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Horoscope for July 16, 2016

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Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: There may be fireworks in the air at the moment. It can be sparkling, bright, rather entertaining or it can be noisy, disruptive and slightly risky. It just depends how you handle the influences. Don’t try to suppress what you want to say or do, but don’t let it all out in too dramatic a way either. Later there’ll be plenty of compliments flying around. You’ll have that nice, warm glow as you cherish compliments you’ve had. It’s a time to whisper sweet nothings in that special person’s ear.
TAURUS: It’s important to let the restless spirit within you come out. Don’t feel obliged to sit yourself in a corner or be stuck with anyone else’s agenda. Frankly, you are not in the mood for it. Stand up for what you want as an individual. Popularity is not everything. Though in one situation it’s very much a time to be compromising with loved ones to keep the peace. Then you can be off enjoying yourself. You’ll want to socialise, to be around elegant company, people who are fun-loving.
GEMINI: Treat whatever happens as a challenge and an adventure and not a threat. If you cling on, or partners cling on too firmly, too possessively, then there’s a restless kind of energy in there that’s going to break free one way or another. Today life will feel little bit happier, more positive than it has been. With loved ones, it’s a good day to be telling them how you feel, putting your feelings into words in a rather sensitive and compassionate way, both for yourself and for others.
CANCER: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be exciting, excitable and a time of fast change and not too much co-operation. You’ll need to be later for new opportunities and not be scared of walking away from what is not working. Staying fit and healthy will be vital since hard work will be unavoidable. And you’ll want surplus energy to be off playing at times. Handle close relationships with tact since partners will be intense. Home will be happier very soon.
LEO: Open up to new experiences. If you dig your heels in too much. you may find someone makes a break for freedom. Whereas if you hang loose you could find everyone brightens up. Venus is being boosted today by Mercury. Venus is to do with affection, it’s to do with extravagance and indulgence and all the better things of life, and Mercury is to do with a very sweet and smooth way of talking, so generally speaking you could charm the birds off the trees.
VIRGO: One of the side effects of having strong Uranus aspects around can be that either electrical or mechanical equipment breaks down more often. Fuses fly and tempers get frayed. Just take everything a little more cautiously. There is not much you can do to prevent it, but just take it in your stride if it comes. Truth to tell, you’ll be basically self-indulgent today, buying things that cost money, trying to persuade loved ones into spending more than they want.
LIBRA: You could be feeling slightly more rebellious than usual, because you don’t want to put up with compromises anymore. All the things you’ve been gritting your teeth about and secretly resenting. Now you stamp your feet on the floor and think, “I’m not doing that anymore.” You may find that other influences jangle you a little bit, but you’ll soon be soothing and smoothing loved ones and your best buddies. You’ll be light-hearted, not taking things too seriously. Certainly, you won’t want to be too practical.
SCORPIO: There may be conflicts and disagreements, arguments around at work and if there are then you need to regard them as useful. They will bring hidden tensions out into the open. That way you can clear them out of the way. Socially though it’s a great time to be around friends. Almost everyone in your leisure activities is going to be benefit from having your very serene, contented and harmonious personality around, at least some of the time.
SAGITTARIUS: If you are around other people too much you could get edgy, or feel too crowded. You can suddenly leap to conclusions, go off and do something too fiery, too wild, as it were, too rebellious, and that of course gets you into trouble. Later you’re going to be pouring oil on troubled waters. You want everyone to feel wonderful. So it’s a morale-boosting kind of influence. You’ll be very sensitive, you want to speak of your feelings in a very straightforward kind of way.
CAPRICORN: Uranus at odds with the Sun can be rather disruptive. The mood, never mind the electrics tend to be very switch on and switch off. There is an unsettled feeling,but it can bring some very positive aspects as well. You just have to be willing to open up to some risk, a little excitement, and grasp new opportunities which come along. Generally speaking, you’re not going to be very practical about certain details. It will be important to get your finances straight during this time. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: This is not a time to follow normal routines. You may find you just are too restless or can’t be bothered settling down to do what other people want. You don’t want to put up with other people telling you to do this or do that. They may call you unco-operative, but you see it as standing up for your rights. Luckily, later there’ll be a healing, soothing, smoothing, make-life-more-beautiful kind of feeling around. You want to make absolutely certain that everyone around you is happy.
PISCES: You may be rushing in where angels fear to tread and then two days later wish you hadn’t been quite so hasty about things. Try to watch how you go. Don’t go flying into action in too impulsive a way. Pause for thought, count up to twenty-five and then proceed steadily. Later you’ll want beauty in your life, probably discussing your feelings in a much more outgoing kind of way with those around you. It’s a light-hearted mood – there’s nothing deep and passionate about it.
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