Horoscope for May 25, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: If you are attracted to someone, you’re likely to be telling them exactly how you feel, and your overtures should be met with a very positive response. Try to get the balance of the energy right, since there is a slight risk of going either too slow or too fast. Timing is everything. If you get a chance to do a little morale-boosting, go right ahead. Other people will be genuinely happy to hear what you have to say and your dynamic energy is infectious.
TAURUS: The lighter-hearted, more romantic, flirtatious side of life is well starred. It may not be deeply significant, but it should keep you entertained in passing. There is definitely a blow hot, blow cold mood today. One moment you will be ready to stamp your foot, the next you will be sweetness and light. You will veer from full speed ahead to total sloth and indulgence. If you do go flying into action, try not to be too blunt with anyone who gets in your way.
GEMINI: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be both charming and ultra-determined. You’ll want to keep the peace but won’t back away from arguments if close partners try to provoke you. Try to co-operate when you can since you’ll make progress faster. Your future plans will chop and change but you know you have to fulfil certain old obligations before you move ahead. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to relax in comfort at home and find time for reflection.
CANCER: You will be passionately enthusiastic about almost everything which interests you today, whether it has romantic overtones or not. Your pet projects will get a push and friendships will be even more amiable than usual. If you have artistic and creative talents then here is your chance to get them out on display. Let your imagination have free rein. Just realise that every detail does not need to be in the right place. Ease up and accept imperfections, both your own and of others.
LEO: You will be animated, outgoing and wanting to be centre of attention. Be a prima donna for a day, though do it with grace and it will work so much better. It may all be superficial but it will be fun. You need a chance to glitter a little, and get away from dreary chores. Try not to boss loved ones around since they will not take it kindly. You will feel passionately enthusiastic about the better things of life – love, leisure, pleasure, children and sport.
VIRGO: You will not rest or sit still easily. Try to head for a comforting shoulder if you feel on edge or out of sorts. Leaping up and down will only make matters worse. Take a deep breath and think beautiful thoughts as you count up to a hundred. You will be great at rebuilding, do-it-yourself, reorganising and generally racing around to maintain order. But you may also come across as bossy at home, and over intense, so you can turn your intimate surroundings into a battlefield.
LIBRA: Try to express what you really feel and what you want. Being too reserved will not pay off now. If you don’t ask you may not get. Fortune will favour the brave. In the past you may have missed chances, emotional or at work, because you were scared of being turned down. Nothing is absolutely certain, but you do need to take a small risk to find out. Watch a tendency at the moment to run, or drive too fast, which makes you a little accident prone.
SCORPIO: If other people are fierce and fiery, you will be the soul of tact and diplomacy, soothing, smoothing and softening them down. Don’t respond to sharp words as a challenge and feel you have to give as good as you get. No one will easily push you off track once you know where you are aiming. Your staying power is greater than and others will find you dependable. A rather flamboyant lifestyle will appeal to you so you will want to indulge yourself in the short term.
SAGITTARIUS: You will want to get on well with other people. Just watch your love life. You may go sailing into flirtations, then later wonder whether it was such a hot idea after all. Companions will admire your bravery though they may question your common sense. You may be a touch tactless but you are getting things done. You will find yourself being more assertive, competitive and downright aggressive at points. Your blood is up and you intend that nothing should be allowed to get in your way.
CAPRICORN: You’ve got a little bit more of a twinkle in your eye and a lilt in your step. This can mean you are off to make mischief but you can also pushing ahead with your favourite projects and sweep other people up in your enthusiasm. Where cash is concerned do have a slight care since your judgment may not be very wonderful. You may feel vaguely uneasy and rather held back. You must throw your energy into behind-the-scenes activity or learn to pull strings a little more subtly.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: You may not be very practical but you will certainly be charming all the right people in all the right places. Flattery will get you almost anywhere and it certainly beats hard work. The right people will be impressed by your dynamic approach, so you should see some gratifying results. You will be independent but happy to be around friends as long as everyone is tolerant. You will get irritated by anyone who tries to take your freedom away from you.
PISCES: Maybe you won’t be too self-disciplined or very practical, but as long as you’re not trying to get anything too solid and tedious done, then the sparkling influences around should do you the world of good. There could be financial opportunities around, but if anything you are likely to overspend rather than be hoarding it up, though you will aim to gain a more solid reputation and will jealously guard your position. Just do not forget your feelings in order to succeed.
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