Horoscope for May 9, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Part of the message now is about letting go of the past and moving into the future. Purge out something that has been sticking or blocking you and put your best foot forward. Taking orders is not sitting very comfortably with you at the moment. Maybe it doesn’t suit your sense of your own importance. Try to work as independently as you can. The influences around at the moment will give the practical sense and ability to handle larger schemes on your own.
TAURUS: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be chatty, restless, charming and also rather dreamy and romantic. You may not always know what you want or where you are going but will float along peacefully. Your social self-confidence will be high so everyone around will respond well to your company, at parties and at work. There will be confidential matters needing your attention, financial and emotional. Be persistent when answers don’t come instantly.
GEMINI: You will be very sensitive to the undercurrents, the subtle feelings in the atmosphere, and that is what is pushing you on to be helpful. Though this is definitely not a time for sitting still. You will be whizzing around on short-distance journeys, or writing more letters than usual, making phone calls galore. You feel you just have to talk, talk, talk. Just watch a slight tendency to tell other people exactly what you think of their flaws. That won’t go down well.
CANCER: If you are creative then you may find yourself more productive than usual. So turn some of your dreams into reality. Although you may have to fight against some lethargy, because frankly putting your feet up and daydreaming will provide a very seductive alternative. You’re full of bright ideas, chattering away in grand style, determined to get your views across. Try to listen as well, if you can manage it, since communication should be a two way process. You could pick up useful feedback.
LEO: There are rather spiritual, sympathetic, compassionate, maybe even creative influences around. You want to cruise along without any kind of rough edges of unpleasantness. The passing moment of feeling close to the right people, and feeling in tune with your surroundings will be a delight anyway. Though at one point your mind will be leaping from subject to subject at computer speed. Try to slow down once in a while just to check companions are actually hearing what you have to say.
VIRGO: Sometimes you really have to put down limits to prevent you getting tramped into the ground. You could start off with all the best intentions and end up getting resentful because you feel used. Luckily you’ll be in mental overdrive, so you zip on so quickly that you miss out on opportunities. It may go against the grain, but if you can pause to collect your scattered wits you’ll achieve more. If you rush ahead too fast you may get careless or cut corners.
LIBRA: Try not to let yourself get too diverted from your real priorities, since you may feel rather spaced out. You want to believe the best of everyone around at the moment. This is all very charitable but it may not be entirely wise. Be sensible as well as hopeful. Later a really bright, breezy mood will keep you fully stretched. You will be a positive fountain of inspiration. But trying to catch your stream of consciousness and bottle it may be trickier.
SCORPIO: Find time for the finer things of life. Listen to music when you can, or look at art. Aim for activities that are very peaceful, pleasant and wind you down. Then you’ll leap much more enthusiastically back into the fray when you have to get going again. Later you’ll have good insights and a quick eye for what is out of place. It is a good time to get new things started. There may be nothing hugely important but it will waken you up.
SAGITTARIUS: Try not to get misled by people. You could get disillusioned and disappointed when you discover they don’t match up to your fantasies. Later you are on an adrenaline rush, so you will want to pack more things into the schedule. If you can go with the speed of your thinking and not trip yourself up, then you could motivate and encourage companions into joining in. They will appreciate the freshness of your approach, and way of seeing what they miss.
CAPRICORN: You may find yourself idling the time away, not concentrating on what is under your nose. But you could also find real connections with other people, some bond that you can’t put into words but certainly feels rather good. Follow your whims and instincts since they will almost certainly be spot on. Then you’ll move into a higher gear, trying to handle six things at once. Get your list of priorities straight before you start. Then tick them off as you go along. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: You will find that you are being called on to help in some way. There needs to be a way of giving to others that also allows you to be at peace with yourself. So you have to try to be subtly sensible to other people’s needs without running round in circles. It might be good idea to pause and reflect, because you could end up forgetting things. Too many ideas are chasing round inside your head so you might get in a muddle.
PISCES: Your romantic life may feel more ethereal, lovelier than usual, so you’re cruising along in good style, and seeing life through a soft focus lens. But do you need to see all the flaws? Enjoy your vision while it lasts. Later you’ll get everything in ship shape order, before you launch into activity or into discussions. Sometimes it’s a good idea to be self-critical, particularly before others get a chance to have a look at your pet schemes. That way you can forestall criticism.