Horoscope for may 18, 2015



ariesARIES: This is definitely when you start to get new financial plans moving. Not in any very expansive way, just cautiously and steadily. Whatever starts now will bear fruit in future but you have to make the effort and keep your focus. You are thinking seriously about education, philosophical and even spiritual matters now. Life may test out your old opinions by setting up arguments for you. Try to be open-minded and listen to opposing views, though do not be too swayed by convention.
TAURUS: This is definitely your time to make good resolutions for your year ahead. Decide how you want to change your image to match the person you want to become. Think about changing your wardrobe, hairdo or accessories. Be bold and be yourself.Joint finances may be tighter now than they have been before. Or your partner’s cash situation is such that they cannot be as generous as they once were. You are having to carry heavier responsibilities yourself. taurus
geminiGEMINI:  With the Taurus New Moon in place you will have to clear quiet space for yourself to be aware of what really is beginning now. Maybe it will just be an insight into the past or yourself, which gives you the key to how to change the future. Though you are now tending to look at the flaws in your close partnerships that does not need to mean they will end. Only shaky affairs of the heart or business relationships will come to grief now.
CANCER: There may be a casual encounter today with a new acquaintance. It may not seem important but they could turn into a good friend in future. Make sure you know how to contact them again in a few days’ time. Undoubtedly you may feel over stressed at times and under-appreciated for your efforts but this is a time of laying solid foundations for the future. You will get your rewards in terms of praise and real success when Saturn moves into your opposite sign.cancer
leoLEO: This is the time to sow the seeds of new ideas at work. They may not seem grand and glorious yet, but they will bear fruit in future if you start off on the right foot with real commitment. Love and your social life will seem more like work than work at times. You may feel loved ones and children to be a heavy responsibility, but out of this testing time could come some truly valuable insights which will help to give you strength in the future.
VIRGO: Perhaps you are thinking of reaching out for the holiday brochures, or even of taking up a new hobby or interest. There are favourable winds behind you urging you on to broaden your horizons in whichever way you chose. Everything you have swept under the carpet for years at home or in the family could be coming out into the open. Reassure yourself with the thought that you can now sort out once and for all those domestic and emotional problems that have been niggling you.
libraLIBRA: New joint financial ventures could begin now which may not seem very spectacular but they will pay off in future if you give them the right kind of push. You have to be sure of your facts and sure of your ground, before you move. But if all the details are tied down, then you willbe pleased at the result in the days to come. There may be breakdowns in communications occurring with the everyday people in your life. When not heard, keep repeating yourself.
SCORPIO: The New Moon in your opposite sign is important where close relationships, at home and at work, are concerned. This is the time to start afresh. Let bygones be bygones. There could even be new romances round the corner for the unattached and on the lookout. Tightening your belt may be necessary for a brief while but there is nothing catastrophic about cash shortages. You merely have to learn caution, long term planning and a stronger sense of the value of money.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Never was there a better day to start a new diet or exercise regime. You can probably muster up the willpower and you know you need to boost your stamina for the days ahead. So stick your colours to the mast and get going. You may find your energy levels are low so you don’t have the inclination to work quite as hard as you once did. Saturn in your own sign is trying to make you face up to what you want from life.
CAPRICORN: If you have been feeling ignored, you have a chance to get your glad rags on and kick up your heels. Even if you have been socialising more than usual recently, you want to know how to keep that rolling for months and months to come. You are essentially a good organiser but you are having to force yourself at the moment to be in control of practical situations. You feel certain old ambitions have lost their fire and are no longer what you want.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: Tuck yourself quietly out of sight, preferably at home, and think about what changes you can make in your life that will bring you more emotional comfort and security over the next year. You want a reassuring nest which you can retreat to when the outside world gets too aggravating. Do not let discouragement get you down if disagreements flare up or even if you feel cold-shouldered in team efforts. Only by facing up to difficulties can you hope to establish better relationships out in the world.
PISCES: There may be nothing obvious at the moment, but if you take steps early on you can prevent situations blowing up in future. Walk don’t run. If the foundations you have laid in your career in the past are solid now is your time to flourish. If you have not then this is the time it will become blatantly obvious where you have made your mistakes and must sort them out. It is definitely a time where you face facts about your working life.pisces

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