Horoscope for May 12, 2015



ariesARIES: Have you wondered why sometimes there are squabbles that erupt at home? You may need to learn to control your temper and anger. Being more positive and tolerant would create a wonderful change in the atmosphere of your home. Remember, no one is perfect! Interact with those around you with an attitude of love and compassion and you will see that they, in turn, reflect the same back to you.
TAURUS: Harmony and tranquillity at home are highlighted today. This appears to be a significant period for your family and you will be able to solidify your bonds by spending time together. It is these times of normalcy that will sustain you emotionally and you need to make sure that your relationships become deeper and healthier over time. Use open and honest communication to build trust among you.taurus
geminiGEMINI: Do not give up if things do not go your way today; just try again. You may face some hurdles but optimism and persistence will be the most important tools for you today. A positive outlook to life is required most at this time. You will surely be able to overcome any obstacles through your keen intelligence and your force of will.
CANCER: Today you may find that someone who is senior to you gives you some advice that you find very helpful for your life. Use this advice wisely and to your advantage. It will surely help your career a great deal. You may not even have sought out this advice, but it comes your way nonetheless and you find that comes in surprisingly handy. Be sure to show your gratitude to this unexpected angel!cancer
leoLEO: Today you should ask yourself why you are creating unnecessary arguments with those who are close to you. You may be simply acting out as a result of some recent stress that has been building up. Try to maintain a calm and cool demeanour today and hold your tongue if you feel that something unkind is about to be spoken by you.
VIRGO: Today you find that a social contact has unexpectedly become an important and strategic professional contact for you. This person could actually help you in your career. Use the relaxed nature of your relationship to build rapport and strengthen the possibilities for a professional association. Remember, you never know when a relationship is going to come in handy, so always nurture them.virgo
libraLIBRA: Today try not to get into any confrontations, especially a minor heated argument with your boss or anyone in your workplace. Sometimes being gracious is more important than being right, so choose your battles carefully today. You will be glad you did when you see how things even out and turn in your favour.
SCORPIO: You may feel a bit lazy and lethargic today. You may simply feel like leaving everything and going on a trip. But now is not the time to sit around doing nothing. Leave that comfort zone of yours and try something new so that your mind becomes engaged in your surroundings again. Try a new hobby, spend time with friends and get going with all the pending work and target deadlines.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Someone close to you could spring an unpleasant surprise on you today. The issue may or may not affect you directly. However, be prepared for whatever the case may be and try not to become angry or unsupportive. They need your understanding and guidance. Show them the right way by talking to them about choices and consequences
CAPRICORN: Overall, today begins a period of productivity for you. As travel has been on your mind as of late, today you may begin to see major movement on your plans and you can expect the upcoming journey to be pleasurable. Use this time of quick results to move forward on as many fronts as possible. This is the perfect time to realize all your hopes and achieve everything you had planned careerwise.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: Someone you trust will be a source of much comfort for you today. Their help and guidance may be all that you need at this moment in order to get yourself out of a challenging situation. You can realise today how lucky you are to have a support system and in turn you should make sure that those around you know the depth of your gratitude.
PISCES: You will be involved in some unexpected new learning experiences today. Every turn in life teaches you something new, so make sure you learn something valuable from whatever challenges life throws at you today. Since you naturally love to gain experience and knowledge you will find yourself thoroughly enjoying this experience. All the best!pisces
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