Horoscope for November 13

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be chatty, restless, confident, a time to push ahead with long term projects. You’ll need to be patient at times since not everything will move as fast as you might wish. If you can’t be pro-active then get others to dance to your tune. Try to lighten your tone when trying to get your views across. Being too intense will not work well. Your personal finances will need some reorganisation. It’ll be wise to cut back on extravagances for a while.

ARIES: It will be important to step back from time to time to make up your mind what’s go-ing to be good for you in the long term. Planning is the name of the game now. So you will be avoiding any kind of distraction or indeed temptation. It’s good for diets, good for saving schemes – all the things you usually find slightly dreary. You’ll meet new, fascinating and stimulating people. You’re boosting everyone else’s morale and they’re doing exactly the same for you.

TAURUS:  You want good, solid, stable relationships both at work and at home. You are not making unrealistic demands of other people and neither are they of you. So it will be a very good time to discuss almost any problems that come up. Mercury is now in aspect to Jupiter, which is a very optimistic in terms of communication, talking, writing and listening to people. You are whizzing around a little bit and don’t want to settle down and look at the boring detail.
GEMINI:  If you’re often a little bit frivolous, indulgent and can’t settle down to the chores, this is the time you get real. Or if you are normally gloomy, push aside fun and just do what you have to do, then now you positively blossom with good humour. If you can, just watch that you’re not careless with detail, which can sometimes be a little bit of a problem. You are confident, and feel there is nothing you can’t handle at the moment.
CANCER:  The highly practical, realistic influences around now will mean you tackle work projects in a fashion that brings positive results. They are good for creative tasks as well because you can turn your dreams into reality, make your artistic talents and your imagination work for you. If you are normally under-confident and a little bit hesitant, this just boosts you up in a very nice kind of way. So no matter what else is going on, there are some silver linings around.
LEO: There needs to be a way of sorting things out so that misunderstandings don’t occur in future. With tact, thoughtfulness and good intentions, you should be able to come to a decent conclusion. You are beginning to understand yourself a little bit better more perhaps than you’ve managed to do before. The influences around are very good for intellectual curiosity. So, if you want to travel, to go out there and converse with people. You’ll find that you get better responses than you imagined.
VIRGO:  You will be able to do whatever your conscience tells you without feeling too deprived. There are times when ought takes precedence over want and this is one of them. Your love life may be a bit more restrained but it will bounce back to warmer climes very quickly. You are really reaching out to other people, so you’re trying to pick up ideas from them and to hand them back, as it were, and there’s a great deal of good conversation going on.
LIBRA:  Maybe you feel just slightly unappreciated by loved ones for the moment but you have no intention of letting it show. Give yourself space to look at your overall plans for life. Your hopes, wishes, dreams and visions will fall into place when the time is right if you keep your focus steady. The Venus Saturn contact will allow you to handle both the light-hearted, frivolous side of your life, and the more serious, self-disciplined side, giving them both equal weight.
SCORPIO:  You will not mind pushing aside frivolities and indulgences to get on with the things that are really important to you. Very soon you should be able to polish your halo and feel very virtuous indeed. This should be good time for money, good for work, good for connections. The only thing is, you can sometimes get sloppy about detail. Don’t get too carried away by your enthusiasm. Try and just be as plain, straightforward, sensible and down-to-earth as you can possibly manage.
SAGITTARIUS:   In your love relationships you could feel a little bit separated, but not in any very strong sense. It’s just a slight coolness in the air, perhaps duty coming before pleasure. But you will be happy to do whatever your immediate situation demands. You will realise that where you’ve been confused before, now you can see things in a more sensible kind of way. So whether you are talking about work or about social activities, you will find that everything really goes tremendously well.
CAPRICORN:  This is a time to deal with other people with a little bit of dignity and restraint.Older people will appreciate your straightforward kindness and concern for their practical needs. You’ve got a much broader view of the world now. You want to pick up new information, you want to meet new people, you’re going to be much more tolerant even than usual, wanting to hear what other people have to say, wanting to see how it all fits into the broader picture. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:  You will be very dip-lomatic around situations that require self-discipline. You have that slight sense of reserve that other people sometimes feel is quite attractive. You won’t be in a mood to put up with any limitations now. Being practical, sensible and double-checking will not be high on your priorities. Sailing straight ahead in a spirit of adventure will do you so much more good, you think. Maybe it feels more fun, but don’t give yourself problems for later in the month.
PISCES:  You’re feeling lazy, affectionate, indulgent and maybe a little extravagant. You are not in the mood to work hard or save money or go on diets. But a little self-discipline and with some businesslike charm you are likely to achieve a few of your goals. Though there is a slight danger that you might be sloppy or overlook details, getting so carried away by one wonderful idea that you don’t look at the bottom line. Make sure you know what your promises really entail.



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