Horoscope for May 18, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Compromise will not come easily to you at the moment. You will be wonderfully tolerant as long as everyone gives you a good deal of elbow room. But you can just as easily be unco-operative and brusque if you feel you are having to toe anyone else’s line. You have no intention of being one of the crowd or fitting into the common mould now. You want to make a different impression on people, even if it means you are seen as slightly eccentric.
TAURUS: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time of rapid change and your outlook is likely to be completely transformed. Just regard challenges to your opinions as helpful since you’ll be able to sort out where you are wrong. Your popularity will be high since your enthusiastic approach will prove infectious. Social friends and workmates will start to give you the right kind of attention and admiration. Find time to tackle your finances since details will be important.
GEMINI: You will not bend to fit in, not even if it means friendships or working relationships become tense. Try to be less extreme. There must be a middle path where everyone can be free to express themselves, yet joint activities still head in the same direction. You will be straight onto your high horse if you see anyone’s freedom being threatened, especially your own. Don’t get too jumpy or outspoken. Life is never perfect. It just depends where you draw the line.
CANCER: At work you have to watch a tendency to act erratically. You want excitement, so if you get into a situation which feels too secure, you will rock the boat to feel better. The trick is to find outlets for your energy without putting your position at risk. As long as you are left free to follow your own course, you can be amazingly tolerant and broad minded. You will do better in a loose network or a set up where no one is crowding you too much.
LEO: Expect the unexpected and you will not be disappointed. Just do not take risks or get too impatient. Take it calmly and you will get there eventually. You will follow your own road no matter what, and won’t care what anyone else thinks or says. Other people may not pick up every word you say, but they understand your heart’s in the right place. You seem to be giving of yourself in a way that others can really tune into at an emotional level.
VIRGO: You are wondering whether it is wise to make long term commitments at the moment either financial or emotional. Your hesitation is probably wise unless you have thought things through very clearly. Give it a week or two until the dust settles and you will be clearer. You’re likely to be erratic in your outlook or attracting yourself to unreliable people or advice. Try to be sensible rather than impulsive. You could be touch possessive, so you have to look more laid back than you will feel.
LIBRA: You need to belong, to be loved, cuddled and cosseted, so look for reassuring companions who will give you a little more help and support than usual and be an anchor for you. Try to avoid overeating, because you will pamper yourself a bit, and avoid overreacting to certain situations. Close relationships may have ups and downs because you find close commitment suffocating and compromise grates on your free spirit. You will speak your truth no matter what the consequences are likely to be.
SCORPIO: Maybe you sense that companions are preoccupied. They’re all tied up in what they’re doing, and you want to disappear into your own space to think things through. Learning to put down limits is vital to your well being. If you can, hide yourself away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and commitments to recover your inner peace. Your working relationships may not be that easy, but try to see that change may initially be unsettling, but it will open new doors for you.
SAGITTARIUS: Independence and excitement are your watchwords. Compromise is not what you have in mind either at work or at play. What you want you intend to have. Inhibitions and advice may be tossed aside as you decide to rave it up socially and romantically. But you are not the only one in a mood to be challenging, so give everyone around as much leeway as you want for yourself. You must let out your creative streak to do whatever is least conventional and most you.
CAPRICORN: You can be uncompromising, even unco-operative at home or with loved ones at the moment, since you hate being tied down too much. What you want is a home life that is different from normal. Just don’t rock the boat too much. Happily, you’re the one who’s centre of the group at work and who’s really making things run smoothly for everyone. Being sensitive and sympathetic will be part of your aim, but don’t end up being too fickle because it won’t be helpful. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Your mind may be racing so far ahead of your tongue, that you get tangled up when trying to explain what you mean. Remember also that companions may not be moving quite at your speed, so they may be losing track of your thread. You will become easily bored and not inclined to listen to feedback. You’ve got a great urge to get away from ruts and routines, from tedious chores, boring people and fly a little bit higher. You want to broaden your horizons, however you can.
PISCES: You will be secretive, playing your cards close to your chest. Today is emotionally more intense than usual, so watch you don’t magnify situations or comments into something bigger than they are. Roll with the flow. Don’t become possessive about property or hanging on sentimentally to memories from the past. Certainly you don’t want to be throwing possessions or money away, but not clinging on too tightly really is important. If you open up and stop controlling, then more will come.