Horoscope for May 23, 2015



ariesARIES: The old saying about not mending what isn’t broken has another side. When something needs fixing, there is no time like the present. Dithering around, putting it off or looking the other way hoping that someone else will do it won’t work. Get cracking and then you will glow with satisfaction at the result. You will be rethinking some of taking your beliefs and opinions. You want to be more knowledgeable, so are perhaps reading a good deal, and trying to gain a broader understanding of the world.
TAURUS: The Sun is at a rather awkward aspect to Saturn, which could cause delays, even gloom and discouragement. Saturn often feels unlucky, because it doesn’t bring results easily. But it does have a positive benefit in that it makes you think more realistically. You will be practical, more down-to-earth, really focused on the essentials. You may have to be more supportive than usual, financially and emotionally, throwing more into the kitty than usual, but you are through your experiences building more resilience and stronger inner resources.taurus
geminiGEMINI:  You may feel cut off from certain people, not getting the support and encouragement that you expected. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. That will just make things worse. You have to break out of the vicious circle and find a way of bridging the gap. The better relationships in your life will weather the tensions to emerge stronger and longer lasting. There may be less warmth and more carping and nit picking. You may be landed with heavy responsibilities, but it’ll make good bonds more long lasting.

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be go ahead, rather extravagant but also one where you’ll need to move cautiously where one partnership is concerned. There may be too much negativity in the air so it’s as well to know you need to see the upside as well as the downside. Try to fix what has gone wrong. Money will roll through for indulgences but you won’t always be as free as you’d like to spend on a whim. Old obligations need to be honoured. Home will be happier from September.

CANCER: Not everything is possible in life. Sometimes it is just a question of waiting till the tide turns and sometimes it is just about facing up to limitations, to what you can’t change. If you can accept one particular situation now as it is, then you will find it easier to handle. If you do overwork to excess, you’ll find your body complaining. Whenever you feel under par, you must ask yourself where you have not been paying proper attention to your physical needs.cancer
leoLEO: There is a risk that you may feel a bit low, discouraged. The best tactic is to face up to duty and be conscientious. What is happening may seem negative, but it need not necessarily be bad. You just have to get into hard-working gear. You can’t leave all the chores to someone else. Perhaps you need to learn about self-control and setting limits in romance. This is not a time for feeling too spontaneous or expressing your feelings wholeheartedly. Be firm, be practical and straight.
VIRGO: Today isn’t a day to expect huge amounts of generosity, or support from other people. You may have to work more on your own. Instead of getting into a gripe, use the time wisely to achieve a little more. Focus on narrow tasks that require attention to detail. You may be thinking of moving home or having work done on the one you live in. This is a parallel for an inner re-organisation. You are building more solid foundations for the future.
libraLIBRA: There are rather wet blanket influences around so this is clearly not the time to be flinging yourself unreservedly into parties and or passionate clinches. Just don’t get that weighed-down feeling. Be resourceful, get a grip, tackle whatever muddles or projects you have been pushing onto the back burner. Do not become discouraged if you feel others are disagreeing with you or excluding you from conversations. Just force yourself to find the courage to ask what has gone wrong and to try to put it right.
SCORPIO: Try not to get resentful if other people hold you back. Sometimes being held back has a point and a purpose. You often achieve more if you go more slowly. Out of what may initially seem to be setbacks can come something more useful. Flying ahead at top speed, cutting corners, can end you up going round in circles. If you persevere, you will be in a much more solid, secure position and will come to be grateful for the lessons you have been forced to learn.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Relationships with authority figures may not be that good since there are critical influences around which show up flaws and inadequacies, but if you do get pushed into a more self-disciplined mode, you will feel grateful at the end of the day because you create things that are more substantial. This is no time to be living on other people’s terms. You must prune everything out of your life that is inessential or outmoded and understand you are beginning a new twenty-nine year cycle.
CAPRICORN: If you have concerns bearing down on you, making you feel you’re not doing as well as you want, give yourself a shake. Be sensible and admit if something isn’t working. Cut your losses, concentrate on your successes, change what you can, and accept what you can’t change. A definite decision to face reality will boost your spirits. It may be a while before you decide what your next major career move should be. This is a time of tidying up an old way of being.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: You might be feeling your life is trickier than other people’s, but that probably isn’t true. They may just be hiding it better. Accept the pressures as a way of holding you back in order to focus. If you concentrate, you will find the answer. Your current friends may be older or more career-oriented. At times, you will not be happy with their rather critical advice, but it is solidly based and well meant. They are prompting you to be more serious about your long-term plans.
PISCES: You may feel circumstances are pushing you in a way you don’t want to go. But this is a time for facing the bottom line and getting organised. When Saturn is around, you have to lay foundations, sometimes backtrack and unpick mistakes or face up to people you don’t like. Maybe you need to cut your losses and concentrate on your successes. Don’t trail on with what is not working well. You have to get down to the bottom line, get a grip and start building.pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr