Horoscope for July 26, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: You’ll want to give your body things that smell nice, feel nice, taste nice, look nice. Pleasuring your senses comes with the Taurus Moon, but you will also worry about leaving yourself feeling insecure if you go too wild. Your bright ideas and inventive schemes can make you seem pioneering or rebellious. It just depends whose applecart you are about to upset. You will rattle the bars of a few people’s cages, but that’s just because you hate a rut. You want to move life along smartly.
TAURUS: You will not know from minute to minute or half hour to half hour what it is you actually want. It’s rather pleasant, but you do need more stable, practical people around you. You firmly believe you have the right to think what you please. At the moment you are prepared to shine light on hidden places, to explore new matters of psychological interest, or even look at new mystical and spiritual beliefs. Go your own way and do not be too swayed by other people’s attitudes or approaches.
GEMINI: Don’t feel martyred because your efforts are taken for granted. Give gladly and look after yourself as well in the absence of anyone else doing it.rnYou will fight without quarter for what is right. And will be angry if you see anyone’s freedom being threatened, especially your own. At best this makes you progressive about almost all the team and group activities you are involved in. But don’t get too jumpy or outspoken. Life is never perfect. It just depends where you draw the line.
CANCER: You may become a little bit jealous if you think a friend is off talking to someone else when you want to be talking to them. Don’t overreact. This is all down to the Moon which is very fickle. Within two minutes the situation will have changed again. The road to progress and change is rarely straight ahead. In your own small way you want to be moving in a new direction at work, but you may be rather erratic or contradictory in your attitudes.
LEO: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be chatty, adventurous and go ahead, a time to take the lead and expect others to follow. You’ll be reorganising at home which won’t always meet with the approval of the family. Try not to be too confrontational. Your energy won’t be limitless so over committing yourself won’t be wise. Money will flow in faster than usual giving you surplus for treats. Your everyday routines will be more enthusiastic from September onwards.
VIRGO: New friends in your life may be fun but they may not be steady. Take them as they come, and be prepared to let them go when they want. They will not appreciate being tied down. At the first whiff of possessiveness they will be off. You do want to breathe more inspiration into your intimate emotional life, so you need to start thinking along new lines. You want deeper meaning, a different sense of purpose, to go beyond ordinary living and find something really different.
LIBRA: You’ve really got to push yourself to make new agreements with close partners where money or emotional matters are concerned. It may take a compromise all round, but it will be worth it. So give a little bit, take a little bit, shift ground and meet in the middle. Long running relationships may be having their ups and downs because you find close commitment suffocating, and compromises grate on your free spirit. You will speak your truth no matter what the consequences are likely to be.
SCORPIO: There could be the odd confrontation through the day, not because you’re assertive, but you just feel a little over-emotional. If you do stir up a problem, just don’t go too far. You will not really want to see it through. You will start something and at the end of it all you wish you hadn’t bothered. Your working relationships may not be that easy since one situation seems a little on edge or insecure. Change may initially seem unwelcome or unsettling but it will open new doors.
SAGITTARIUS: Looking after yourself physically is more important than usual with the rather low energy Moon that is around. Don’t do anything that is going to really put more strain on your stamina. Just think positively, eat healthily, and sit down more frequently. Loved ones may be excitable, lively but at times unco-operative. You must let out your creative streak to do whatever is least conventional and most you. Uranus is around at the moment and brings you sudden inspiration.
CAPRICORN: You’ll be more emotional in the way you connect to people. Really reaching out and expecting friendship in return. So you want relationships that are quite deep and connections that mean something to you. Just don’t get too wrapped up in your own feelings and forget to ask what others are wanting. You’ll be a touch unco-operative at home with loved ones, since you dislike being tied in. Just don’t rock the boat too much. Try to be reasonable and not too extreme.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: What you yearn for is a pleasant, relaxing time. Even if you’re on your own for a while, it won’t bother you because it gives you a chance to mull things over from the recent past, to get your head together about things and see what you need to do for yourself. Your mind may be racing so far ahead of your tongue that you get tangled up when trying to explain what you mean. Remember also that companions may not be moving quite at your speed.
PISCES: You’ve really got to be clear in your own mind about the message you’re trying to get across, since you may get scattered in a busy, busy time. You have too many loose ends flying around your head, too many people to chat to or visit. So you could be spreading yourself too thin and sounding unfocussed.rnWhere cash is concerned try to always expect the unexpected and you will not go far wrong. But that means always keeping your options open and being ready for ups and downs.
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