Horoscope for November 17

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be restless, chatty, varied and a time you’ll need to stay alert to grasp new opportunities and adapt to changing circumstances especially at work. You’ll be confident and hopeful, well supported by a wide circle of friends and team mates. Loved ones may be preoccupied or slightly evasive. So just let them drift in their own stream. Your finances will be better if you cut back in the short term and reorganise with an eye to long term security.

ARIES: Mercury in mythology was the messenger of the gods. He flitted around with wings on the heels of his sandals, so he was never still. Your mind will be exactly the same. You like to think of yourself as ethical, with above average integrity. You have become a bit of an armchair philosopher recently, but can sometimes sound slightly self-righteous as if you had all the answers. Keep asking the questions and remember the more you know, the more you realise how little you know.

TAURUS:  Get everything shipshape order, before you launch into activity or into discussions. Sometimes it’s a good idea to be self-critical, particularly before other people get a chance to have a look at your pet schemes. That way you can forestall criticism or complaints and appear very efficient. This is no time to raise loans or go into debt. Credit will not be easily forthcoming or you might get to resent the obligations of paying it back. It is only a temporary phase.
GEMINI:  The Sun close to Mercury can put you into mental overdrive, so you zip on so quickly that you miss opportunities. It may go against the grain, but if you can pause to collect your scattered wits, you’ll achieve more. If you rush too fast you may get careless or cut corners. Close partners may have become more critical and demand more of your time and energy. You are being made aware of your commitments, but success should come also for your past efforts at work.
CANCER:  You may not be a list-making person, but it might be good idea, because you could end up forgetting things. Too many ideas are chasing round inside your head so you are at risk of getting in a muddle. You’ve got to have some kind of structure to what you’re saying or you won’t communicate clearly. Hard work may be needed to get your health in optimum shape, but you can do it. Disciplined Saturn is pushing you to take the right steps to make it happen.
LEO: Be absolutely clear about what may seem to be trivial details. This is not a time to speculate wildly where cash is concerned, or gamble. You will need to draw back from some of your wilder impulses. You seem to be trying too hard to keep your emotions in control. Maybe you should learn to let your hair down, to be the centre of attention when you are not working. Accept that you can be loved and valued for being yourself.
VIRGO:  You may be inclined to spread yourself a little thinly today because you are trying to handle six things at once. Get your list of priorities straight before you start. Then tick them off as you go along and you will end up feeling more than pleased with yourself. You may feel it is a struggle to establish a warm, happy, secure home life for yourself. Just know that hard work always pays off here. You will get what you want if you persevere.
LIBRA:  You’re full of bright ideas, chattering away in grand style, determined to get your views across. Try to listen as well, if you can manage it, since communication should be a two way process. You could pick up useful feedback. Write down a few bullet points before you start and that way you will not be distracted from your main points. It may be sensible to go off and think or even write seriously on your own about matters which interest you.
SCORPIO:  If you can go with the speed of your thinking and not trip yourself up, you could motivate and encourage companions into joining in. They will appreciate the freshness of your approach and way of seeing what they miss. You have to be sensible about cash now, but maybe you also need to find trust in the bounty of the universe to let go control. Money like all energy needs to be able to flow. Hang on too tightly and you can stop it coming towards you.
SAGITTARIUS:   This is definitely not a day for sitting still. You will be whizzing around on short-distance journeys, or writing more letters than usual, making phone calls galore. You feel you just have to talk, talk, talk. Just watch a slight tendency to tell other people exactly what you think of their inadequacies and flaws. Needless to say that won’t go down well. Balanced in your judgement, detached in manner, you are just what is needed to bring order out of one slightly chaotic situation.
CAPRICORN:  It might be a time to do outstanding paperwork. It’s not a plodding kind of day at all, but you will have good insights and a quick eye for what’s out of place. It’s a good day to get new things started. There may be nothing hugely important, but it will wake you up. Don’t feel lonely or isolated. Maybe you sense a lack of support, especially at work, but there are changes ongoing within you that will need time to come to the surface. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:  A really bright, breezy mood will keep you fully stretched. You will be a positive fountain of inspiration. But trying to catch your stream of consciousness and bottle it may be trickier. You will not want to stop long enough to consolidate your thinking or come to sensible conclusions. You may feel friends are harder to come by than they used to be and that is making you too reserved. Be less formal, and develop a fun approach and let your sense of humour show.
PISCES:  Maybe you will feel a little bit highly strung or wound-up today but you can make good use of your hyper-active state. You will be absolutely on the ball where discussions are concerned, having more than enough ideas of witty suggestions to keep the conversation flowing. Just make sure you are not being too sharp at points. There is no short cut to achievement. It will come now through perseverance, self-control and self-discipline, but you will gain the esteem and respect of other people.



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