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Horoscope for June 27, 2015


aries ARIES: Looking after yourself physically is more important than usual with the rather low energy Moon that is around. Don’t do anything that is going to really put more strain on your stamina. Just think positively, eat healthily, and sit down more frequently. Don’t get too pushy, even if you feel someone is being rather unfair in their actions towards you. There is no sense in getting into unwinnable arguments. Try to find a sensible compromise that means you can stay true to yourself.
TAURUS: You’ll be much more emotional in the way you connect to people. Really reaching out and expecting friendship in return. So you want relationships that are quite deep and connections that mean something to you. Just don’t get too wrapped up in your own feelings and forget to ask what others are wanting. You will want to put on a show, and appear important. At home, you will want to be in charge. People who hold different views may have a powerful influence on your thinking and life. taurus
gemini GEMINI:  Being on your own for a while won’t bother you because it gives you a chance to mull things over from the recent past, to get your head together about one or two things. Your feelings are not that light hearted now. Maybe you are trying too hard to stay in control and are wary of being pushed around by authority figures. There seems to be a situation in your life where you feel powerless or trapped. Acting secretly to avoid confrontation may not be entirely wise.
CANCER: You’ve really got to be clear in your own mind about the message you’re trying to get across, since you may get scattered in a busy, busy time. You have too many loose ends flying around your head, too many people to chat to or visit. You tend now to attract yourself to stronger personalities in your everyday encounters or close partnerships. Maybe in long running relationships you have noticed a change in recent days. You want to move together one way and your better half has other ideas.

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be energetic and at times outspoken since you won’t appreciate delays or other people’s mistakes. But you’ll also be filling those around you with enthusiasm with your positive attitude. There’ll be sudden changes at work or in your direction in life so you’ll need to be flexible and ready to move. Loved ones may be demanding a good deal of you so try to be tactful even if you don’t always agree. Monee should be easier than usual.

leo LEO: Pleasuring your senses comes with the Moon, but you will also worry a little bit about leaving yourself feeling insecure if you go too wild. Pluto, planet of power and influence is in your chart area of work and health, so you will be at your best in a work situation where you are able to upgrade or regenerate it. If you chose too routine and stable a job, you will run into opposition from workmates who find your constant manipulation and controlling of the situation difficult to handle.
VIRGO: You’ll be one moment outgoing and charming, the next moment rather with-drawn. You will not know from minute to minute or half hour to half hour what it is you actually want. It’s rather pleasant, but you do need more stable, practical people around you. You are certainly not taking your emotional life lightly at the moment. You are either on people or off them in a major way. You love them or you loathe them. There doesn’t seem to be a halfway house. virgo
libra LIBRA: Don’t feel martyred because your efforts are taken for granted. Give gladly and look after yourself as well in the absence of anyone else doing it. You are changing your attitude almost totally to home and family matters now. This is not an overnight event, but a long slow process where you begin to evaluate carefully what has been, and what you want to hang onto from the past. Once you know you can start clearing out what is no longer essential.
SCORPIO: You may become jealous if you think a friend is off talking to someone else when you want to be talking to them. Don’t overreact. Within two minutes, the situation will have changed again. This is not the time to be frivolous, or too scattered, but it may help if you keep your sense of humour handy. Your words will carry weight so you will be respected for your wisdom and the depth of your understanding. Try to sort out new ways of getting your message across. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS:You’re likely to find your feelings more on public display than usual. At work you will be more scattered than usual but also more supportive. Just don’t over react, hear slights where none exist. You’ve got to stand a little bit steady for other people. You have to be of a bit of an anchor. You can start to build better securities now though you will have to understand what went wrong in the past. If you keep doing things the old way it won’t work.
CAPRICORN: If you can look into the future and see where life is going to be taking you, then you can put your energy out very constructively. At times like this, you may notice a tendency in yourself to over control companions or your environment which can lead to resentment and very tense confrontations, but as you learn to let go and welcome in new experiences, you will find that you are coping with a wide variety of situations in new and helpful ways. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: This isn’t the day to fly solo or do things entirely on your own. You’ve got to push yourself to make new agreements with close partners where money or emotional matters are concerned. You need the chance to dig beneath the surface of your life to explore what is really bothering you. You may be wary of finding out things you do not like about yourself but in the process you will miss finding all the positive parts of yourself which have been hidden away far too long.
PISCES: There could be the odd confrontation through the day, not because you’re assertive, but you just feel a little over-emotional. If you do stir up a problem, just don’t go too far. You will not really want to see it through. You will start something and at the end of it all you wish you hadn’t bothered. The atmosphere in friendships or team relationships may be difficult to handle lightly at the moment. There can be jealousy or possessiveness around. pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr