Horoscope for July 23, 2015



ariesARIES: A real party animal at the moment you will be playing spontaneously and not settling down to dull, routine chores or following orders easily. Feeling happy go lucky, outgoing and romantic, you want to allow your exuberance out on display as much as possible. You may not be practical or good with tiny details at the moment, but you are being highly entertaining, and rather mischievous. What you lack in discipline, you will certainly make up for in fun.
TAURUS: If there are slight delays around, don’t get discouraged. Just sound bright, breezy and bouncy, leave it for three or four days, and hey presto, it will all work itself out. Attitude of mind may be more important than anything else. Think positively and it will work. If you’re feeling jittered and jangled emotionally, you have to watch that your body doesn’t sag a bit. Make sure you’re putting energy into eating well, resting, relaxing and exercising.taurus
geminiGEMINI: More letters and phone calls than usual keep you on your toes, and a good many short distance trips will keep boredom at bay. You may be skimming the surface and cutting corners, since there will be less time for detail than usual. There may be more encounters now with brothers and sisters, or everyday workmates or neighbours, since you will want to be constantly on the move around familiar faces. You may not manage to do much in depth or detail, but will certainly not be bored.

CANCER: The key thing is to learn the lessons of handling cash successfully. Maybe you are flashing it around a little too extravagantly to boost your self-esteem. You will want to impress everyone around, but try to save for security as well. You may be getting edgy about carelessness or sloppiness in workmates or those you handle money with. Just don’t get too nitpicky. Just keep putting them straight. You are taking a rather serious approach at the moment, focusing on what is practical and sensible.

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be good for confidence and enthusiasm and from September for money as well. You’ll sense that your luck has turned and good things will come your way. OK so you’ll need to put effort into your home and family life and work hard at keeping your social life rolling along entertainingly. But perseverance will pay off. Your open minded approach will attract new friends into your circle and lead to fascinating new ideas.

leoLEO: This is the time of year to lay down plans for the next twelve months. You will need to work out what will suit you, get cracking with plans and once you have got yourself together, you can concentrate on close relationships. More restless than usual and with a fairly low boredom threshold, you will keep on the move constantly, visiting as many friends as possible. You will be good at mental activities where a sharp eye and the ability to put ideas across clearly are needed.
VIRGO: You may feel happier in your own company than usual, and can be a touch overwhelmed by too many people around, so give yourself space. Watch a little since you are highly sensitive to atmosphere just now, and will tend to soak in the emotional undercurrents around you a little like a sponge. For this reason, you need to protect yourself against casual acquaintances or friends who are jangled, or gloomy, so you don’t end up the same way.virgo
libraLIBRA: You are in your element in group efforts at the moment, and are keen to see that everyone pulls in the same direction. You want to see what you can do in however small a way to improve society and are willing to throw your energy into helpful causes. You adore swapping ideas with friends, challenging each other to discover new truths. Your livelier friends will adore you because you are up on the latest advances and not harping on about how things used to be.
SCORPIO: What you secretly (or not so secretly) yearn for is to be applauded by everyone around. This is your peak time of year where work or community activities are concerned so recognition is likely as you strive hard to get your talents out on display. You are taking time and trouble to speak in as precise and effective a way as possible. Your ambitions will be helped by your communication skills, though you may at times come across as too cool, not emotional enough.


sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: You will be thinking and talking about loftier topics than usual since your wide ranging mind is attracting you to fascinating new ideas. You will be promoting your pet causes to all and sundry with a great deal of evangelical zeal just now. High flown topics may be fascinating more than usual with Mercury high flying in your chart. You seem to be coming across people from different backgrounds, different countries, which is keeping you constantly interested.

CAPRICORN: You are feeling strong, secretive, determined more than usual at the moment and for weeks ahead. You will not readily divulge what you are thinking, feeling or planning to any but your nearest and most intimate partners. You want to get to the bottom of certain financial matters at the moment and will keep digging in your heels until certain people come clean. It is a time for negotiating, looking for compromises and fairer deals all round.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: You are keen to see justice done and fairness. What you say is coming across as tolerant, well-balanced and impartial, but you will not budge on what you truly believe. Maybe you will feel slightly more vulnerable than usual with the Sun now in your opposite sign, but there is support around if you look. Ask for what you need, but be prepared to compromise as well, since relationships always mean give and take. Find reliable, energetic mates on whom you can lean.
PISCES: Treat your body like a machine that needs the right treatment, good fuel and maintenance stops along the way. You need to be fit to crack on through the chores that are piling up in front of you. Health is of more interest to you than usual. You will be taking greater interest in what you eat and your general well-being. If you are feeling a touch under par or just delicate, then look after yourself sensibly and adjust your physical lifestyle to suit your stamina.pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr


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