Horoscope for May 3, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr


This could be a lazy phase with a nice, warm glow to it. But if you can put a little bit of self-discipline and structure into life, and hard work, you will find the good luck around lasts a little bit longer. You will be communicating well about work matters with more confidence and will be much admired for your intellectual skills. Your knack of extracting sense from highly complex situations is likely to bring you favourable comments from influential people.

TAURUS: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be sociable, confident, outgoing, a time when you’ll put a higher value on yourself and discover others follow suit. Close partners may depend on you more than usual, financially and emotionally, so you’ll be coping more on your own but growing in resilience because of your experiences. Your restlessness will encourage you to explore new possibilities for the future. You’ll feel healthier in the final four months.
GEMINI: This is definitely a time to be around friends. You want to be sociable and outgoing, one of the gang, one of the crowd. Team relationships will work tremendously well. Why fly solo when there’s so much support on offer around you. Slightly over sentimental, you’ll be glossing over unpleasant realities of the past, and attempt to see only the best in those closely related to you. What you really want more than anything is for the wider family and friends to come visiting.
CANCER: If you look ahead you can begin to see how your goals can be lived out in the future. There’s an almost predictive quality to the influences so trust your hunches and be ready to move. You may not be terribly practical, but you can be effective, at the very least in planning. You have the chance to travel around a good deal, mainly on short distance hops, though you can be over optimistic at times about your schedule and pack in too much.
LEO: Don’t expect 10 million off the lottery but certainly look for a light at the end of one tunnel. This is definitely your lucky time in however small a way. There will be a lilt in your step and a twinkle in your eye. Money is fairly easy come, easy go. You’re spending as extravagantly as you acquire it. Learning to be more disciplined and economising a little would be a great idea. Think of saving some of your good fortune for the future.
VIRGO: Sometimes good influences can pass by almost without you noticing more than that you are just feeling good about life. If you can push your pet project a little further, make the effort, then you will find whatever you touch works out more easily than you expected. You are feeling rather up now, more courageous than usual. But watch a tiny tendency of being over confident. You may be so consumed with being right, you go on crusades, browbeating everyone into following behind you.
LIBRA: There are wonderfully uplifting influences around at the moment but there is a tiny danger of you becoming so filled with your own ideas and confidence that you get self righteous. You may not always be good at seeing other people’s shortcomings at the moment. Tending to err on the side of forgiveness, you can take on other people’s problems and be leant on too much. So you do have to protect yourself, sometimes by disappearing into times of peace and quiet.
SCORPIO: Maybe you are feeling just a touch unrealistic so watch you don’t sail into something thinking you can’t lose. If you do keep your feet on the ground then there are definitely fair winds blowing you along. It’s just a question of finding the right balance between confidence and common sense. You will be attracted into certain team or group efforts. One point to be slightly wary of is a tendency to attract fair weather or over-optimistic friends whose advice is not always sound.
SAGITTARIUS: What you need to try to do is develop your potential in some area of your life. It may be developing the money in your piggy bank or your confidence. What can happen less helpfully is that your waistline expands along with your appetite. Anything you turn your hand to at work or out in the world should work well though the more effort you put in the higher your rewards will be. Recognition and praise will be wonderful for your ego.
CAPRICORN: Maybe you’re feeling very laid-back, can’t be bothered to do anything very much. Just don’t rely on a wing and a prayer to sort out all your problems. If you can exert yourself to be slightly more realistic, you’ll find that everything slots into place very nicely indeed. Soften your approach and you’ll get away with almost everything. You can be shockingly frank but your charming manner lets you get away with it. Really what you want is away from routines which bore you. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Major life changes will be negotiated more smoothly than usual. Not only will you understand yourself better but you will also reach out to make better connections with those close. But you may be overspending, feeling rather like indulging yourself. Just watch you are not assuming that if you let money float out of one hand, it’ll float back in the other. You could be right but an easy come, easy go approach can often end up in a minor budget crisis.
PISCES: You are feeling fairly generous and you want to be around people who are feeling every bit as good as yourself. You’ll be morale-boosting and doing whatever it is you can to make sure other people’s confidence is being lifted. Just be a little wary of taking all the advice offered by certain close companions. They will be remarkably optimistic but may not be entirely realistic. Highly charming they may be, but don’t always deliver what they promise. So be on your guard.

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