Horoscope for July 28, 2015



aries ARIES: Maybe you are being just a touch too analytical about your feelings, standing back to dissect them, rather than plunging into emotional situations around you. If you can let go, you would find deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships.You want to be enjoying a brighter lifestyle where you can flirt, have fun and aim for leisure, pleasure and entertainment. Your self-confidence and social charm are more evident and noticeably so than before. Companions may envy you, but they will also crowd round hoping to be cheered up.
TAURUS: Your ability to sparkle in the spotlight is certainly attracting a stream of compliments, if not new admirers. You will be flirting, having fun, and trying to duck out of boring chores as much as possible. Space is every bit as important in your domestic surroundings now as tolerance since you want everyone to be at ease. What you really want more than anything is having an open house policy for the wider family and friends to come visiting. taurus
gemini GEMINI: Adding elegant touches to your intimate surroundings is a top priority. Having beauty around will make you feel happier. Get out the colour charts, buy a few more pot plants and see what you can do. Suddenly you see that what has been holding you back in the past has been your own narrow minded outlook and not ill luck. Your confidence in communicating what you want to say is expanding considerably. Your everyday life and contacts are easier and you are amazed at your newfound tolerance.
CANCER: Thoughtful gestures from everyday companions are making you feel admired and appreciated. You are beginning to discover you do not have to move far from your normal routines to find affection. Your light, airy approach is exactly what is required in special situations at the moment. Ignore those who say you sound too cool and detached. There is a time for passion and this isn’t it. Keep throwing around compliments, cracking jokes and being the entertainer and diplomat. cancer
leo LEO: You have a taste what is fine and elegant at the moment. If your extravagances look like outrunning your budget then turn your creative skills to earning more money. All it takes is imagination and effort. Then you can afford a good many more treats.Everything in life does seem more fortunate as lucky Jupiter moves through your sign. Even if you have problem areas, you can find a silver lining. Jupiter provides the cushion. The world is a more generous place for you than for most.

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be lively, confident, lucky and outgoing. You’ll sense that good fortune is with you and your positive approach will attract new admirers and friends. Money will roll in more easily from September onwards allowing you to treat yourself. At home, you’ll be working hard to get everything in ship shape order and pushing loved ones in the family to come clean about changes they would like to see. Give attention to keeping fit.

VIRGO: Admirers will not be in short supply. You will be wearing your heart on your sleeve, expressing your feelings of affection rather directly, and generally getting what you want. Hidden sources of inspiration and strength are appearing now which you never knew you possessed to help you through the stress and strains of your everyday routines. There may be secret advisers around who can help you understand yourself better, and let you see that listening to your own inner judgement is really for the best. virgo
libra LIBRA: Love may not come as easily at the moment, partly because you are holding back, maybe over sensitive to rejection. You would rather shut yourself away than let your feelings be seen. Maybe you need a quiet time, just don’t let opportunities for romance slide by because you don’t speak out. You have a real knack for putting others at their ease and your happy optimism is making you highly popular. Be aware that new friends can be of the fair weather variety and may not last.
SCORPIO: This is an emotionally light hearted patch when you will want to have a gang of buddies around. You will be spreading your social favours in all directions, not tying yourself down at any point. Safety in numbers will be your motto. Anything you turn your hand to at work or out in the world should work well, though the more effort you put in the higher your rewards will be. Recognition and praise will be wonderful for your ego, but beware a tendency towards carelessness.

sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: If you have creative talents you should make the effort to get them on display to best advantage. You can turn your dreams into reality, but you will have to discipline yourself. Venus will only be around for a few weeks so do not linger around too long. Your mind is alert, active and wide-ranging. You will want to learn more, to travel more and meet people from different backgrounds and different countries. Communicate with as many people as possible, but realise you are not at your most realistic.
CAPRICORN: Socially charming and more light-hearted than of late, you want to mix with a wider range of people and explore new leisure activities. You want to get out of your rut to find stimulation with companions who will stretch your mind as well as keep you entertained. A new depth of feeling is slowly entering your life bringing a capacity for sharing, caring and co-operating more warmly. Your sex life will bring you more happiness as Jupiter dissolves the barriers you have erected. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: There is nothing light hearted about your romantic life at the moment. You want more drama than usual – a grand passion – or paradoxically you could be shutting off your emotional needs altogether. Maybe you are wary that if you open up to what you really want it could bring uncomfortable feelings to the surface. Honest and fair-dealing yourself, you expect everyone else to be the same, which can set you up for disappointment. You tend to see what you want to see.
PISCES: Your heart is definitely in the right place, so you will iron out difficulties, soothe ruffled feathers and generally put your best diplomatic foot forward. If you are trying to sell or recommend anything, charm will be your greatest asset. You should not find it too difficult to persuade workmates to carry some of your burden. Everyone will be happy to pitch in together, without too much aggravation. At times, you can get carried away in your enthusiasm and promise more than you can reasonably deliver. pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr