Horoscope for May 20, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: You will be communicating well about work matters with more at the moment, and will be much admired for your intellectual skills. Your knack of extracting sense from highly complex situations by meticulously sorting out the different strands of information or argument will bring you favourable comments from influential people. Basically compassionate and helpful in outlook now, you will involve yourself in charitable work at some point which has a definite end result. You like to see tangible benefits.
TAURUS: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be happy at home, more content within yourself, although one close relationship will be going through a fairly heated and at times chilly phase. Try not to get overly-negative but see where you can through your energy behind co-operative schemes. Friends will be fun though unpredictable, sometimes there and sometimes not. Just take them as they come. Old obligations will still need to be fulfilled so be persistent. More social fun comes later.
GEMINI: Your personal appearance is more important to you than usual, and any extra thought and effort that goes into your wardrobe and hairdo will be well received. Suddenly you feel you have the force of personality to carry others along in your wake.rnSlightly over sentimental, you will be glossing over unpleasant realities of the past, and attempt to see only the best in those closely related to you. A happy home life is top of your wish list at the moment.
CANCER: Your enthusiasm will trigger companions into picking up new interests. You will adore nothing better than talking endlessly to as varied a cross-section of people as possible, swapping titbits of information and anecdotes. You can get a broad overview of one situation now without getting bogged down in too many details or too narrow a focus. Your mental restlessness at the moment demands that you keep constantly on the move and you need stimulating activities that don’t demand too many practical skills.
LEO: You prefer to be around more detached, less emotional relationships, or in loose networks where everyone is allowed to go their own independent way, yet still cooperate. A rather contradictory mix, you can be stubborn and rather tolerant at the same time. You want to see what you can do in however small a way to improve society and are willing to throw your energy into helpful causes. You adore swapping your rather inspired ideas with friends, challenging each other to discover new truths.
VIRGO: Success should follow you, although you have to watch a tendency to bite off more than you can chew. At times your over confidence gets you into scrapes, through carelessness, or sloppy planning. Financially you can overstretch yourself since you assume your guardian angel will be around to pull you out of tight corners. You need to learn to look before you leap. Other people respect your bravery and honesty even if they do not agree with everything you say.
LIBRA: You will be avoiding boring chores and anything that requires you to cope with the small detail of everyday living. Quite the armchair philosopher at the moment you are thinking deeply about life and want to swap ideas with friends. You may not always be good at seeing other people’s shortcomings at the moment. Tending to err on the side of forgiveness, you can take on other people’s problems and be leant on too much. So you do have to protect yourself, sometimes by disappearing into times of peace and quiet.
SCORPIO: Hugely resourceful at the moment, you are standing rock solid when everyone else around you is flapping. You may come across as stubborn as you will insist on sticking to your own plans. You do need to stand your ground, but you also need to be flexible and compromise where necessary to get agreement. Wonderfully inspiring enthusiasms will catch your interest and though you can be steady, you can also suddenly switch tack and drop some of your old beliefs.
SAGITTARIUS: The Sun is now in your chart area of close relationships, so another half will be more vital to your well-being and fulfilment than usual. Co-operation is top of your priority list at the moment since you know you feel a little vulnerable and insecure. Your diplomatic skills and way of putting others in the spotlight of your attention will keep you popular and much appreciated. You have a specially wonderful way at the moment of entertaining others and keeping them amused.
CAPRICORN: You will be taking steps to find a congenial working atmosphere, because you need to feel what you are doing is valued. Don’t over push yourself or become tense, but work steadily to improve your efficiency and not waste your energy.rnHealth is of more interest to you than usual. You will be taking greater interest in what you eat and in your general well being. If you are feeling a touch under par, look after yourself sensibly and adjust your lifestyle to suit your stamina. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Your creative talents could have a better outlet, so push to find the self discipline to make more use of them. You want to be around entertainment more than usual, especially music or the theatre. Children will bring you more pleasure than usual, and you will thoroughly enjoying playing their games. Emotionally you are changing faster than you realise. Your intimate relationships are improving as a result. There is a generosity coming your way from the universe since you started to open up.
PISCES: In coming weeks with the Sun now at the lowest part of your chart, you’ll want to retreat into the comfort of home and family to put your feet up. It’ll give you a chance for private reflection. You want people around you now who share your broader interests in life. Emotional partners do seem to be in better humour, and happy to fit in. At work as well you are attracting the kind of support and enthusiastic connections which make you feel popular and optimistic.

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