Horoscope for May 9, 2015

aries ARIES: You are going to be fascinated by rather mystical things. You want to get away from the rational, logical and practical world, to float off, not quite on a little pink cloud, but heading that way. You know there are more things in heaven and earth than normal life lets in. You are in a searching mood at the moment wanting to ferret out fascinating bits of information, using your mind for research. Your mind is razor sharp, witty and fast moving.
TAURUS: You’ll be painting pictures in your mind, which is delightful. Though not so easy when you try to express what you are thinking or feeling. Try to draw your important messages, or even write a poem about them. Pictures and images will speak volumes. You’ll be more inclined to read the fine print in money matters, being quite pernickety about the tiny details. You are thinking along lines that are practical and conservative, which means you will come up with sound and productive ideas.


IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be charming, persuasive and filled with pleasant encounters at an everyday level. You’ll also be able to relax at home and will gradually find more contentment within yourself. Though you’ll need to get a grip of joint finances to make them work better for you. Perseverance and determination will pay off. You’ll be undecided about future plans so just drift for a while until you are clearer. Socially you’ll be on form after mid year.

gemini GEMINI: Neptune around now is a great healer, not in a dramatic way but by gently soothing. It disappears very quickly in the hurry and scurry of modern living. If you can connect to it then you find not just that you feel physically better but that you also have a deeper sense of purpose. You’re lively and enthusiastic, determined to get your ideas and opinions across to everyone. Your mind will be racing ahead of you, so slower-witted companions may have problems keeping up.
CANCER: There are days when making a determined push is the right approach. Then there are days when doing nothing at all seemingly ends you up in the right place at the right time, saying the right thing to the right people without making too much of an effort. It’s rather pleasant when it happens all the same. Maybe your thinking is a little biased on one situation so try to be clear before you speak out. Your emotions will be colouring your judgement. cancer
leo LEO: With Mercury singing to Neptune across the zodiac it’s a subtle, sensitive and very sympathetic time. You’ll be putting yourself across to people in a way that makes them understand where you’re coming from. What’s more you will have an almost magical way of understanding what they’re all about. You could not care less what tradition thinks or says. You speak in your own highly individualistic way now. Head for younger mates in particular since they are forward looking, not stuck in a rut.
VIRGO: It’s a good time to pen a love letter, read poetry or even write one. Forget the accounts or the more unpleasant sides of reality. Anything that’s harsh, sharp-edged or too strenuous, you will just slide round. Let others do the rushing around. Your thinking is running along more practical lines than usual, and you want to see a tangible result from your discussions and efforts. Your disciplined approach and a vision of what is possible should make projects at work run smoothly. virgo
libra LIBRA: If you attempt any tasks that require a huge amount of attention to precise detail, you won’t do them well. Then you’ll end up in a bit of a muddle and have to go back and redo them later on. If you go with the flow you’ll get where you want to go just as quickly. Perhaps you’re getting swept up in your enthusiasms to the point where you lose touch with what is possible. Keep your feet on the ground and be realistic.

SCORPIO: Not all the information coming your way will be quite what it appears, so try to be alert. Somebody might try to pull the wool over your eyes. Pin companions down to straight answers. But there could be an absolutely charming message coming your way, or a chance encounter that leaves you feeling rather ethereal. Maybe it will just be a passing moment, but it will bring a deeper sense of connection. Remember it when you get back into the hassle and hustle. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: Avoid being directly confrontational with people, or leaping in with provocative comments. You’ll end up losing words and not knowing how to finish what you started. You have to pause anyway since you may be responding to something you did not quite understand. You need to be able to talk through ideas or feelings with close mates now, and you feel the channels of communication are flowing more smoothly. So you will be making the best use of the rapport between you.
CAPRICORN: You’re more sensitive to the subtler aspects of the world than usual, so everything around feels dreamy, romantic. If it doesn’t then you will want to disappear into that rather sweet world inside yourself. If you have to be in contact with other people, you’ll be picking up their problems without even having to ask. Since Mercury around at the moment has a cool, clinical eye, you can sometimes nit pick too much, insisting on absolute perfection, or become bogged down in trivia. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: It’s not very great for concentrating on specialised tasks right now, since you are going to be a bit vague or uncertain. Let yourself dream, listen to music or just be a little more imaginative. You will not even mind if someone tries to pull the wool over your eyes. You will be immensely forgiving, and just look the other way. Expressing your feelings and putting emotions into words will prove less of a problem than usual. Your achievements will be noticed now.
PISCES: Anything which feels too clashing, difficult or harassing now will not suit your quiet mood. You will want things to be soothed and smoothed and wound down. Your intuition will be working well, so you can trust your instincts. Just don’t try to make cash decisions or add up the budget since your concentration will wander. The more you talk to loved ones the more you will understand yourself. You do want a chance to settle old memories more happily in your mind.

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