Horoscope for May 21, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: This is not the day to stick yourself into tedious routines, but watch all the same that you don’t get crossed lines and mixed messages. There could be communication or even travel muddles if you don’t keep your eye on the ball. You will head straight to the heart of the matter and could be candid to the point of bluntness. Your direct, at times brutal, honesty can be unnerving to more sensitive, thin-skinned companions. Don’t try to force others into accepting your viewpoint.
TAURUS: Today’s Full Moon is focused on financial and emotional matters. You may be inclined to think you have to alter the way you share, care, relate and co-operate, but it might not be a hot idea to decide anything on the spur of the moment. Getting your own security pulled together is something only you can do and that needs to come first. Deeply secretive, you will be plotting and planning how to get your own way. You won’t easily forgive and forget if anyone lets you down.
GEMINI: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time of growing inner confidence though you may be experiencing differences of opinion with close partners and those at work. Just be persistent, as co-operative as you can manage and try not to rise to provocation. Together you’ll make faster progress than flying solo. There will be old obligations which you can’t duck so trying to be accepting of what you can’t change. More social fun comes later in the year.
CANCER: Finding the balance between duty and pleasure, service that you owe to others and service you owe yourself, is what is on your mind now. You know you cannot be an island unto yourself and but equally you do not want pushed and pulled by too many demands from elsewhere. You will want to put energy into health, diet and whatever makes you feel you are boosting your stamina. Mars in Sagittarius will help you get better organised and streamline your efficiency.
LEO: Friends may be pulling you one way and loved ones another, so you will need to decide how to divide yourself between everyone. You have been spending more time recently with your wider circle of acquaintances but maybe more intimate companions have been feeling excluded, so cuddle up close when you have the chance. Romantically upfront, you will head for what you want, and will not be backward about stating your fancy. You may be a little accident prone since you are feeling more reckless than usual.
VIRGO: All you really want is to tuck yourself out of sight in familiar surroundings and allow yourself to be indulged. Even your own company will not be a hardship for a short time. Your busy schedule will not allow you to play truant for long, but you must take a break along the way otherwise you will get over stretched. You may retreat into your shell when irritated or hurt. You will be hyper-sensitive to the slightest emotional change, and if threatened, you will be very defensive.
LIBRA: There could be travel muddles or delays today, mainly because you are not concentrating very sensibly on where you are going and when. You will constantly change your mind about your plans, so sit down at the start and write out a list of destinations and times and you might even arrive at some of them. Work mates could get edgy if you are too tactless. Watch a tendency at the moment to run or drive too fast, which makes you a little accident prone.
SCORPIO: If you are feeling more intense than usual, try to stay with it. Most of the time the pressure of life pushes you into taking avoiding action. Too tricky? Shrug. And off you go. But you do realise that getting cash arrangements and agreements sorted out is vital, especially if you are feeling short changed or not valued properly. You will be more stubborn than usual, slow to make decisions, and maybe also irritable when you eventually blow a fuse.
SAGITTARIUS: Always pushed and pulled when the Full Moon is around, you may be especially sensitive aware since today’s is the one which falls in your own sign, a once a year occurrence. Don’t leap to any instant decisions since your judgement may be a little awry. Just try to keep a balanced view of your closest relationships. You’ll be fiery, headstrong and not always sensible. Stopping to think will be less easy than usual. But try not to rush in where angels fear to tread.
CAPRICORN: There are times when you are happy to give to others but there are also times when you feel deprived because no one is reciprocating. Feeling resentful only means you feel worse, and companions don’t appreciate your gestures since they seem forced. Give yourself the odd treat to boost your spirits and it will work much better. Not in a competitive mood, you may sometimes fail to take the decisive step which would win you the argument. But really you are happy to hand over credit elsewhere. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Loved ones have been getting more of your attention and affection of late, but you also want to be around more casual acquaintances or detached friends just for today. You may find yourself spread a little thinly, but at least it won’t be boring. You need plenty of variety, not to be forced to choose. Your energy will go into making sure that everyone is pulling in the same direction, at work and in your leisure activities.
PISCES: The Full Moon today falls across your midheaven, which means you will have to find a better balance between your head and your heart. Success in the outer world will not be fulfilling unless you have a settled emotional base. But equally you cannot find all your satisfaction in your intimate environment. So you will need to get your thinking cap on. You will be trying to get those close at home and at work on side. Try gentle persuasion, not being too forceful.

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