Horoscope for November 23

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be lively, exciting and excitable especially where your social life and relationships with loved ones are concerned. Warm hearted friends will give you affectionate support. Though you’ll need to be sensible about sorting out your life, getting rid of whatever is not necessary for the future. Take your time about making decisions which involve a change of direction. Success will crown your efforts at work.

ARIES: You’ll probably want to flirt, so there may be somebody who is catching your eye over the next couple of days. Definitely a time to look for new experiences, to do anything that’s original, experimental and inspired, and maybe you need to be a little bit more artistic while you’re at it. There may be unsettled moments or upheavals in your emotional life but you know what you must do. Even if it feels insecure at times, you’re determined to tread a new path.

TAURUS:  You’re likely to go off and flirt. You want to be around people who are going to be light-hearted and rather more exciting. You’re probably spending money like mad on rather more entertaining things than usual. Maybe you are rather highly strung or prone to worries. Just keep your concerns under control. If you let your imagination run riot, you create more difficulties for yourself, since most of what you fear will never happen.
GEMINI:  Whatever tensions there have been may have been in your emotional life may come out into the open, but that is all to the good because they will set you free in the long term and allow you to go off and do the things that you really need to do for yourself. You are thinking a good deal about how to join hands with like-minded people, perhaps to improve society. What is certain is that your outlook is changing dramatically.
CANCER:  Venus now in aspect to Uranus, should not be a huge problem because Venus is such a light-hearted, fun-loving energy. The only thing that it isn’t good for is possessive relationships or relationships where you want to keep everything absolutely still and stable and nothing budging an inch, and Uranus comes along and says: “No, you’ve got to open up a little bit, get rid of restrictions, give yourself a little bit of room to breathe. Open the window, let a blast of fresh air blow through.”
LEO: You could be a bit impatient with loved ones, because you want them not to be maybe as dull as they have been. If you can make partners waken up a little bit, then everybody is going to have a great deal more fun. So you need to be flexible. In almost every area of your thinking, beliefs and outlook, you are eager to find out about the latest knowledge. You certainly don’t want to hear about the way it always was.
VIRGO:  Uranus sometimes gives you this feeling that you want absolute excitement, you want to take risks and have thrills, and two or three days later you look back and think, “I wish I hadn’t done that quite so impulsively.”. You are learning just how resourceful you are in tricky situations, which is no little reward in itself. What you have to do is try to make transitions smoother. Taking the best of the old and merging it with the best of the new rather than taking flying leaps.
LIBRA:  These influences could bring good, fun relationships into your life, but also bring zany people who are not the kind of friends you want long term. They are very exciting in the short term, but you then begin to think, “Maybe I could do with people who are more solid and settled.” At work, it’s important to try new ways of co-operating. There is a definite feeling of change in the air, and you will find more interest, stimulation and potential in the days ahead.
SCORPIO:  Venus is in a rather gritty aspect to Uranus, which can be a little bit disruptive. You may be spending money like mad, and then suddenly wishing you hadn’t bothered. More and more you want to find a different way of being of service others. You do like to tend and care for people but in your own highly individualistic way. Fitting in with conventional patterns frankly bores you now. You need a space where you have the freedom to work as you like without too much direct supervision.
SAGITTARIUS:   Venus is now in aspect to Uranus which combines love and affection with sudden surprises, so you can expect the unexpected. You want new, fun people, stimulation and sparkle and a little bit of excitement around the place, and you don’t always know what’s coming. Where loved ones are concerned, you are coming across in a rather contradictory way. You prize your own freedom highly, but can sound stubborn where their behaviour or activities are concerned. Try to be laid back, tolerant and more tactful.
CAPRICORN:  If you need to add a little bit of sparkle and more fun to your closest relationship, go to it. If you’re too insecure, it could make you edgy because you’re scared of letting go, and yet if you take a risk, if you take a bit of a gamble and open up to life, then something rather fun could be happening. Maybe you feel you are losing certain aspects of an old emotional way of life, but what will replace it could be sparkling and stimulating. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:  An old, long-running relationship could be sparkling back to life, or a new relationship will come into your life that puts the twinkle back in your eye. You could get sudden financial gains as well. Sometimes you spend more money, so you have to watch there aren’t unexpected losses. But if you just keep things on an even keel, there won’t be too many problems. You do seem to be having more contacts at the moment with a good many people who challenge you and test your patience.
PISCES:  If you’ve got a long-running emotional relationship, the present influence comes along and just shakes it up a little bit, and if you’re hanging on too much for security, it sometimes feels a little bit insecure. But on the other hand, it opens you up and lets a blast of fresh air blow through things and you begin to think, “Well, maybe I do need a little bit more independence. You will be more inclined than usual to act impulsively where cash is concerned.



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