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Horoscope for June 13, 2015


aries ARIES: This is a passive not an active time. You may overspend on luxury items for home but they will make you feel good. Just don’t go too wild compensating for what you feel you lack elsewhere. Taking orders is not sitting very comfortably with you at the moment. Maybe it doesn’t suit your sense of your own importance. Try to work as independently as you can. The influences around now will give the practical sense and ability to handle larger schemes on your own.
TAURUS: You do hold strong views about certain matters but you will need to remember that what is true for you may not necessarily true for someone else. “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”. You know you need to re-think some of your highly personal beliefs, and find a different perspective on your life. If you are involved in rather heated discussions treat them less as a nuisance and more as a challenge to see which of your views needs to be refined. taurus
gemini GEMINI:  You will very keen to keep the peace, and want all your encounters to be blissful. You don’t want anything rough edged, or gritty, unpleasant or stretching. Maybe you are slightly resentful about old obligations, whether they are over cash or other emotional matters. Perhaps it reminds you of the influence which others hold over you. You need to keep reminding yourself that you cannot be an island unto yourself. There will always be ties and promises, agreements which have to be honoured.

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be fun and enthusiastic at an everyday level at work and in the neighbourhood. Thoughtful gestures will make you feel appreciated and your confident way with words will win you friends and open new doors. One close partner will be pre-occupied or less warmly supportive in the past but good bonds will stay loyal. If you put your own ambitions to one side at work and be helpful then you’ll find success comes more quickly.

CANCER: You may be expecting others to do your work for you. Keep hoping! You may also over eat slightly to make yourself feel more loved, or be spending more on yourself. It’s a sad fact of life that what we most dislike about ourselves, is usually what we most dislike in others. Instead of blaming close partners or avoiding companions who raise your hackles, chose to see them as a mirror. Come to terms with what may not be as bad as you think. cancer
leo LEO: You want to pamper yourself at the moment. Your lazy steak will be more obvious than usual, which if you are normally too active, will be no bad thing. Where your physical health is concerned you are in a phase when you will be aiming to regenerate your body. If you do have ailments then you will find that giving them prompt and sensible attention from trusted professionals and sound remedies will result in improvements. Ignoring them and hoping for the best won’t work.
VIRGO: Your attitude to lovers or family members is rather intense at the moment. If you have started a new romance recently just have a look, since it could be someone who is not entirely good for you. You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. Pluto lurking around at the moment can lead to power struggles with loved ones or children. If you can stand back and let them develop as their own individual selves, then your relationships will improve instantly. virgo
libra LIBRA: You will be able to sort out quite a few situations which have been bugging you for a few days. Pluto is great for cleaning out, re-organising and generally unravelling muddles. You will feel as if you are back in control. You may be deciding to renovate your house, or re-organise your domestic life. All of that is only an outer way of transforming your inner emotional life. Slowly but surely you want to move away from old patterns of relating and behaving.
SCORPIO: You have a real passion for inquiry, questioning, and searching but you do have to watch a slight tendency to come across as self-righteous even dogmatic in discussions. It’s not so much what you say sometimes as the way you are saying it. Lighten up. Be less intense. Maybe you are right, but you could also be a bit ahead of yourself, or not waiting for the right time. There’s no sense in forcing companions to take on board what’s too strange just yet. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: You will tend to pamper yourself and perhaps feel that loved ones are being unappreciative. Things will change. You will also avoid arguments since you really cannot be bothered with hassle, but you could end up not standing up for yourself enough with the family or loved ones. If you feel concerned about money then realise it isn’t a disaster – you think you are not doing well. Whereas in fact if you just push harder, you could turn your situation around very nicely.
CAPRICORN: Maybe you cannot quite make up your mind what you want, or what your commitments should be. It is only a passing blip so just step back briefly until you feel clear again. You do feel quite determined to get to the bottom of one situation now. Indeed in general you are bored with the e superficial and want to get at the essentials in almost every area of your life. At times you will sound rather upfront and candid, not diplomatic or cooperative. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: You will have strong feelings which you are keeping firmly to yourself. Even close companions may find it difficult to know quite what runs below the surface in you. But you will sense that one old resentment has finally been put to rest. If you are feeling jangled or even discouraged then maybe you need to back away from certain people. You are rather susceptible to picking up gloomy vibes now which are nothing whatsoever to do with you. Find time to re-centre yourself.
PISCES: It’s likely you will be thoroughly and gloriously lazy at the moment, wanting to spend time mulling over old memories. But try not to live so much in your hopes for the future that you forget to live in the present and enjoy what you really have. Certainly you will need to find yourself a long term strategy which really works, but you have to balance that with everyday activities, which need your wholehearted attention. There could be new ventures up ahead. pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr