Horoscope for June 3, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: There could Be a whiff of romance in the air. It may be all in your head, of course, but enjoyable all the same. You want a relationship so wonderful, blissful and beautiful, it’s almost like something out of the movies. Though at other times you’ll feel that life is all about duty and responsibility. However, if you can just make up your mind to that for a couple of days, then you will get through a good many more chores than you expected.
TAURUS: Try not to put people on pedestals. You can become disappointed if you expect absolute miracles from others which might just happen. If you can be realistic as well as forgiving then you could find one encounter turns out to be rather delightful. You can be very pleased with these influences about how work is going, because you’re realistic about what you have achieved, you’re able to plan ahead, and you by and large get the benefits of the things you’ve prepared well for.
GEMINI: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a mix of highs and difficulties, times of drifting and times of getting a grip and working hard. One close partner will be loyal but not as warm as in the past. If the relationship is solid then you will weather the storms to emerge closer than ever. Family members will be comforting and supportive, so you’ll have a chance to wind down. Try to accept what you can’t change and be straight in financial dealings.
CANCER: If you are creative then you may find yourself more productive than usual. You can turn some of your dreams into reality. Luckily you won’t slither round the edges of things or give up and expect someone else to do all the hard chores. You are going to be very pleased to be able to do it all yourself. Although you may have to fight against some lethargy, because frankly putting your feet up and daydreaming will provide a very seductive alternative.
LEO: There are rather spiritual, sympathetic, compassionate, maybe even creative influences around. You want to cruise along without any kind of rough edges of unpleasantness. But the passing moment of feeling close to the right people, and feeling in tune with your surroundings will be a delight anyway. Later if you knuckle down and just be a little bit more self-disciplined and get things done, then you’ll find at the end of it all that you are remarkably pleased that you did.
VIRGO: You will be caught in a conflict between wanting to keep your head in the clouds and daydream your way along. But needs must that the chores get done. Luckily you’ll get satisfaction out of getting all sorts of things done that haven’t been done before. So you are being exceedingly reasonable and responsible. Sometimes you can be a bit discouraged or gloomy, and just see all the flaws and cracks and inadequacies in life. Don’t let it be a huge problem.
LIBRA: Try not to let yourself get too diverted from your real priorities, since you may feel rather spaced out. You want to believe the best of everyone around, including yourself. This is all very charitable but it may not be entirely wise. Be sensible as well as hopeful. Later you’re doing everything you can to be realistic in a positive kind of way, not wasting anything, not throwing money around, being pretty conscious of the limitations of life, and that’s always the important thing.
SCORPIO: Find time for the finer things of life. Aim for activities that are going to be very peaceful, pleasant and wind you down. Then you will leap much more enthusiastically back into the fray when you have to get going again. Relationships with authority figures – bosses, teachers, parents, those kind of people – will be good. They respect the way you’re handling yourself and you clearly have good, solid judgment, partly because you’re not going wildly into things that you haven’t really thought through.
SAGITTARIUS: Nothing hugely significant may happen but you will float your way along rather amiably. Try not to get misled by people. You could get disillusioned and disappointed when you discover they don’t match up to your fantasies. Later you’ll be able to plan and organise particularly well. Saturn is very practical, solid and sensible, very self-disciplined, and you want to work thoroughly and with an eye to detail, and for that reason you’ll find that you don’t have to go and double-check everything.
CAPRICORN: You could be finding real connections with other people, some bond that you can’t put into words but certainly feels rather good. Follow your whims and instincts since they will almost certainly be spot on. Then you’ll get a grip and decide you can’t be frivolous or indulgent. You’ll be absolutely solid and down-to-earth and doing all the incredibly hard-working kind of things. But whether it’s using your mind or just using some practical techniques, you’ll be very pleased by the results of it. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: There needs to be a way of giving to others that also allows you to be at peace with yourself. You’ll find that you are being called on to help in some way. But try to be subtly sensible to other people’s needs without running round in circles all the time. You’re working in a way that is going to gain the approval of serious people. You’re not racing around in a rackety fashion, or taking risks or being too boisterous or too exuberant.
PISCES: Your romantic life may feel more ethereal, lovelier than usual, so you are cruising along in good style. Maybe you are seeing companions better than they are, or seeing life through a soft focus lens. But do you need to see all the flaws? Enjoy your vision while it lasts. But you can be very clear about what the limits between you and others may be, so perhaps you felt a little isolated recently. But it’s not a very long-lasting thing or that serious.

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