Horoscope for June 11, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: It’s important that you don’t let other people demand too much of you. Sometimes you have to say when enough is enough. But if you are giving out a great deal then it’s obviously a bright idea to look after yourself, and see what you need to do to give yourself a boost. You may come across as chilly and stand offish but really deep down inside you may be feeling shy. Try to open up to those close and explain what you need.
TAURUS: Your relationships in general should be good with the Moon shining its motherly light on you. You will want to show yourself in a positive way, coming across as protective and nurturing. If you take care of others, then they are much more likely to respond in like manner. This won’t be difficult since you will be charming, easy going, definitely looking on the better side of life for a brief time. Just watch you are not too sugary sweet and sentimental.
GEMINI: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be indecisive at work, rather cool in one close relationship but exceptionally comfortable at home. Despite the constant changes and uncertainties around you, you’ll be more content within yourself. Try not to get negative about anyone close. It’s only a passing phase and good bonds will emerge strengthened. Your social self confidence will soar in the final months, giving your popularity a boost at work as well.
CANCER: Scattering yourself too widely, getting a bit frantic and frazzled is all too likely at the moment, but not very helpful. If you can detach your feelings from your thinking then you will find it easier to focus and concentrate on the important things. However, you may find just briefly that there is a rather peculiar atmosphere at home or in close relationships. It’s as if someone is casting a smokescreen around so you won’t be clear what is real and what is fantasy.
LEO: Going to one extreme or the other where cash is concerned is not helpful. If you save to the extent that you are not able to give yourself the odd present or treat then you’ll feel deprived. But if you pleasure your senses and give yourself the goodies of life without limits then you will get the budget unbalanced. Moderation is the answer. You may be munching more than usual because you get a sense of emptiness, and need to fill in the gaps.
VIRGO: You’ll be a little fidgety and edgy just over the next couple of days with the Moon in your own sign. More even than usual you’ll want to be loved, nurtured, protected. Really what is important is to have solid, reassuring, anchoring kind of mates around. At one point you could feel badly done to, since it’s all work and no play for a while. Don’t get gloomy since it is only a passing blip. Saturn always demands discipline and makes indulging yourself difficult.
LIBRA: You will be picking up subtle clues and hints of the unspoken needs of close companions. This can make you caring, but you’ll have to watch that you’re not pulled into carrying everyone else’s problems. Protect yourself from being drained too much or getting dragged into activities that basically don’t interest you terribly much. You will want everything at home and in your emotional life to be wonderful. Jupiter brings sweetness and light to Moon areas which are home, diet, family and the past.
SCORPIO: You’ll be able to sort out quite a few situations which have been bugging you recently. So make up your mind to re-organising and generally unravelling muddles. It puts you back in control. Don’t get jealous or a little bit down if a friend pays more attention to someone else, because it will pass by very quickly. Things tend to be good one moment and not so good the next, and then back to being good again. Just let it all ebb and flow.
SAGITTARIUS: Maybe you have to get down to brass tacks with loved ones. Face the bottom line and then the only way from there is upwards. But if you’ve decided you’re not going to get enough attention at home, then go out into the world and get it. You’ll be very responsive to the mood around you at work, and therefore very good about handling group situations. You have incentive and ambition, and you’ll put it across in a very nice, protective kind of way.
CAPRICORN: Try to give yourself space just to chill out, listen to good music or daydream happily in a quiet corner. Your energy may not be high so try to step back when you can. And make sure that you are sorting more entertaining and intriguing things to do, because you want to be mentally stretched. You want to meet new friends, to hear about different backgrounds, different countries. Anything frankly which makes you feel that everything is a bubblier, brighter and breezier. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: You will not let others see if you are upset. Because you are more tuned into the undercurrents around than usual now, you may have uncanny hunches. It may be that you have to come to new arrangements, new compromises, new agreements with very close partners, maybe over joint finances or over your intimate emotional life. It could only be minor adjustments you are looking for, but if you can make the effort it will put everything on a more solid footing.
PISCES: Whether it’s at home or at work, you want the reassuring support of people who can be there for you. Give a wide berth to grumblers. Look for supportive buddies, the ones whom you trust in your life and who’ve been there for you in the past. You may be over indulging and expanding as a result. It might be an idea in the peaceful moments to mull over old memories. You can be more settled if you have thought things through more carefully.

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