Horoscope for June 14, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: This is not a time to follow normal routines. You may find you just are too restless, too highly strung, or just plain can’t be bothered settling down to do what other people want. You don’t want to put up with other people telling you to do this or do that. They may call you unco-operative, but you see it as standing up for your rights. You want to separate yourself out from the past and the person you once used to be.
TAURUS: There may be conflicts around now and if there are then you need to regard them as useful. They will bring hidden feelings out into the open. That way you can clear them out of the way. You may be experiencing this as a time of tension as you bring to light what you have kept out of sight for many years. Be reassured that you will feel a bigger, more solid personality by the end of this phase with more energy.
GEMINI: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be lively, sociable, good fun and you’ll want the freedom to suit yourself. One close partner may not be on your wavelength. Try not to be too critical. If they are loyal they’ll stick around. Only shaky connections will part company. Family members will be comforting and supportive and you may consider plans to expand your domestic environment. In the final four months you’ll be partying like mad and being admired.
CANCER: Don’t feel obliged to sit yourself in a corner or be stuck with anyone else’s agenda at the moment. Frankly you are not in a mood for it. Stand up for what you want as an individual. Popularity is not everything. You can expect sudden changes in your career or direction of life now. You must be free to do what expresses your individuality. This is not a time to be following orders and instructions or fitting in with other people’s plans.
LEO: Treat whatever happens now as a challenge and an adventure and not a threat. If you cling on, or partners cling on too firmly, too possessively, then there’s a restless kind of energy in there that’s going to break free one way or another. Now your ideas on life are changing dramatically. Friends will be amazed at the change in your outlook. You may be taken aback by certain events which blow up suddenly. Just keep your rather highly strung nervous system in hand.
VIRGO: You want to create a stir. But later you might wish you hadn’t done one or two things. You will want life to settle down to its normal pace again. So don’t ruffle too many feathers. Larger lump sumps than usual will flow in and out of the household accounts or at work. Partner’s finances will be erratic and unpredictable. This is no time to owe money since you will not feel responsible about paying back your obligations in a steady manner.
LIBRA: Where close relationships are concerned, it may not be a time to hang on to security at all costs and insist on keeping life the way it was. Open up to new experiences, be less stuck in a rut. If you do dig your heels in too much then you may find someone makes a break for freedom. Whereas if you hang loose you could find everyone brightens up. Possessiveness on one side will only result in the other flying for freedom.
SCORPIO: All the things you’ve been gritting your teeth about and secretly resenting, now you’ve decided not to put up with anymore. You must find a way of working and living which suits your real individuality. You will not put up with the compromises you have been making, nor will you want to fit in with others’ orders or instructions. You must find yourself a niche where you have more elbow room and freedom. This could be a time to explore new techniques of working.
SAGITTARIUS: Give yourself a little bit more elbow room over the next couple of days. If you are around other people too much you could get edgy, or feel too crowded. Don’t be too rebellious, as that could lead you into trouble. But you could not care less about other people’s reaction and whether they are shocked or startled. Your love life will be unpredictable and highly changeable. New romantic affairs will be very switch-on, switch-off though very exciting. It certainly won’t be boring.
CAPRICORN: There may be fireworks in the air, in terms of everyone’s mood. It can be sparkling, bright, rather entertaining or it can be noisy, disruptive and slightly risky. It just depends how you handle the influences. Don’t try to suppress what you want to say or do, but don’t let it all out in too dramatic a way either. You know you need to make changes in your domestic life now to make way for what will bring you more fulfilment in future. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: One of the side effects of having Uranus aspects around can be that either electrical or mechanical equipment breaks down more often. Fuses fly and tempers get frayed. Just take everything a little more cautiously. Clearly there’s not much you can do to prevent it, but just take it in your stride if it comes. Your thinking will tend to go off in ten different directions at once. Deep breathe once in a while and head for a calming corner to re-centre yourself.
PISCES: You may be rushing in where angels fear to tread and then later wish you hadn’t been so hasty. Watch how you go. Don’t go flying into action in too impulsive a way. Pause for thought, count up to 25 and then proceed steadily. Try to discover what other things hold value for you in life apart from money. This is a time where your old priorities have been swept away and you need to find new ones which have personal meaning for you.

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