Horoscope for May 30, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: You’ll be surprised how inspiration suddenly hits you about things that seemed to have no answer. Anyone who makes you feel controlled at work or in your community activities is clearly not going to be popular. It may take an upheaval before you free yourself up to act as you please, but it will probably be worth it, as long as you do nothing too hasty. Do not be too open about what you want, but let the dust settle before you decide what action to take.
TAURUS: You may be dashing around people, trying to sort out what they think about this or that, and getting confused as a result. But at the end of it all you will be able to come to your own judgements. Then when the moment comes, you’re ready to jump. You need to re-think some of your opinions. If you are involved in rather heated discussions, treat them less as a nuisance and more as a challenge to see which of your views need refining.
GEMINI: You’ll want to be more protective of those around at work or out in the community. The more you give, the more everyone will think you are absolutely marvellous. Is there something you are not admitting to yourself? Pluto around in the deepest area of your chart makes you fascinated by what runs below the surface in all the highly charged situations in life, around money and love. But it has an odd way of working, which sometimes makes you repress your stronger feelings.
CANCER: There may be messages coming in from abroad or from a distance away. You need an escape route from dreary mates or restrictive chores. You want pals as well as lovers now, nothing too intense or claustrophobic will do. Though you are not taking your feelings lightly now. You are on people or off them, either adoring or loathing. There’s no middle way. Jealousy could be a tiny problem, or even trying to even up old scores. Try to lighten up and loosen up.
LEO: Your emotional responses will be more intense for a couple of days. Important, influential or strong minded people will be drawn into your orbit, but you need to tread softly, and not say everything you feel or think. Looking after your body is a priority since you do feel pressured by demands on your time and energy. Constantly pushing against difficulties can be draining on your energy reserves, so see if there isn’t an easier way round certain work situations.
VIRGO: Try not to be jealous or possessive if things aren’t going precisely as you want. You tend to react over-quickly to things, hearing slights where none exist. You have certainly no intention of being ignored. If you are continually demanding loved ones and social mates fit in, they will start to back off. You want to be taken as a person of substance and given much more attention. Try to turn your talents to good use since your achievements will bring you the acclaim you seek.
LIBRA: Other people may be demanding a lot from you, so watch you don’t end up resentful. Having to fit in with other people’s plans, whims, suggestions and orders can be a bit of a bore. Do what makes you feel virtuous, but don’t let other people push you too much. Maybe you are in one of your periodic upheavals at home, trying to clear out whatever you feel is blocking or frustrating you. You need to keep asking the questions, otherwise the answers won’t come.
SCORPIO: You want to be flamboyant and exuberant, to be in the spotlight, basking in the limelight. Go flirt, have fun, playing games with loved ones, children or social buddies. Forget routine chores and duck out if you feel an order coming your way. You can be a touch too forceful in expressing yourself now and may get into arguments, partly because of your inability to take in the other point of view. But it could also be that you don’t understand how intense you sound.
SAGITTARIUS: This is a good day to be self-protective and retreat into a private place, preferably at home. So much the better, if you can take the day off. But even if you’re at work, you need some kind of protective niche where you’re pushing away awkward people, hassles and hustle. You do want to earn more at the moment though there may be some obstacles in your way. You are developing a real capacity for managing money, though you have to watch a compulsive streak.
CAPRICORN: You may be saying things to others in a way that they don’t entirely understand. You don’t stop, stand back and come to any conclusions or be reflective. The words all just flow out like a flood. You are coming across as a strong personality, but secretive as well. No one quite knows what makes you tick. Don’t make close companions feel excluded or shut out. Maybe they need to know how insecure you feel behind your defensive front. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: You will be amazingly charming as long as everything goes your way, otherwise your stubborn side may show through. Do not dig your heels in too hard. You are having quite a profound, almost unseen, influence on the people around you because the strength of your personality. Maybe you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Ask for feedback from those you really trust and you will find you do have an effect of which you may not be aware.
PISCES: Sometimes you can just get yourself worked up about things that are not as important as you’re making them out to be. Try to give yourself some space to just wind down and be a bit more at peace if you possibly can. You have a real enthusiasm at the moment to be part of a group of like-minded friends, who are all pulling together in a cooperative venture. Maybe some will laugh at you for being an idealist, but you know that visions matter.