don’t be discouraged if you have odd worries about things, because your imagination is probably running away with itself. Most likely nothing you are concerned about will happen. Just don’t go pushing yourself ahead when you feel like hanging back. Trust your instincts.virgo
libraLIBRA: You will want the more glittery, sparkly, sociable, things of life. The energies around may not bring any deep and meaningful experiences but who cares – it will be thoroughly enjoyable. It’s clearly not a time to go leaping into very strenuous jobs or projects or tasks, because you’ll find by the end of it that you can’t find the enthusiasm to tie up the loose ends. Be sensible and down-to-earth about what is possible and what is not. Put limits on your aims.
SCORPIO: Personal relationships will run smoothly. If there has been any stress and strain recently then you will be able to wave a magic want to clear things up a bit. Maybe it’s important to go off by yourself and meditate. Get a clearer idea of what everything is doing in your life and where you want it to go from now on. If you can channel your energy more in spiritual directions, you will find it brings you peace, quiet and harmony.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS:You will be planning and daydreaming about holidays if you can’t go on one instantly. You will avoid anything that smells like too much hard work. Wind down and let yourself feel good. The Sun is now in flowing aspect to Neptune which is about being idealistic, sympathetic and compassionate. But it’s also to do with your ideals and your visions in life, so you will have to think through where you are going and how you’re going to be getting there.

CAPRICORN: You will be attracting the right kind of people now who will make your life easier and more light hearted. The one thing you’ll not be attracted to is hard work. You just want to be out there eating, drinking, particularly rich and sweet food. It won’t be great for diets or saving money. It’s not practical day for push-push-pushing. Find time for quiet reflection, trying also to be as helpful as you can to other people. Just don’t expect miracles of yourself.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: You are not for feeling serious at the moment. You’ll have a sense of ease and want to be sociable as well as indulgent. You may be eating too much or spending too much, but you’ll definitely be contented. This is not a time to start some vast project or run up mountains. It’s more a time to float along the river for a while and lying on your water bed. You’ll be very sensitive to the undercurrents so avoid jangled jarring companions.
PISCES: Your good feelings will rub off on the right people around you. That clearly is going to make you feel better. If they’re happy, you’re going to be happy. There’ll be small but significant amounts of good luck coming your way. But if you go charging into some very strenuous task, you may end up feeling a bit discouraged and undermined. Not everything practical will work out quite as you planned. You have wonderful dreams, but you also need to be more grounded.pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr


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