Horoscope for July 18, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: You will be more emotional in public than usual, which may feel strange, but it lets other people see the more human side of you. So you will attract more sympathy, and at the same time be more sensitive to what’s going on around at work. Give yourself quiet time to ponder, reflect and question. But try not to lose touch with what is going on around you. Apart from anything else you will just get careless with chores, make mistakes and have to backtrack at a later date.
TAURUS: Your intuition will be working well, so you can look ahead and know a little of what is coming ahead. You won’t want to settle down to anything requiring concentration. But why should you? You don’t want to be stuck in a corner. Let your imagination soar. Part of the problem may be that you just don’t want to commit yourself to one scheme, in case something better turns up round the next corner, so you are dithering and delaying. But you could miss good opportunities.
GEMINI: Be sentimental but don’t dig your heels in too much. You do need certainly to stand firm until you find the answers you are looking for but then let go, roll with the flow. Maybe you are slightly disappointed that your efforts at work are not meeting with more acclaim and recognition. To be truthful, you are rather low in energy or motivation and not pushing as hard as usual at the moment. Don’t let doubt or uncertainty about your aims get in the way.
CANCER: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be dynamic, fast-changing, not always co-operative, but rarely boring. You’ll be on your toes with constant changes at work and in your direction in life. You will need to look after health and stamina though luckily your energy will stay high. There’ll be more chances to relax and be indulged at home after August with an easier mood amongst the family. Though one close partner will be intense and need careful handling.
LEO: It’s a rather self-sacrificing kind of day which means you have to put aside your own need for frivolity and indulgence just to make sure that everyone else is getting what they want. Just polish your halo and console yourself with the thought that you will get your rewards in a couple of days. You may feel rather undermined at points, but it is all part of the process of moving you towards a time of different values, better securities and more realistic relationships and commitments.
VIRGO: Try not to be too possessive. Maybe you do feel clutching and clinging a little more than usual, but it won’t be wise. Have your entertainment and enjoyment without pinning close mates down, otherwise they may want to skip off elsewhere.rnNeptune around in your opposite sign can make you unsure what you want your commitments and responsibilities in close partnerships to be, either at home or at work,but to be truthful those closest to you are in the same frame of mind. Try to reach better understandings.
LIBRA: When you get the chance to have a private moment in peace and quiet, you can think about personal matters which have been tucked into the background, maybe mull over the past. If you let things come to the surface in your mind you can really sort them out. Put kindness first at work and then you will find that the rewards flow in more readily. Be on the alert for the odd moment of uncertainty, where you feel disappointed in the attitude of certain team mates.
SCORPIO: If you can speak to companions in a cooler, more rational way, they’re likely to connect a little bit better. But you will be whizzing around at high speed here and there, doing all sorts of things in a very lively kind of way. Check out in advance whether what you’re doing is necessary – sometimes you rush too fast and don’t stop to slow down and think things through. Emotional muddles may be difficult to clear up at this time and you could find loved ones evasive.
SAGITTARIUS: Your need for security may be pushing you one way, and your desire for extravagance pulling you the other. Blame it on the Moon which is fickle, and makes you point in opposite directions at once. It makes you want to be solidly protected, but it also tempts you to feed your body things that feel good, smell good, taste good, and they never come cheap. A family member or loved one may be inclined to lean on you during. Don’t be a martyr to save others.
CAPRICORN: Try to put yourself into other people’s shoes when you can. There could be a point where you get yourself all stewed up about something that basically isn’t quite as important as you’re making it out to be. You may find it difficult to put into words what you think or to communicate clearly with others. Neptune is causing a bit of a smokescreen. Double check all arrangements or any kind of detailed instructions. Make sure the advice you are getting is reliable.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: You won’t feel like socialising, just temporarily, but there are other activities which attract. Anything mystical or spiritual will hold your attention since you are tuned into deeper levels of awareness. You will also very helpful and compassionate as far as other people are concerned.rnYour need to be sympathetic or generous may get in the way of common sense and security now. Maybe you feel that being money minded is beneath you. You have higher concerns. But remember to keep your feet on the ground.
PISCES: Too much advice can make you bewildered and a bit confused. Just listen carefully, sift and sort out all the ideas you have been given, and when the moment is ready, you will know exactly what the options are, what is going to be practical. Maybe you are feeling dissatisfied or muddled with the way things are going. You don’t how you want to appear to others or what you really want for yourself. Leave well alone for a couple of days and it may become clearer.
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