Horoscope for June 1, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: The Sun is across from Neptune this week so you may have your head in a bit of a sea-fog. But you will be more sensitive to what is going on in the emotional atmosphere around you. Trying to manage your time better at work, streamline your efficiency and clear up communication muddles, is obviously a high priority. There may be nothing obvious at the moment, but if you take steps early on you can prevent situations blowing up in future.
TAURUS: You are very understanding about what close companions need, which is very helpful. But watch you don’t get drawn into carrying their problems, because you can end up turned into a bit of a doormat. This week is definitely when you can start to get new financial plans moving. Not in any very expansive way, just cautiously and steadily. Whatever starts now will bear fruit in future but you have to make the effort and try to keep your focus.
GEMINI: You may feel as if you don’t know quite whether you can cope, since Neptune is emphasised at the moment. It’s influence tends to lower energy and concentration, so you go off into a bit of a daydream. The New Moon is in your own sign this week so this is the time to make good resolutions for your year ahead. Decide how you want to change your image to match the person you want to become. Think about making changes. Be bold and be yourself.
CANCER: This is clearly not the week to try to confront difficult situations because you can’t work up the energy for robust discussions. What you really want is to live in a blissful universe with no rough edges. The New Moon is in the sign before yours, so try to clear quiet space for yourself to be aware of what really is beginning now. Maybe there will be an insight into the past, which gives you the key to how to change your future.
LEO: This week is a time to focus on creative matters, though you may find it difficult to push yourself into doing anything very practical. But whatever happens you won’t be as worried about your own needs or ambitions. There may be a casual encounter with a new acquaintance. It may not seem important at the time, but could turn into a good friendship in future. So make sure you know how to contact them again in a few days time.
VIRGO: You may feel like being charitable or working for the underprivileged. Maybe you also want to withdraw and have time to think about the more mystical things of life.The New Moon at your mid heaven comes round only once a year, so this is the time to sow the seeds of new ideas at work. They may not seem grand and glorious yet, but they will bear fruit in future if you start off on the right foot with real commitment.
LIBRA: You will be floating along rather passively at the beginning of the week. You feel dreamy, but not up to turning your dreams into reality. You can’t quite get up the energy for constructive action. You’ll be thinking of reaching out for the holiday brochures, or even of taking up a new hobby or interest. Ponder no longer. There are favourable winds behind you urging you on to broaden your horizons in whichever way you choose.
SCORPIO: There are rather confusing influences around this week. It won’t be easy to be clear in your focus, since you can’t find enough motivation. However new joint financial ventures could begin now, which may not seem spectacular but they will pay off in future if you give them the right kind of push. You have to be sure of your facts before you move. But if all the details are tied down, you’ll be pleased at the result in the days to come.
SAGITTARIUS: You’ll be able to solve difficult puzzles in your emotional life and elsewhere now. But down go so far down into the depths you end up only looking on the bleak side. Try to stay with one foot on the surface, and one foot deep down. That way you’ll be able to ask the searching questions you want and you’ll get answers. You are determined to get a more orderly atmosphere to work in, and are fed up with incompetence, chaos, and too pressured a schedule.
CAPRICORN: You want to help others, but may be getting muddled since you haven’t worked out what you need to do to make things happen. You make a half hearted attempt, but nothing works so you give up. A clear strategy is needed. The New Moon in your opposite sign is important where close relationships are concerned. This is the time to start afresh. Let bygones be bygones. There could even be a new romance around the corner if you are unattached. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Try to see if there isn’t a way of turning the hunches that you have had recently into practice. It means doing something a lot more solid and sensible than you may feel like but will be worth the effort if you can manage it. If you have been stuck out of sight and feeling ignored recently, later in the week you have a real chance to get your glad rags on and kick up your heels. No one will be able to damp your high spirits.
PISCES: The influences around this week could be enlightening but they could also be misleading. You need to stay very practical and grounded to get the best end of Neptune. Tuck yourself quietly out of sight and think about what changes you can make in your life that will bring you more emotional security over the next 12 months. You want to feel there is a reassuring nest which you can retreat to when the outside world gets too aggravating.

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