Horoscope for June 24, 2015


aries ARIES: For a few weeks you will throw your energy wholeheartedly into the family or relationship areas of your life. You will be great at rebuilding, do-it-yourself, reorganising and generally racing around to maintain order, but you may also come across as bossy at home, and over intense, so you can turn your intimate surroundings into a bit of a battlefield. Try to use your energies constructively, otherwise the poor family will continually be getting told off for their shortcomings.
TAURUS: If you are not heard, you will just turn up the volume, or become sarcastic. You won’t put up with anyone who gets in your way. Workmates could get edgy if you are too tactless. Watch a tendency to run, or drive too fast, which makes you a little accident prone. Your tendency of blaming others for getting in your way may not go down too well. Your energy and your competitiveness is going into communication, so you are talking faster than usual. taurus
gemini GEMINI:  Watch you are not being too materialistic in your approach since that could slow down your progress. You will be more stubborn than usual, slow to make decisions, and maybe also irritable when you eventually blow a fuse. Your patience will give you the strength to push for what you want over a longish period. No one will easily push you off track once you know where you are aiming. Your staying power is greater than usual at the moment, and others will find you dependable.
CANCER: You will be keen to cut through red tape, confusion and indecision and get straight to the point. Luckily, you won’t bear grudges for long at the moment, but will fly ahead putting momentary squalls behind you. You’ll be fiery, headstrong and not always sensible. Stopping to think will be less easy than usual, but try not to rush in where angels fear to tread. Companions will admire your bravery, though they may question your common sense. You may be a touch tactless but you are getting things done.

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be go ahead, assertive, not always patient or tactful but a time when you’ll sweep obstacles to one side and head for what you want. Luckily your confident way with words will get you out of tight corner and you’ll infect everyone around with your enthusiasm. There will be sudden changes at work so you’ll need to stay alert and be flexible. New doors will open and money should come through more easily tho8ugh you’ll also be spending liberally.

leo LEO: You will be sensitive to suffering and wanting to work behind the scenes to help or care for those who are needy. Not in a competitive mood, you may sometimes fail to take the decisive step which would win you the argument at the moment, but really you are happy to hand over credit elsewhere.Maybe you will feel uneasy here, not able to muster up confidence or competitive drive to get your own way for the time being. But it is only temporary.
VIRGO: You expect everyone to dance to your tune. Your straightforward approach will be cutting through barriers and getting to the point of situations faster than usual. With Mars now in your chart area of career, high ambition and reputation for a few weeks your dynamic energy is not surprisingly being channelled into work and achieving your ambitions. You will aim to gain a more solid reputation, and will jealously guard your position. Just do not forget your feelings in order to succeed. virgo
libra LIBRA: Today is a day to pen a love letter, read poetry or even write one. Forget the accounts or the more unpleasant sides of reality. Anything that’s harsh, sharp-edged or too strenuous, Neptune slides round. Let others do the rushing around. It’s a time to withdraw into peace and space. Just keep yourself to yourself. You probably don’t want to be too open, since everyone around seems preoccupied. You may feel they are ignoring you or indifferent to your feelings, but you shouldn’t take it so personally.
SCORPIO: You will be enthusiastic in promoting your strongly held beliefs. Riding into battle, waving the banner of your pet cause is one of your main hobbies. You will head straight to the heart of the matter and could be candid to the point of bluntness. Your direct, at times brutal, honesty can be unnerving to more sensitive, thin-skinned companions. Don’t try to force others into accepting your viewpoint. You will not want to be petty or devious. You have an urge to be free, so you dislike interference. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: You will want to be the one with your hands on the reins of control but you will need to force yourself to share more. In your personal life, your need to be in charge could be leading to disagreements, though you will tend not to bring confrontations out into the open. Deeply secretive, you will be plotting and planning how to get your own way. You will not easily forgive and forget if anyone lets you down. You are acting in a more determined way than usual.
CAPRICORN: In the coming weeks you will throw yourself into joint or romantic encounters with gusto. There may be heated encounters along the way since you will tend to attract yourself to competitive or ambitious companions. Even your nearest and dearest will seem rather outspoken at times, so you may have to keep the peace. When you do decide to take a stand, you will be clear, cool and cutting. You will be cross with companions who act unfairly and appear to get away with it. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: Your critical faculties are well honed which is valuable in checking accuracy, but it can lead to strained relationships at work. You never feel anyone else does things as well as you, so there can be noisy arguments at times. You will want to put energy into health, diet and whatever makes you feel you are boosting your stamina. With Mars in your chart area of hard work, you will be throwing yourself energetically into getting better organised, and getting things right.
PISCES: ou are coming across as dramatic in action, prone to theatrical gestures, not given to subtle hints or understatements. Romantically upfront, you will head for what you want, and will not be backward about stating your fancy. You may be a little accident prone since you are feeling more reckless than usual, looking for adventure. Try not to boss loved ones around since they will not take it kindly. With high octane Mars in your chart area of self-expression, you are throwing your energy into dramatic gestures. pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr


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