Horoscope for May 26, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Tensions in relationships should be easing, especially at work. There is more support and encouragement around you with the chance of more money in future. But there are still a few mountains to climb and you’ll have a mistake or two to face up to and sort out. You will take pride in your sharp mind, and be resentful if you are not given the recognition you feel your ideas or your work deserves. Just keep looking at the broad picture and developing tolerance.
TAURUS: Emotionally, you don’t quite know where you are. On the one hand relationships with certain loved ones and children are better and more fun. With them you can sparkle in the spotlight and enjoy being appreciated. Yet at an intimate level your love life may be suffering because you are wary of getting into the depths of your feelings. But you are beginning to understand what is holding you back from real relating. That is the first step to more intimacy in future.
GEMINI: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be great for home and family matters, less wonderful where one close relationship is concerned. Try to take the rough with the smooth and don’t over react. Partners will be heated and irritable at times so try to keep the peace and co-operate. You’ll be constantly changing your plans about what your next move should be. Adventurous friends will give you a few inspired suggestions. Your social life will flourish in the final months.
CANCER: You will be chatting happily to everyday companions and getting through your routines with less effort than usual. You have an expansive view of joint projects now and are very open minded about other opinions. Knowing a little about many things could be seen as superficial, but it is also amazingly versatile. You are amazed at how conscientious you have become recently, much better with detail, quite the perfectionist. You are really becoming good at specialist work which is practical and methodical.
LEO: You’ll be in a betwixt and between mood. You know you’re in a generally lucky phase where money is concerned so will be spending more extravagantly than usual. But it is also not a time to speculate or take risks. Perhaps material ambitions are taking over too much. Find time to consider what other values there are in your life. Really, what is behind your need for indulgence is a sense of an emotional lack. Try to reach out and be more giving.
VIRGO: Your relationships in general are improving and tensions are easing. What’s even better resources could be drawn to you. The only tiny problem could be that you get a little ahead of yourself or above yourself. Just remember that duty has to come before pleasure and indulgence. You’ll need to put the effort in at home to sort out practical matters and address emotional tensions. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed and the end result will be good.
LIBRA: You may feel rather isolated at times in your everyday comings and goings, perhaps even that there is a barrier to be overcome when talking to workmates, neighbours, or brothers and sisters. So you’ll tend to retreat into your own company.rnThere is an upside in this that you are learning to like yourself more. Try to find someone you trust in whom you can confide. The best advice will come in the quiet moments from unexpected quarters.
SCORPIO: Your friendships should be going with a swing. Your sunny self-confidence will make everyone around you feel better, while they in turn will keep your optimism high. But for all that you know you can’t be too complacent especially where cash is concerned. Partners may call you over cautious but you know that saving makes survival sense. So you will be limiting your purchases to what is essential and has value and not allowing others to tempt you.
SAGITTARIUS: Work and worldly relationship should be going well because of your easy going manner. Good at inspiring enthusiasm in others, you will be a great motivator, though not always realistic. You do sometimes think you can perform miracles because your plans are not always grounded in practical common sense. Your enthusiasm runs away with you. Remember that life will reward you the harder you try though you must find time for relaxation as well as serious endeavours. Otherwise, you could end up feeling a loner.
CAPRICORN: You will be constantly on the go, seeking more challenging companions who are good conversationalists. You want to pick up new activities or studies which will broaden your mind. Don’t let it all be a pipe dream. Make the effort to reach out and ask for what you need. Watch this is not a distraction from what is really important. You will be holding back from examining what is going on inside you or exploring your past since you’re wary of finding out what lies below the surface. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Your close relationships are improving in a satisfying way. There is a generosity coming your way from the universe since you started to open up and let go control. On the other hand certain team or group activities will be harder to handle at the moment. There is a reserve or a barrier, which you find it difficult to break down on first meeting, though once you have been around a while people do recognise your good qualities, and your loyalty.
PISCES: You’ll be oddly unsettled despite close relationships feeling easier. Try not to take partners too much for granted or rely totally on their advice which will not always be realistic. They have a sunny- side-up mentality which is morale boosting, but sometimes wise to take with a pinch of salt. Your work ambitions are the most important thing in your life. Status and respectability are vital to your self esteem now so you will redouble your efforts to gain the praise of those whose judgement you really trust.

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