Horoscope for July 27, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: You’ll be zipping around at high speed all over the place at the moment. You want life to be stimulating and fascinating, and everyone you seem to meet is rather interesting. You’re a little bit scattered in one way. You like the fact that other people are different and that not everybody has to fit into the same pigeonhole, as it were. You’ll be flexible and very tolerant with around Uranus, because you’re able to see other people’s points of view.
TAURUS: It might be an idea to write down a few of the inspirations and bright ideas that you or other people have. Don’t stick yourself into ruts and routines: you don’t want to be bored, you want to be leaping around all over the place. If you’ve been delaying making phone calls or writing letters, now is the time to do it. You want to be fascinated by the world, and if you look closely enough there are a lot of things to be fascinated by.
GEMINI: You want to find new ways of doing things. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, you’re going to think your own thoughts and do your own thing. And of course, life always works a lot better when you do that. Maybe you’ll be resentful about old obligations, whether they are over cash or other emotional matters. Perhaps it reminds you of the influence which others hold over you. You need to keep reminding yourself that you cannot be an island unto yourself.
CANCER: There’s a bit of a relief of tension, a bit of release. There may be new possibilities coming up, new ideas you have that allow you to do things you haven’t been able to do before, or maybe just somehow circumstances change a little bit. Though later someone is being stubborn, either you or a close partner, maybe even both. If you let it turn into a fight for control then it could turn into a real problem. Where there is power, love cannot exist, runs the old saying.
LEO: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be lively, exciting and excitable, a time to let out your most original ideas and follow them through. Certain pet projects will take time so be patient as well as persistent. Luckily money will roll through giving you peace of mind for at least another two months. Thereafter your everyday working routines will be upbeat and more positive. Pay attention to health and try to avoid no-win discussions at home.
VIRGO: Things that have got stuck and you haven’t been able to sort out, all of a sudden you think, “That’s the answer.” So there will be a release of tension and a bit of a relief around. Your attitude to lovers or family members may be too intense. If you have started a new romance recently, just have a look, since it could be someone who is not entirely good for you. You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.
LIBRA: You’re maybe meeting new people; you’ve got a great sense of interest in life. So whatever else is going on in the universe, this is going to be enough to perk you up for the odd little half hour here and there. There will be odd moments throughout the day when you’re in a very lovely, lively, fun-loving kind of mood, though you’ll want a chance to re-organise your domestic life. Slowly but surely you want to move away from old patterns of relating and behaving.
SCORPIO: You won’t be able to sit still in your normal routines: you don’t want to be doing the same boring old things, so you’re whizzing around in a slightly startling kind of way which is good for you and good for everyone round about you because it keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. You have to watch a slight tendency to come across as self-righteous even dogmatic in discussions. It’s not so much what you say sometimes as the way you are saying it.
SAGITTARIUS: If you are around certain types of people you’ll get very snappy and edgy, because what you really want is people who are as on the button as you are. You’ll be making new discoveries, meeting new people and finding out all sorts of little excitements. If you feel concerned about money, blame Pluto. It isn’t a disaster, it just makes you think you are not doing well. In fact, if you just push harder, dig in your heels you could turn your situation around very nicely, thank you.
CAPRICORN: The only thing to watch is not to leap to conclusions. Sometimes you just think about things so quickly, you absolutely know you’re right, and then of course, at the end of it all you stand back and think, “Well, maybe I was too fast. Maybe if I’d been a little bit slower about that, I might have come to a better answer.” Conversations with other people will be electrical, stimulating. You will not want to be around people who are boring and slow-witted: they’ll drive you spare.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: You’ll be bright-eyed and want stimulation, fascination and excitement: mental excitement, intellectual excitement, so you want people around who are not dull, boring or dreary. If you are feeling jangled or even discouraged then maybe you need to back away from certain people. You are rather susceptible to picking up gloomy vibes at the moment which are nothing whatsoever to do with you. Find time to re-centre yourself. You are in a long slow process of clearing out what you really don’t need.
PISCES: This is very much a time to be interested in astrology, or anything scientific or computerised or high-tech, so you should be inventive: you can just spot the answers. Try not to live so much in your hopes for the future that you forget to live in the present and enjoy what you already have. Certainly you will need to find yourself a long term strategy which really works, but you have to balance that with everyday activities, which need your wholehearted attention.
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