Horoscope for May 6, 2015

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time to get your act together. You’ve learned from a few mistakes recently and come over a few obstacles. Now you’ll be back in the driving seat and moving ahead assertively. You will be thrown back on your own resources financially and emotionally but will emerge strengthened by your experiences. There will be a chance to relax at home and gradually you’ll find more inner contentment. After August you’ll be having fun socially.

aries ARIES: Exert a little subtle force and pressure to move companions into your way of thinking. There should not be too much resistance because you have right on your side, as well as a little nifty strategy. You really do want more respect for what you are trying to achieve at work at the moment. In fact, truth be told, you’d like to be in charge or at least in a position to make more of an impression. Work out your strategy in advance. TAURUS: Companions around you are beginning to shift ground or a situation in your life that you’ve been wrestling with really begins to move a lot faster. So there should be a general feeling of satisfaction. But you know you need to concentrate hard to get the results you really want but for once it feels as if your perseverance is paying off. Nothing superficial is holding your attention at the moment. You have a clear, rather analytical approach which cuts through all the irrelevancies.


taurus gemini GEMINI: You will put your foot down and be forceful, but not in a leap-up-and-down, throw-a-tantrum kind of way. You will be delighted that you are managing to be quietly persistent and rather powerful. No one is going to tangle with you and cause you to divert from your intentions. You do have a capacity to handle joint finances well but must try at the moment to avoid committing yourself to situations which may make you feel trapped in the days ahead. CANCER: You feel you have now learned one valuable lesson, and the fruits of your wisdom mean that you won’t be caught out in the same way again. You have the stamina to see things through to the end. Now it’s just a question of hanging on in there until you tidy up the loose ends. Certain close partnerships may be going through some upheaval. But if you can understand what is really going on then you’ll forge stronger links in the days to come. cancer leo LEO: The Sun in good aspect to Pluto should mean that you can combine a friendly approach with enough depth to make your mark where you want. Suddenly you feel stronger and better able to cope and ensure that you’re not being swept into a corner or under the carpet. At work you may be digging your heels in too hard. You could be right, but maybe haven’t found the best way of persuading workmates. A more flexible approach will smooth out tensions and disagreements. VIRGO: Make sure you’re pushing in the right direction now. You do feel you have reached a bit of a plateau and won’t have to struggle uphill quite so much in the near future which will be a great relief. You have certainly no intention of being ignored now. You want to be taken as a person of substance and given much more attention. Try to turn your growing creative talents to good use since your achievements will bring you all the acclaim you seek. virgo libra LIBRA: You will be much better working as part of a whole with other people, so head for team situation at work, or for friends. Once you get common aims with others then everything works well. If you try to do things on your own, it can backfire. Do things for the good of all and hey presto it all flows smoothly. Try not to be controlling in your emotional and domestic life. Don’t be scared of the deep feelings which run under the surface.

SCORPIO: With effort you will find that you’re getting some stronger meaning out of life and finding new answers. In the past you may have just scratched the surface, now you know what the roots are all about. You have a real inclination towards investigating every situation you come across right down to its source. You will get at facts which escape other more superficial minds. Though at times you can be too negative, looking too much on the dark side of life. scorpio sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: Sort out what needs to be sorted out. Anything which has been muddled can be tidied up or cleared out. You have the reins of control back in your hands so all you have to do is turn one tangled situation around and be on your way. You are re-organising your attitudes to handling money. You are now prompted to ask whether there are not things in life which have just as much if not more value. You want to get your priorities straight. CAPRICORN: If you want companions to shift ground you can lean a little bit. If you want straight answers, you do have the power to bring things out into the open. You won’t fight things through to the bitter end because there will be no need. You will win. You are a really steady rock for others to respect and appreciate now. Just try to open up on your own vulnerabilities and listen to feedback which is constructive. Life should be give and take. capricorn aquarius AQUARIUS: Part of the message now is about letting go of the past and moving into the future. Purge out something that has been sticking or blocking you and put your best foot forward. Maybe you are hiding away from yourself and others your need for more influence. It will be difficult for you to open up discussions on certain topics, but it is important that you try. Find someone you can really trust and discuss what you would like to do with your life. PISCES: This is when you really feel you have turned your life around. You can look back and understand that you’ve come through some tough times. Now you can begin to rebuild on stronger foundations and not allow such situations to recur again. You have a real enthusiasm at the moment to be part of a group of like-minded friends, who are all pulling together in a cooperative venture. In however small a scale you really do want to create a new situation around you.  

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