Horoscope for June 2, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Maybe you’ll feel a little bit weary, as if you don’t know quite whether you can cope since your energy feels a little low. You really would much prefer to escape into your inner dream world because what is outside in the world seems rather gritty. By all means give yourself a quiet time to ponder, reflect and question. But don’t lose touch with what is going on around you. Don’t get careless with chores or you’ll have to backtrack at later on.
TAURUS: Watch that you don’t attract yourself to less than honest people. They could try to pull the wool over your eyes. So be a little on your guard. There may be a sea fog of confusion around your future plans. Part of the problem may be that you just don’t want to commit yourself to one set scheme, in case something better turns up round the next corner. But you could miss good opportunities this way for lack of a little more resolution.
GEMINI: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be vague, at times and not always decisive. If you’re as helpful as possible at work and put others needs before your own then you’ll far better. One close relationship will be going through a cool phase. Try not to be too critical or negative. Luckily family members will be supportive and you’ll be able to relax in your intimate surroundings. You’ll even be planning to expand your domestic space to allow for more friends to visit.
CANCER: The influences around now could be enlightening but they could also be misleading. You need to stay very practical and grounded. You may become interested in religious or spiritual matters, even things paranormal. You’ll have to double check all arrangements meticulously. There may be muddles around travel or holiday plans, now or in the future. So sort it out at this stage though you may not feel too much like tackling practical projects. If someone has made a mistake then be kind not critical.
LEO: Try to see if there isn’t a way of turning the intuitions and hunches you’ve had recently into practice. It means doing something a lot more solid and sensible than you may feel. But it will be worth the effort if you can manage. Your life is changing slowly at a subtle level now. Maybe you will feel undermined at points, but it is all part of the process of moving you towards a time of different values, better securities and more realistic relationships.
VIRGO: You will understand what companions need now, which is wonderful and helpful obviously. The only thing you have to watch is not to get drawn too much into other people’s problems, because you can end up turned into a bit of a doormat. Neptune around in your opposite sign can make you unsure what you want your commitments and responsibilities in close partnerships to be, either at home or at work. Those closest to you are in exactly the same frame of mind.
LIBRA: You want to help other people, but may be getting muddled since you have not worked out what you need to do to make things happen. You need to push a little bit. Then nothing works, so you give up. Strategy is what is needed. Put your ideals first at work and then you’ll find that the rewards flow in more readily. Though be on the alert for the odd moment of uncertainty, where you feel disappointed in the attitude of certain team mates.
SCORPIO: There are rather confusing and uncertain influences around, so try to do less rather than more until the dust settles. It won’t be easy to be clear in your focus, since you can’t dredge up the concentration or find enough motivation. Emotional muddles may be difficult to clear up at this time and you could find loved ones evasive. On the bright side your sense of sympathy is extremely strong and your sense of mystery will attract romantic admirers. Be creative rather than practical.
SAGITTARIUS: You may have your head in a bit of a sea-fog. But if you can be gentle and quiet with yourself, and indeed with other people, you will be more sensitive to what’s going on in the atmosphere around you. A family member or loved one may be over inclined to lean on you during this time. You must make sure you are not being a martyr to save others. Make them stand on their own two feet. Be firm but gently sympathetic.
CAPRICORN: Maybe you want to withdraw a little bit and have time to think about the more mystical things of life. Or to be truthful what you really want is to stay in bed or put your feet up in an armchair. You may find it difficult to put into words exactly what you think or to communicate clearly with others. Neptune is floating around causing a bit of a smokescreen. Double check all travel arrangements or any kind of detailed instructions. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: You will be floating along quite passively rather than zipping into activity. But maybe you are not too good in turning your dreams into reality at the moment. You cannot get up the energy for it. Just be quiet, but watch you don’t end up feeling slumped, and under confident. Your need to be sympathetic or generous may get in the way of common sense and security now. Maybe you feel that being money minded is beneath you. You have higher concerns.
PISCES: This is a good time to be sympathetic, spiritual, and maybe creative though you may find it difficult to push yourself into doing anything very practical. But whatever happens you will not be as worried about your own needs or ambitions. Maybe you are feeling dissatisfied now or muddled with the way things are going. You don’t know how you want to appear to others or indeed what you really want for yourself. Leave well alone for a while and it may become clearer.

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