Horoscope for July 14, 2015



aries ARIES: It is important that you look after your business affairs, your working matters, your practical life, and put aside the thought that you want to indulge yourself or be frivolous or overspend money, because you’ve got to settle down and tighten your belt and do without a bit. Joint finances may be tighter now than they have been before. Or your partner’s cash situation is such that they cannot be as generous as they once were. You are having to carry heavier responsibilities yourself.
TAURUS: Venus is now in aspect to Saturn. Venus wants love and affection and for you to be close to special people, while Saturn is to do with hard work and feeling separated from loved ones. So there may be a wet blanket sitting on your feelings and a sense of coolness, just temporarily. Though you might be looking at the flaws in your close partnerships that does not need to mean they’ll end. Only shaky affairs of the heart will come to grief now. taurus
gemini GEMINI: Maybe you are feeling a little bit criticised or put down, or just someone hasn’t been there when you’ve wanted them to be. Just assume if you’re conscientious and practical you will make the best of the influences around. They can allow you to be rather sophisticated, rather elegant. It’s just not very warm and cuddly and passionate. Undoubtedly you may feel over stressed at times and under appreciated for your efforts but this is a time of laying solid foundations for the future.
CANCER: Maybe you will be standing back, looking at your love life, and wondering if it’s working very well. Somehow you only manage to see the flaws and the cracks rather than keeping a sense of humour. Remember that life is rough and smooth and there’s good fun with the difficulties as well. Love and your social life will seem more like work than work at times. Out of this testing time for affairs of the heart could come some truly valuable insights.

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be time for a change in your direction at work and in your attitude to one close partner. You’ll be keen to follow through on your own ideas though someone close may want the last word. You’ll be frustrated at times by their stubbornness so you’ll need to find a compromise that is fair to all. Money will flow through though you may not end up with much surplus since you’ll be treating yourself. Pay attention to your health regime.

leo LEO: Maybe you’re going to be around older people. They will help you and give you advice. OK so they may pour cold water over your best ideas, but they will see a broader picture than you. Take it in your stride. Things you have swept under the carpet at home could be coming out into the open. Reassure yourself with the thought that you can now sort out once and for all those domestic and emotional problems which have been niggling away at you.
VIRGO: Don’t feel too bleak or too lonely. You’re probably being over-critical or over-negative about things, and it will pass. It’s just not very warm and rapturous now, so you have to watch how to handle yourself. Saturn is hanging over your routine contacts and it usually works by creating obstacles, setbacks and delays so breakdowns in communications may be occurring with the everyday people in your life – friends, neighbours, brothers or sisters or workmates. When not heard, just keep repeating yourself. virgo
libra LIBRA: There’s no point in feeling resentful or self-pitying. What you need to do is be cool, regard one emotional situation with a clear eye and understand that you may have to give up short-term indulgences. You will achieve a good deal but it will need hard work and effort. Tightening your belt may be necessary for a brief while but there’s nothing catastrophic about cash shortages. You merely have to learn caution, long term planning and a stronger sense of the value of money.
SCORPIO: You will be a little bit cool. It may be that there’s far too much work and not enough time for pleasure at the moment. Take life as it comes and face up to the reality of the situation and do whatever it is that you need to do, and then you can maybe relax and be more indulgent later on. You may find your energy levels are low so you don’t have the inclination to work quite as hard as you once did. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: You may be feeling cut off from your feelings, or cut off from loved ones. It may just be that work comes before pleasure, duty comes before indulgence. Be business like, not flamboyant, and you may see something civil-ised coming out of your efforts. You are essentially a good organiser but you are having to force yourself at the moment to be in control of practical situations. You feel certain old ambitions have lost their fire and are no longer what you want.

CAPRICORN: Maybe you’ve got fears at the back of your mind about a relationship not working well, or maybe you feel that everything is a little bit kind of down. It’s very important not to get discouraged or feel that everything is under a rather dark cloud. Do not let discouragement get you down if disagreements flare up or even if you feel cold-shouldered in team efforts. Only by facing up to difficulties can you hope to establish better relationships out in the world. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: Saturn will put a bit of a backbone into you to make you go off and do your duty and be conscientious. And if that comes along with feeling a little bit kind of cool and separated from the nicer things of life, including special people, then that’s just the way it is for the time being. If the foundations you have laid in your career in the past are solid now is your time to flourish, and be happy in your working life.
PISCES: aybe you feel a little discouraged at the moment. You’ve got to try and buck yourself up a little bit, and don’t squelch feelings of warmth and tenderness and good fun. Certainly it’s not good for spending money, or for overeating now. Aim towards hard work and self-discipline. You are thinking seriously about education, philosophical and even spiritual matters now. Life may test out your old opinions by setting up arguments for you. Try to be open minded and listen to opposing views. pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr