Horoscope for July 4, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: If there have been any family rifts or differences recently, this could just be the time to wipe the slate clean and start again. Don’t wait to be approached. Try to reach out and see where you can spread a little harmony around. More for your sake than anything else, you want peace and calm. Though you will be talking nineteen to the dozen. Round and round in circles, chopping and changing your mind endlessly, you will confuse even your nearest and dearest.
TAURUS: Everyone around knows your heart is in the right place but they may not be entirely clear about what you are driving at, so try to collect your thoughts before you dash into discussions. You know you need to get more method and discipline into your everyday schedules, and this could be the time to start. Later you will be feeling kind and compassionate to those who are in need. But those close may find you a little evasive, uncertain and unrealistic.
GEMINI: Cast your eye six months or even a year ahead and work out where you want to be at that point financially as well as emotionally. Once you have set your goals, you then need to work out a practical plan for fulfilling them. You can’t just hope it all shakes down, so give yourself a push. The Moon is at odds with Pluto just briefly so you’ll tend to get pulled into tricky situations, and end up feeling a touch frustrated or blocked.
CANCER: Maybe you’ll feel more self sufficient or even self absorbed at the moment. So you will want to do anything which makes you feel centre of attention. Luckily you’ll be in an amiable humour and able to charm everyone in sight. You’ll want to smooth down rough edges, and make everything around as pleasant and comfortable as possible. You’ll notice a ray of sunshine around home and in your emotional relationships to keep you glowing. You should get your own way in most things.
LEO: This could be the start of something new. Maybe there’s nothing obvious yet, but it could get bigger as the time goes on. Just be clear that you need to put your wholehearted attention behind the scenes into whatever you want to put into place. Maybe you are too emotional or too close to what is going on. Try to stand back to get more perspective on events. You need to separate out your head from your heart before you will see things clearly.
VIRGO: All those new plans you have been mulling and muddling over recently can now be given a sensible push. You want to sort out your game plan for the time ahead. But don’t stop at thinking. Make a few decisions and put them into action. Good humoured though a little indulgent, you might expect others to do the hard work for you. So you are likely to over indulge and expand as a result. See how you can get yourself into hardworking gear.
LIBRA: You really want to give your reputation a boost and get the recognition which your talents deserve. But you know that you cannot rest on your laurels. You need to give new projects a hefty push to make sure that you are building for the times ahead. So get your head and your heart together and make it happen. Later you cannot quite make up your mind what you want, or what your commitments should be. But it is only a passing blip.
SCORPIO: This is a good time to review your beliefs, whether it is to do with politics, education or just your philosophy of living. Your outlook does not remain static from childhood to old age. You constantly discard what no longer fits and take in new information which causes you to alter your approach. You’ll try to keep companions at arms length, since you are playing your cards close to your chest, and don’t want to be manipulated. But try not to become controlling yourself.
SAGITTARIUS: Your feelings are probably more intense than usual. But maybe that tells you what you need to know about one intimate partnership. If you can lay your cards on the table in private, then you are likely to get better understandings in future. Companions may become bored since they aren’t as involved as you are. Or even confused since you have an entirely different standpoint. But if you can be a little more detached you have a way of seeing things that others don’t.
CAPRICORN: There is no doubt that you need another half at the moment before you will feel secure in whatever you are doing at play or at work. You may have to be more adaptable to ensure that close partners are on your wavelength. Maybe give before you get. Try to look on the bright side of things. You will cope well with situations which are out of the ordinary but you may make normal situations more difficult than they need to be.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: This could be just the right circumstances for you to re-organise some of your methods. If you can find the discipline then you will find you clear up a good many tangles before they happen. Later you will be thoroughly and gloriously lazy but it might be an idea in the peaceful moments to mull over old memories. You can be more settled if you have thought things through more carefully. Just watch you are not too sugary sweet and sentimental.
PISCES: This is your time to allow a new facet of your personality to shine out without apology or self consciousness. Most of us hide away parts of ourselves we think others might not like or approve. Throw away your inhibitions and just express who you are and what you feel. The right people will respond very positively. Though you may get yourself in a stew about a situation that really could not matter less. So shrug off suspicions, and keep sharp comments to yourself.
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