Horoscope for June 4, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Now everyone, you included will have to be self-sufficient and self-reliant. It isn’t a time for cuddling up close or leaning. That may well suit you since you really want a chance to put up your boundaries and focus on what’s vital for you. If you look ahead you can begin to see how your visions in life, your goals can be lived out in the future. There’s an almost predictive quality to the influences so trust your hunches and be ready to move.
TAURUS: You will need steadfast, stable, solid people who are going to be there for you. Aim for those you know you can trust from past experience. Though you won’t be able to make huge demands on them. Just get on what what’s important. Later will be definitely a time to be around friends. You want to be in a larger group, to be sociable and outgoing, one of the gang, one of the crowd. Team relationships will work tremendously well. Why fly solo?
GEMINI: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a mix of hard working, emotionally cool and contented at home. One close partnership won’t be as welcoming as before but this is only a phase. Good bonds will strengthen through difficult times. Only shaky ones will part company. You’ll be unclear about your direction at work. Be as helpful as you can and the answers will come. Your self confidence will soar after September and you’ll step out boldly onto the social scene.
CANCER: All of the illusions and daydreams that everything is wonderful suddenly seem rather silly. Now you reckon you can see things as they are. Just know you are being slightly too negative. Try to see the upside as well. Later you may be feeling a touch unrealistic so watch you don’t sail into something thinking you can’t lose. If you keep your feet on the ground then there are definitely fair winds blowing you along. It’s just a question of finding the right balance.
LEO: You may find some difficulty in relating to others, even those close, feeling a little cool and reserved. Maybe you are trying to see one tricky situation more clearly and need time to think. Don’t be scared to step back and give yourself space. If you think you’re absolutely right about everything then you are almost certainly wrong. There are wonderfully uplifting influences around but there is a tiny danger of you becoming so filled with your own ideas that you get self righteous.
VIRGO: You’ll stand solidly behind what you want which may not always go down well with loved ones. But you’ll have no intention of getting carried away by distractions. You should be confident, optimistic, bright, breezy and bouncy with Jupiter around. What you need to try to do is develop your potential in some area of your life. It may be developing the money in your piggy bank or your confidence. What can happen less helpfully is that your waistline expands along with your appetite.
LIBRA: Loved ones will be very down-to-earth insisting everyone toes the straight and narrow. It will be important that you understand what your relationship is all about. Play it cool and smile sweetly. Later you may be overspending, feeling like indulging yourself. Just watch you are not assuming that if you let money float out of one hand, it’ll float back in the other. You could be right but an easy come, easy go approach can often end up in a minor budget crisis.
SCORPIO: Do as much for loved ones as you possibly can, but don’t expect miracles in terms of passion or great excitement. Just keep doing the right thing and it will pay off. Later you’ll be feeling very laid-back, can’t be bothered to do anything very much. You are relying on a wing and a prayer to sort out all your problems. If you can exert yourself to be slightly more realistic, you’ll find that everything just slots into place very nicely indeed.
SAGITTARIUS: What to treasure now is loyalty in loved ones. Maybe you’ll feel it is all duty and doing what you ought to do rather than doing what you want to do. But your efforts will be long remembered. Your rewards will come. You’re feeling fairly generous and you want to be around people who are feeling every bit as good as yourself. You will be morale-boosting like mad, and doing whatever it is you can to make sure other people’s confidence is being lifted.
CAPRICORN: There could be a difficulty in one of your emotional relationships. You’ll not be feeling quite as affectionate as you have been. It may not be a huge problem. But if you are feeling a bit lonely, aim to get an important task done. Jupiter emphasized now could bring money, praise and success. But sometimes these influences can pass by almost without you noticing more than that you’re just feeling good about life. You’ll find whatever you touch works out more easily though. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: You’ll be rather sober about your love life, not being exuberant. You’ll be stepping back to see the flaws and the cracks. There may be a separation from a loved one. Perhaps just temporary since they are somewhere else. But it could also make you want to back off. Don’t come to any hard and fast decisions until you’ve let a little water flow under the bridge. You could still find that this could be a time with a warm glow to it.
PISCES: You will feel chilly, separated and critical at points and then you will want to be adored and admired. What you need to be is practical about your love life. Be realistic and restrain yourself for a while. Happily the Sun in aspect to Jupiter will buck you up and restore your enthusiasm, so you will be feeling good physically, psychologically and in other ways. There is lots of optimism in the air and you will have a really positive outlook.

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