Horoscope for July 23, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Having the energy and the right support around you will mean that you can make faster progress. Though with the Moon at odds with Saturn could make you feel badly done to at one point, since it’s all work and no play for a while. Don’t get gloomy since it is only a passing blip. Saturn always demands discipline and makes indulging yourself difficult. Just don’t be too reserved or distanced since mates will feel excluded and wander off. Lighten up and brighten up.
TAURUS: Being out in the centre of activities at parties or in games will find you absolutely in your element. Your popularity is soaring with loved ones, children and social mates, so there is no sense in holding back. Allow yourself to step forward confidently with as much panache as you can muster.rnThough at one point with the Moon close to vague Neptune you may be feeling slightly lacklustre, daydreamy and certainly not in the mood for practical chores.
GEMINI: Watch you’re not stuck in the past only seeing the bright side, and finding it difficult to let go. Try to stand up for yourself if certain family members are taking your good nature too much for granted, even to the extent of costing you more. The Moon is in flowing aspect to Pluto so you will be able to sort out quite a few situations which have been bugging you. Pluto is great for cleaning out, re-organising and generally unravelling muddles. It puts you back in control.
CANCER: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be good for your personal finances so you’ll be treating yourself and not saving too much. Your social life will feel rather dull so you’ll need to make the effort to be more spontaneous and outgoing. Travel will bring adventure and some surprises, opening your eyes to new ideas and beliefs. At work you’ll be pushing hard to improve one situation though not always finding team mates in agreement. More enthusiastic support will come soon.
LEO: You should be earning more or at least you are definitely finding that your prospects are brighter than they have been. Cash could slide through your fingers at an alarming rate if you don’t take care. Maybe you are having to resolve certain practical or business problems around your home or family. Knuckle down, get it done and then you can play truant. Maybe you are having to get down to brass tacks with loved ones. Face the bottom line and then the only way from there is upwards.
VIRGO: Maybe you do look on the bright side of life, and promise more than you can deliver. But you mean well and no one will really mind. Just try to think through the practical consequences of what you say. There may be an odd atmosphere at home, since Neptune tends to bring up misunderstandings which are hard to pin down or clear up. Don’t tell little white lies to keep the peace since they will come out into the open at the wrong time in the wrong way.
LIBRA: You will want to be helping those less fortunate than yourself. As you gradually come to terms with your own hidden needs, you have a better understanding of those around who may be struggling. Listen to your instincts since that quiet inner voice will tell you all you need to know.rnThe Moon at a tricky aspect to Saturn could make you seem chilly and stand offish but deep down inside you may be feeling shy. Try to open up and explain what you really need.
SCORPIO: Friendships are working well now and you should be mixing confidently with large numbers of people at work and in your leisure activities. This is an optimistic time when you can look ahead and see really rosy glows on the horizon. Though you will have strong feelings which you are keeping firmly to yourself. Even close companions may find it difficult to know quite what runs below the surface in you. But you will sense that one old resentment has finally been put to rest.
SAGITTARIUS: Success should be coming your way more easily than usual so you might as well make hay while the sun shines. Praise and a growing appreciation of your talents and personality at work or out in the community will have you beaming with pleasure and a certain amount of relief. Just watch you are not too sugary sweet and sentimental. You could be untidy and rather careless. The Moon at a tricky angle to Jupiter briefly will bring on an exceptionally lazy mood.
CAPRICORN: Your confidence will be soaring. But realise that your ideas may not all be practical. You may discover when you try to put your plans into action some way down the line that some have to be abandoned as unworkable. But you need to allow yourself the leeway to be positive all the same. However -intentioned you are, you need to be absolutely straightforward, since rather to gloss over unpleasantness will not work out as you hope. Your defences could be low, so protect yourself better than usual.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Mates will be in a position to be more generous to you than they have been. Even the bank manager will seem more amiably disposed towards you. Suddenly the world seems a luckier place, so you can expect money to flow your way with less effort than you expected. You could be rather over intense or feeling blocked and stuck. Lighten up and keep your sense of humour handy. You are being enormously responsible in your approach but seem to be weighed down too much by gloomy feelings.
PISCES: You want people around you now who share your broader interests in life. Emotional partners do seem to be in better humour, and happy to fit in. At work as well you are attracting the kind of support and enthusiastic connections which make you feel popular and optimistic. You will be coming across as genuine and likeable but watch you do not take other people for granted. Your lack of discipline will be showing, so avoid the boss or critical mates.