Horoscope for may 16, 2015



ariesARIES: Find time for the finer things of life. Listen to music when you can, or look at art, aim for activities that are going to be very peaceful, pleasant and wind you down. Then you will leap much more enthusiastically back into the fray when you have to get going again. You are looking around at home seeing how you can make your immediate environment feel more comfortable, relaxing and stylish. Clearing out will not only make your rooms look better, you’ll feel easier within yourself.
TAURUS: You want to cruise along without any kind of rough edges of unpleasantness. Maybe you will manage it and maybe you won’t, but the passing moment of feeling close to the right people and feeling in tune with your surroundings will be a delight anyway. You will go out of your way to smooth ruffled feathers, or avoid confrontations. A calm atmosphere makes you feel settled, where angry words get your more on edge than usual. Just remember to stand up for yourself.taurus
geminiGEMINI:  Venus emphasised now is indulgent and rather lazy. Neptune hovering close by is so wrapped up with its head in the clouds that it very rarely put its feet on the ground. Clearly, you will not sink your teeth into major practical chores with any great determination. You want tangible gestures of affection to make you feel appreciated and wanted now, either in cuddles or in presents. Venus in the sign after yours makes you emotionally rather fixed, even jealous at times. Try to be flexible.
CANCER: You can turn some of your dreams into reality, although you may have to fight against some lethargy, because frankly putting your feet up and daydreaming will provide a very seductive alternative. Venus is the icing on the cake so you may just try too hard to gloss over imperfections in life, and always come across sounding sugary sweet. You will avoid confrontation since you can’t be bothered, but if you compromise too much for the sake of calm, it may make you sound superficial or insincere.cancer
leoLEO: Try not to let yourself get too diverted from your real priorities, since you may feel rather spaced out. You want to believe the best of everyone around, including yourself. This is all very charitable, but it may not be entirely wise. You may sometimes feel lonely and under loved, but time spent on your own need not necessarily be lonely, since you will have a chance to connect to your own deeper feelings or indeed creative talents. Remember that this is only a temporary phase.
VIRGO: There are times when throwing caution to the winds is for the best. But this really is not one of them. Be exceptionally meticulous and attentive to detail. If anything belabour the point and you will find in a few days time that you are really glad you did. You are taking family responsibilities seriously at the moment. But maybe you feel you are not getting enough nurturing yourself. Don’t put up barriers and cut you off from the warmth which you want.
libraLIBRA: You want to give close companions what they need. You will be very sensitive to the undercurrents, the subtle feelings in the atmosphere, and that is what is pushing you on to be helpful. Your freedom-loving streak is making you wary of too much intimacy and claustrophobic twosomes will not fit the bill. Make sure you communicate to loved ones that your rather detached manner is not a rejection of them. You are just in a butterfly mood, flitting happily around, not settling anywhere for long.
SCORPIO: Try not to put people on pedestals. You can become disappointed if you expect absolute miracles from other people. If you can be realistic as well as forgiving then you could find one encounter turns out to be rather delightful. You will be spreading your favours around fairly generously in a rather enthusiastic way. You want a social life that is challenging, not dull, and will be doing all you can to breathe a little adventure into your off duty activities.


sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Jealousy could be a problem at the moment since you want absolute commitment, and any hint of you not being in control of the situation will make you feel insecure. Be aware of your needs but do not over react. You may be magnifying a tiny matter out of all proportion. There needs to be a way of giving to others that also allows you to be at peace with yourself. You will find that you are being called on to help in some way.
CAPRICORN: There could be a whiff of romance in the air. It may be all in your head, of course, but enjoyable all the same. You want a relationship so wonderful, blissful and beautiful it’s almost like something out of the movies. Just remember to stand up for yourself. You are determined to keep relationships around you smooth and harmonious. But turning somersaults just to keep the peace or avoid confrontations may not always be wise. Be firm but tactful if the need arises.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: You may find yourself idling the day away at your job, but you could also find real connections with other people, some bond that you can’t put into words but certainly feels rather good. Follow your whims and instincts since they will almost certainly be spot on. You are being critical rather than forgiving with loved ones. Try to say what you want without sounding too sharp. Your detachment can have its useful side since you can pick out what is worth saving and what is not.
PISCES: Nothing hugely significant may happen but you’ll float along rather amiably. Try not to get misled by people. You could get disillusioned and disappointed when you discover they don’t match up to your fantasies. Children bring out the best in you and if you happen not to have any, you will be child-like yourself in your open-hearted determination to play as much as possible. You will be putting your feelings on the line, saying what you mean, and hinting loudly in the direction of loved ones. 

courtesy ….. marjorie orr

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