Horoscope for July 30, 2015



ariesARIES: At home you may be noisier, slightly more accident prone than usual and given to rather heated scenes. You will not put up with hypocrisy at the moment or insincerity. If you find anyone telling little white lies even for the best of motives, you will be critical. Your direct frankness may ruffle a few feathers, but the right people regard you as stimulating and challenging. Just keep your zany sense of humour handy, since it will defuse tense moments.
TAURUS: When you want to deliver opinions or extract information, you speak in a way that demands attention. You may be experiencing this as a time of tension as you explore the past and bring to light what you have kept out of sight for many years. Be reassured that you will feel a bigger, more solid personality by the end of this phase with more energy. You have been sweeping many things under the carpet for too long. This will liberate youtaurus
geminiGEMINI:  Your energy will be channelled towards making more money and acquiring material possessions. You will want cash for security and to buy you the better things of life. You will be seeking out new friends since the old ones will seem stale, dull and rather boring. Do not expect total reliability from new teammates, however. They are ruggedly individualistic people who will walk their own road in life. You will be both challenged and enlivened by group activities through this period.
CANCER: You will enjoy leaping into controversies. If your temper sometimes gets you into trouble, that is the price you pay for the thrill of saying or doing precisely what you please. You can expect sudden changes in your career or direction of life. You must be free to do what expresses your individuality. This is not a time to be following orders and instructions or fitting in with other people’s plans. This is a challenging, exciting and slightly insecure time when events keep you on your toes.cancer
leoLEO: The roundabout route may well be the best one at the moment, so do not think of yourself as timid, just sensible. Now your ideas on life are changing dramatically. You will find yourself open to amazingly unconventional, radical opinions and friends will be amazed at the change in your outlook. You may be taken aback by certain events which blow up suddenly but you are a sign that thrives on excitement. Just keep your rather highly-strung nervous system in hand.

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be hard working and determined but you’ll need to watch your enthusiasm does not run away with yourself or you’ll end up over stretched. Put effort into keeping fit as well as being dutiful. Good luck will be on your side so you’ll be feeling generally exuberant and will find that your personal finances are in better shape than before. There’ll be extra for treats. Just have a care with joint finances since you could be unrealistic.

VIRGO: You are happy to submerge your stronger feelings in group situations, though co-operation will not always be easy. You will find that joint finances either in business or at home are in an unpredictable phase. Larger lump sums than usual will flow in and out of the household accounts or at work. Your partner’s finances will be erratic and unpredictable. This is no time to owe money, since you will not feel responsible about paying back your obligations in a steady manner.virgo
libraLIBRA: Others respect your courage though sometimes they are irritated or intimidated by your competitive approach. You want to take the lead and can be bossy in approach. In emotional partnerships, you need to give each other much more space. Possessiveness on one side will only result in the other flying for freedom. There may be disruptions as one side or the other will rebel against ties and commitments. Shaky partnerships may go to the wall, but long running ones will strengthen through this time of change.
SCORPIO:  You’ll be feeling more idealistic than usual, but also noisy, restless and rather flamboyant. Now you must find a way of working which suits your real individuality. You will not put up with the compromises you have been making, nor will you want to fit in with others’ orders or instructions. You must find yourself a niche where you have more elbow room and freedom. This could be a time to branch out on your own or to explore new techniques of working.

sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: You are more determined to get your own way where emotional matters or money is concerned. You want to let your hair down and live life to its fullest extent. You could not care less about other people’s reaction and whether they are shocked or startled. Your love life will be unpredictable and highly changeable. New romantic affairs will be very switch-on, switch-off though very exciting. Nothing is too secure, but it certainly won’t be boring.
CAPRICORN: You have a strong instinct for fairness and justice at the moment and are keen to fight to protect those who are weaker or disadvantaged. In your heart of hearts, you know you need to shift elements of your life to make way for what will bring you more fulfilment in future. If some long running relationships seem to be separating temporarily, it does not mean they will disappear forever. There will come a time when you can re-establish them on a more mature footing.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: There will be moments when you feel you’re not getting the recognition you deserve for your labours, but crack on anyway. Your moment will come. Compromise is not easy for you, since you hold strong opinions, and dislike having to fit in just to keep the peace. You will speak your truth no matter what the consequences. Oddly, you will also be tolerant since you enjoy hearing different views and opinions. You just want everyone to keep in their own corner and not interfere with you.
PISCES: You are passionate about enjoying yourself at the moment. This is a time where your old priorities have been swept away and you need to find new ones that have personal meaning for you. Your budget seems to be unsettled. Larger lump sums are coming in and going out rather than a constant cash flow. What you need to do is dream up ways of earning more money in unusual ways. Just don’t be too original with the bank manager who may not appreciate oddball suggestions.pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr


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