Horoscope for July 25, 2015



aries ARIES: It’s important to channel your energy into something new and more exciting. This is not the time to do anything that requires meticulous attention to detail. You’re likely to be careless just because you’re not sitting still. You will want to be dashing around at high speed. Work will be frustrating since slow progress is likely on any front while Mars stays in Cancer. Do not feel a failure, but just recognise that achievements will come later on.
TAURUS: You will tend to throw things up in the air in frustration when they do not run as fast as you expect. Not only are you impatient, you also don’t want to fit in or compromise. Walk your own road and don’t feel you have to be adaptable all the time. You will be thinking fast, and perhaps speaking sharply at times. You will have a more cutting tongue than usual and not be suffering fools or slowcoaches gladly. Just cool it and you’ll get on faster. taurus
gemini GEMINI: Whatever else life is at the moment, it’s certainly not boring, but you could be too impulsive, so watch how you go. There are revolutionary influences around that rattle the bars of your cage. They want you to see where you have been fitting in too much. The trick is to make changes without causing major disruption. Having solid results to show for your efforts is always important to you and you will not be shy about demanding your rights or stating your worth.
CANCER: You’re looking for new and challenging experiences in life. Just make them positive challenging experiences and not awkward ones. Creative change is more than possible now, but there’s no point in turning everything on its head. Straight ahead is your motto of the moment, and if obstacles or people get in your way, you will get impatient, sweeping them to one side, not always diplomatically. Try adding a veneer of tact since that can be a faster way of getting your own way. cancer
leo LEO: You seem to have a low boredom threshold at the moment and your concentration only holds over short bursts. You can be inventive, but not disciplined, so you need to find a good outlet for your high spirits and need for constant stimulation. At times at the moment, you are not clear why you feel frustrated, or what is sticking to you, but you need to listen to the subtle cues and pick up on the undercurrents in your surrounding atmosphere.IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be quite challenging at times, since events will suddenly blow up which require instant decisions. You’ll need to be alert but not too impulsive. Luckily, your positive approach to life will carry you through in good spirits and your luck will hold good. Money will roll in faster after August so you’ll have plenty to spare for treats and indulgences. Home and family matters will land you with heavier responsibilities at times.
VIRGO: Mars is in a rather awkward aspect to Uranus, which makes for a rather high-octane, disruptive kind of mood. Mars is full of courage, fight, dynamism and is a very vital kind of energy. Uranus switches on and switches of, darts around all over the place. Expect a few surprises and secrets to come out into the open. You will want to throw your energy wholeheartedly into all manner of team efforts in a highly optimistic way. virgo
libra LIBRA: Authority figures and bosses are not going to be your most popular people, because they will limit you and try to hold you down. You will be rebellious, rather excitable, so you will kick against anything or anyone that is holding you back in a rather reckless kind of way. You are hugely ambitious, very determined, and intend to work hard to gain your ends. You may find it more difficult to understand people who lack your energy, but just remember that everyone is different.
SCORPIO: Don’t go flying out of the frying pan into the fire and charge into situations where you may put yourself at risk. It may be financial or physical or just stirring up an argument with someone. Your mind will be more active than usual and you are curious to learn more about almost everything. Anyone who disagrees with you will have a fight on their hands as you defend your position with vigour and vehemence. Remember that gentle persuasion often works better than brute force.

sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: Try not to rock the boat too much or burn your bridges behind you. Uranus is around which makes you think, “I absolutely can’t stand this and I want something more exciting,” and then in four days’ time, when you’ve turned life upside down, you look and think, “I wish I could get back to where I was.” Where money is concerned you want to make more in partnership with others so you are trying hard to co-operate, though it won’t be easy.
CAPRICORN: You could be a little bit careless now, dashing into situations without thinking them through in advance. Mars in gritty aspect to Uranus, can zip up your confidence and courage, but too much so. It doesn’t always give you common sense. Put safety first. Don’t project your anger onto others and make yourself feel badly done by. Stand up for yourself, and take control. Certainly, you will be cross with companions who are acting unfairly and appear to be getting away with it. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: You could find that you’re just stamping your foot and saying, “I will be listened to.” You want to be very much of an individual. Nobody’s going to be ordering you around or telling you what to do or expecting you to be submissive. So you will be restless and impatient with other people expecting you to do anything dull and routine. You will approach your chores with determination and an eye for detail and take a good deal of pride in doing a task well.
PISCES: Watch if you’re working around anything mechanical or electrical. With the influences around for a few days, you might expect some faults or even slight accidents. Particularly if you’re feeling angry or furious, it tends to make machinery not go well around you. Your pet projects and life in general is moving a little faster but you must feel everything you do is expressing your real personality before you will settle to any kind of routine. pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr