Horoscope for July 12, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: You fully intend to enjoy yourself for a few weeks. You will be a real lover of parties, and fairly dramatic in the way you are presenting yourself. No one will miss your exuberant personality. Rather straightforward in your affections now, you are coming across as courageous and demonstrative, which is just what one situations requires. Generous to a fault, you want to be liked and adored. Though you might be indignant if others do not share your sense of integrity.
TAURUS: More than usual, you are expressing affection for your close family and want to be entertaining relatives and close friends at home. It’s a great time to plan get togethers and to sort out your domestic arrangements so that everything flows smoothly. Try to listen to feedback since companions may have the wrong end of the stick, or just be losing your train of thought. Indeed you may find it tricky to keep in focus yourself. Leave major situations until you are clearer.
GEMINI: You will be putting on the charm in conversations, phone calls or when you write letters, and getting a good response. Your harmonious way of expressing yourself and wonderful way with words guarantees that you will be highly persuasive. Though at times your rather rebellious attitude towards family and close partners will unsettle the normally co-operative atmosphere, so try to fly solo when you can. You are very restless, maybe for good reason, so find an outlet for your original ideas.
CANCER: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be extravagant, indulgent and a time to aim for wholehearted enjoyment. Just try not to be too bossy with loved ones. Give them elbow room. There will be sudden changes of direction at work so stay alert and grasp new opportunities which come your way. Staying fit and healthy will be vital and you will need to be clear where your physical limits are. Home and family matters will be well starred from September onwards.
LEO: You are looking great, attracting favourable comments and compliments for the care you take over your appearance, and generally putting your best foot forward in social company. You will tend to over eat since you want to pamper yourself and perhaps feel that loved ones are being unappreciative, so you have to spoil yourself. You will also avoid arguments since you really cannot be bothered with hassle, but you could end up not standing up for yourself enough with the family or loved ones.
VIRGO: You will not be as socially outgoing as usual. But don’t get gloomy. The upside is that it puts you in touch with creative or spiritual matters, so you will emerge revitalised because of the deeper connections you have made, either within yourself or with those you share your deeper interests. At one point you’ll tend to get in a muddle, or go off at tangents. Your heart may be in the right place but you may not be as persuasive as you think.
LIBRA: You will be at your best in large social groups and team relationships at work looking optimistically ahead. Your friendship circle is welcoming, and you will have no shortage of invitations or ports of call when you feel inclined to be out and about. There will be enough exciting and different personalities around to suit your every mood. At one point you will be highly strung, or just rather rebellious. Right reason or none you are determined to protect your independence.
SCORPIO: You will be using your charms to impress all the influential people around at work. Flattery will get you most places, so keep handing out the compliments. They may not always be sincere but they will work. You will be trying to go in two opposite directions at once. One way is what you ought to do, the other is what you want to do. Following your whims will give you a guilty conscience, but being dutiful will make you feel under nurtured.
SAGITTARIUS: If you are thinking of throwing a party or even inviting friends round for supper you will want it to be flamboyant, or with a foreign theme. Think where you would most like to be on holiday and then bring that into your home. First thing you may find getting out of bed more difficult than usual since you want pamper yourself. Your lazy steak will be more obvious than usual, which if you are normally too active, will be no bad thing.
CAPRICORN: Only those closest to you will guess what is on your mind. You do want to dig deeper for better long term answers. Your social charms are undeniable now and you can be seductively persuasive when you turn your mind to it. Never obvious but subtly magnetic, you will end up getting your own way without anyone else even noticing. At times you may find it tricky to bring discussions or conversations to a satisfactory conclusion since you will be constantly switching tack.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: You are in love with love and putting out highly attractive vibes. Not only is that special person being more romantic, you will also be much in demand out on the wider social scene. Though at one point you will be dancing off in all directions at once not sitting still for long. Sudden events at home will keep you on your toes and rather edgy. You’ll get jangled if anyone tries to cramp your style. So let yourself be free to suit yourself.
PISCES: You will be talking and moving around quickly and there will be added vitality and enthusiasm. OK so you’ll be a bit competitive but not too much so. Don’t get furious if someone disagrees with you. Stand back and be creative about the differences. You’re likely to be seeing things in too direct a way. Other people don’t always appreciate the blunt, honest truth so tone down your comments. You don’t mean them to hurt, but you may not be aware of their effect.
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