Horoscope for November – 03, 2015

courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be filled with excitement, enthusiasm and new friends. You’ll be forging ahead, keen to get new plans and projects running smoothly. There’ll be plenty of support and advice coming your way. Though not all those around you will be entirely practical, so don’t get carried away on their wilder ideas. Your personal finances will need care and attention which may mean cutting back on a few extravagances for a while.

ARIES: You will be passionate in romantic situations, wanting to create a beautiful and lively setting for what you really want to say. Why hang back when there’s so much to play for? The moment is right and you will seize it. Maybe you can get together with loved ones and channel your great energy into creative or artistic projects or activities. You will want everything to be beautiful round about you. If you make others happy they’ll do the same for you.

TAURUS:  With Venus and Mars around it will be a very lively, upbeat, get-up-and-go kind of energy now. You will be throwing yourself with a great deal of gusto into almost everything you are doing, whether it’s sociable, romantic or creative. Don’t hold back from telling someone you fancy them. Your boisterousness will bounce you back into life in a major way. But around children or those under your care you could be a little bossy so be careful to stay tactful.
GEMINI:  You’ll get the chance to be the life and soul of the party. The mood will be affectionate and dynamic. It’s a passionate combination with energy, competitiveness, drive. It’ll make you very attracted to people round about you. You want to really put yourself out for that special person and will be upfront about what you want. Home will feel a little like a battlefield at times but throw your energy into DIY or re-organising the house to soak up the red hot energy.
CANCER:  You will not want to be stuck in anything too slow-moving, practical or boring now. So it’s not a time to start any long-term projects with or indeed for loved ones because that’s not what you’re in a mood for. You will aim for fun and excitement, picking yourself up and shaking yourself down. Minor accidents are possible if you do not take care. Remember the old saying about more haste, less speed. But use the time well to waken your ideas up.
LEO:  You will have a mischievous look in your eye now. With loved ones you will certainly be filled with physical passion. But even around friendships you will be more assertive about trying to make connections, wanting to be around people whom you can do something for. You are competitive at the moment when it comes to earning more. You need not just the long term security which a nest egg brings, but you also want the status that comes with more loot.
VIRGO:  You’ll be upfront about saying who you fancy and what you fancy. You’re not holding back at all. And even if it’s not to do with love and affection, you’ll be throwing yourself with a great deal of wholehearted enthusiasm into almost everything you’re doing. You do want more excitement and adventure in your life but watch you are not being reckless. But also allow yourself the opportunity to do what caution and timidity has prevented you from doing in the past.
LIBRA:  Venus which is lazy, affectionate, indulgent, extravagant is close to fiery Mars now which will boost you up a little. The combination of the pair of them means that you will be getting on tremendously well with those close and making a real effort to make connections. What you really want now is for others to be happy. You will no longer feel frustrated because you can now act in more up-front manner. Your forward gear should now be ready to move.
SCORPIO:  All you really want is to make that special someone in your life happy. You’ll be lively and encouraging so you’ll be able to boost their morale. On top of that you’ll have the courage to go off and do all sorts of things you haven’t been able to do before. Others find you a curious mix of tolerance and obstinacy. Co operation will not always be easy for you but your enthusiasm will be catching amongst companions, so they should rally round.
SAGITTARIUS:   Now you will want to give yourself things that smell nice, taste nice, feel nice, are nice, all the better things of life. It’s a favourable kind of time with lazy moments and highly energetic ones as well. You will feel everything is in tune. Try to find a little tact and subtlety as a counter balance, and sweep companions up in your enthusiasm. You should be able to praise yourself for your accomplishments at the end of this time soon.
CAPRICORN:  Whether it’s security or the wonderfully indulgent things of life, you will be going well out of your way just to ensure you have everything you need. You’ll definitely have a rather sensuous quality about you, and you will feel a renewed sense of excitement after recent delays. In an unusually vocal mood, you’ll be wanting to shout your opinions from the rooftops. Being challenged and tested makes you come alive, and you would rather travel far than be stuck in routine. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:    Now you’ll feel you’re giving out the right kind of vibes. Not only do you feel great, you’ll be looking good, and that will certainly attract the right people to you. You’ll not be leaving anything to chance when it comes to romance. But the main thing to remember is that this is a time of major change in your life through confrontation and conflict. The more you face and the harder you struggle, the greater your rewards will be on the far end.
PISCES:    You’ll be in a morale-boosting mood with loved ones and even better they’re intent on making you feel good. If you can entertain, throw a party, or go for a night out on the town, that will suit you very well. You might be making money but more likely you’ll be spending it liberally, so watch how you go. You’ll be attracting yourself to highly energetic companions, and should achieve a great deal in joint efforts if you can stop from arguing between yourselves.



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