Horoscope for May 2, 2015

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be assertive and focussed on getting your finances in ship shape form. You’ll know it’s down to you to put in the leg work to make it happen. Luckily despite lack of support from certain quarters you’ll be more content within yourself and able to relax more comfortably at home. Just try to tone down your opinions since gentle persuasion will work best. From August you’ll sweep old self doubts to one side and step out confidently.

aries ARIES: Sharing your deeper emotions is not easy at least at the moment. There is safety and security in numbers for you so you are aiming for a wide social circle, rather than exclusive twosomes. You want to have an escape route handy, especially when boredom begins to set in. Nothing is making you happier at the moment than peaceful conversations with friends, neighbours, brothers and sisters or workmates. The everyday people in your life are the most appreciative and supportive at the moment. TAURUS: Flamboyantly direct and shamelessly charming, you are on good form. Even quite competitive when it comes to winning your heart’s desire. Though your mood is swinging from hot to indifferent fairly quickly. What you really want is harmony around, so you are trying to iron out problems, act as a peacemaker, and maybe in the process not stand up for your rights. But as long as you watch that pitfall, your natural charm is working wonders, so clearly your popularity rating is high.


taurus gemini GEMINI: You really want love to be like the movies, all bliss and no rough edges. Just don’t allow your dreams to make you too dissatisfied with the reality of what you have. An overly strong need for perfection can make you hesitate to commit yourself, when really what is on offer is solid and substantial. You may be feeling just a touch under-appreciated at the moment. But there really is no need. Just enjoy this quiet time since it will not last long. CANCER: Kindness will come more easily to you than anger, so you are ducking out of confrontations wherever possible. In a sentimental mood, you feel sympathetic, and are a good shoulder to cry on for friends in need. You are picking up subtle clues from others, acting like a sponge, soaking in atmosphere, and this can make you biased without realising it. You’ll hesitate to voice your opinion because you fear you won’t be heard. Listen rather than talk, absorb and keep your own counsel. cancer leo LEO: Don’t hide away your oddball streak, since you will be all the more loved because of your originality. Your friendship circle is wider than usual, with enough exciting and different personalities around to suit your every mood. You have a wonderful knack of putting others at their ease, so you are more than welcome wherever you go. But you will be demanding elbow room. You won’t put up with jealousy in any form and will run a mile at the first whiff off possessiveness. VIRGO: Somehow you feel you have to earn being accepted at the moment. Only by being successful will you be valued. Understand you are loveable for just being you. If other people can’t see that then they aren’t worth having around. You very much want to be looked up to and admired, so you are putting a great deal of stress on how you look, sprucing up your outer appearance. Try to find time to stay close to what you really feel on the inside. virgo libra LIBRA: Even if you can’t travel instantly to exotic places with loved ones, you can always dream and plan. Your heart is definitely yearning for the far blue horizons and paradise beaches. Try to add a touch of the colourful to your social activities, since you want to add a touch of space to your off duty hours. You want love or your social life to be an adventurous experience at the moment. You want to be entertained and informed at the same time.

SCORPIO: Your passions are running hot and strong now. Maybe you are keeping them well hidden, but you are definitely looking for a rather more adventurous emotional life. Whatever or whoever you have in mind, you will plot and plan to make your dreams come true. You love people or you loathe them at the moment; there is not much in between where your feelings are concerned. You want to live life at a profound level and don’t care anything too frivolous or superficial. scorpio sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: Socially you are on top form, charming the birds off the trees and feeling extremely popular. You will say what you think will please, not necessarily what you think or feel, which could make you seem a touch insincere, though you are well intentioned. It’s important to get the right kind of emotional contact with friends and other people, partly for affectionate support, partly because you want to bounce ideas off them for the future. This is your time to set the agenda. CAPRICORN: You may be indulging slightly more than usual in rich and sweet food, and less inclined to take exercise since the influences around now incline to laziness. But at least you should be feeling physically less over stretched, as long as you do not let your appetite run rampant. You are tending to throw your emotional needs into work at the moment, and can be a little stand-offish on social occasions. Others find you reserved but don’t always realise quite how pre-occupied you are. capricorn aquarius AQUARIUS: You may have a twitch of jealousy or possessiveness if loved ones happen to look the other way. Your feelings are running more strongly at the moment which can be heart warming though it can also make you demanding. Still if you don’t ask, you may not get. Your naturally sunny temperament is making you popular and helping you to avoid the boring routines at work and elsewhere. You are entertaining everyone in sight, and quite glowing when you have an appreciative audience. PISCES: Home is where your heart is at the moment. You adore nothing more than being on your own territory, surrounded by the family and close friends. Entertaining at home suits you better than being out and about at social events. More sensitive and emotional than usual, you want happy family relations and a peaceful domestic existence. You will have an intuitive feel for whatever is happening, but you have a tendency to over react, and feel hurt by even the slightest whiff of criticism.

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